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What Women Want: A Therapist, Her Patients, and Their True Stories of Desire, Power and Love (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Maxine Mei-Fung Chung is a published author of fiction.

In addition to being a writer, she is also a clinical supervisor, psychoanalytic psychotherapist, and a training psychotherapist. The author regularly gives lectures at Bowlby Centre on gender, sexuality, trauma, attachment theory, and clinical dissociation. She has been given the Jafar Kareem Bursary when it comes to the work that she has done to support individuals of ethnic minority status that have been dealing with issues regarding their mental health as well as isolation.

Chung also has a background in the arts. Before she worked in her field, she was employed for a decade at Condé Nast as their creative director, as well as The Times in London and The Sunday Times. The author now works in the private practice arena where she is able to pursue her specialized interest of the topic of the ‘creative feminine’ and is able to help advocate for girls and women that want to find their voices.

To prepare for writing her first novel, she enrolled in an advanced course on novel writing at Faber Academy. She completed the course and got to work on her own private project. This would become her debut fictional novel, titled The Eighth Girl.

The rights to this thriller have since been acquired by Harriet Wade, a Pushkin crime imprint editor. The story is one about a woman that has D.I.D., or Dissociative Identity Disorder, and gets taken into a world of criminal seediness in London. Wade purchased the Commonwealth and U.K. rights from a woman named Eugenie Furniss who is a co-representative of the author along with The Clegg Agency’s Bill Clegg. It has been optioned to become a feature at Netflix thanks to Jason Bateman, an American director and actor and Michael Costigan, a Hollywood producer.

Chung resides in the city of London along with her son.

The Eighth Girl is a fictional novel that has been praised by such publications as LitHub, The Rumpus, Electric Literature, and Bustle, as well as Wendy Walker. Walker wrote The Night Before and this best selling writer has high reviews of the book, saying that it exquisitely explores the concept of childhood trauma and how it affects the psyche, commenting that she finished the book in one sitting and calling it a ‘true gem’. If you are a fan of authors such as Caroline Kepnes, be sure to check this book out!

When it comes to psychological thrillers, this one is going to have readers on the edge of their seats! This is the intriguing fictional story of a beautiful young woman that happens to have multiple personalities. When she gets attached to a man that has a deep and dark secret, she’s about to leave the world she knows for the distinctly darker underworld of London.

In Chung’s debut novel, readers get to meet the main character of Alexa Wú. She is a gorgeous young woman that has a lot in common with other women her age and a lot of things that a lot of other women her age could never relate to. Even though she has been damaged and has destructive aspects of her personality, she is also very smart and aware of herself.

With a lot of advantages and disadvantages in her corner, life could play out for Alexa in any number of ways. But the deepest and perhaps most defining thing about her is the fact that she has alternate personalities, the series of which see over and control her often chaotic existence. These personalities manipulate everything within her life.

When it comes to her personalities, there are only three people in the entire world that even know that they are there. Alexa does a good job of managing them and trusts these people with her secret. They are Anna, her stepmother, Daniel, her shrink, and Ella, her best friend. She trusts this trio with the information and they in turn support her as best they can.

Things are about to take a turn when her best friend ends up changing employment. Ella is hired to work at a gentleman’s club, the high end kind. Little does she know that just because something can appear to be one way does not mean it is so. Her good looks and personality means that she quickly is noticed by the owner, who might have more in common with sharks than he does with people.

Slowly Ella is accepted into the inner circle of this owner and the world that comes along with it. Alexa supports her best friend no matter what, but her world starts to bleed into Ella’s all too much. Soon she discovers that she too must keep a dark secret that might end up affecting many people. However, Alexa does not have anyone that she can truly trust with this information, not even Daniel.

As a result, and knowing that people’s lives are in danger, she makes a choice. She’s going to go on a rescue mission, following her best friend into the seedy depths of London in a world that most citizens do not know. It’s risky and Alexa is totally exposed, vulnerable to whatever could happen in this place.

Here she is going to find out not only what she is made of, but whether her personalities are going to help her along the way or end up becoming the biggest thing in her way. She wants to help her friend and find a way out of this, but could the people that she lives with in her head be an asset or obstacle to her?

She knows that going into this world could be the greatest risk that she could ever take. This is an exploration of how living with mental illness can be as well as a fast paced and electric fictional story that will leave readers wanting more. Can Alexa enter this world and still save her innocence? Is she strong enough in who she is and her identity to help out her friend? Discover what happens in the end by picking up a copy of this novel and finding out for yourself where Alexa’s road will take her.

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