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Hijacked (With: Lucy Lennox) (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hitched (With: Lucy Lennox) (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hacked (With: Lucy Lennox) (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Heart2Heart, Volume 2(2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
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About May Archer

The American romance author May Archer is well-known for her many novels, reaching a large audience from around the world. Becoming hugely successful, she’s a talented voice throughout the industry, really making a name for herself as a writer with something to say. Largely focusing on M/M romance titles, she centers herself around LGBT romance novels featuring men, becoming a household name for many. Delivering entertaining and heartfelt stories, she really captures the attention of the reader, allowing them to fully invest themselves in the action.

Allowing her stories to essentially speak for themselves, she’s a gifted writer who instantly grabs her audience from the outset and doesn’t let go. Taking them on a journey essentially, she maintains a sense of momentum right until the very last page, delivering the final conclusion. This has seen her build a loyal following of readers from all over who continually come back for more time and time again. Knowing her audience well at this point she understands perfectly what they’re looking for, providing compelling and well told stories.

Characters are another aspect of Archer’s work where she really delivers, creating engaging personalities that really manage to captivate the reader. Setting herself apart from other writers within her field, she has ostensibly managed to create her own unique niche that’s very much her own. Pushing the boundaries of what her work can really achieve, she has a knack for allowing her work to really flourish in a manner quite unlike anything else. With so much more still to come, she isn’t a writer who’s going to be stopping her career any time soon, as there’s plenty more to follow.

Early and Personal Life

It was from an early age that May Archer would decide to pick up the pen, finding an approach to writing that would come to define her. Over the following years she would refine this style of hers, focusing on romance, allowing her to discover her own distinctive tone and mannerisms. Getting to the heart of what she wanted to say, she would find her voice, as readers, in turn, would also begin to discover her.

Taking inspiration from her life around her, she would always be on the lookout for her next big idea to write about. Underpinning her work with a real message, she wouldn’t shy away from saying just what it was that she really wanted to say. Currently living in Boston with her husband and three children, she continues to write on a regular and ever consistent basis.

Writing Career

It was in 2017 that May Archer would write her very first novel, which was titled ‘The Easy Way,’ and this would go on to become the first in her ‘Way Home’ series of novels. Other series that she would go on to write were ‘Love in O’Leary,’ ‘Love in O’Leary Novellas,’ ‘Whispering Key,’ and ‘Sunday Brothers.’ She would also write a few series alongside fellow author Lucy Lennox titled ‘Licking Thicket,’ ‘Licking Thicket: Horn of Glory,’ and ‘Honeybridge.’

She has also contributed to various other series and compendiums, such as the ‘Heart2Heart’ collection of romance stories. Primarily focusing on male-on-male romances, or M/M, she also write M/F, male-on-female, under the pen-name of Maisy Archer. Maintaining a profile offline and on, she continues writing to this day, and doesn’t appear to be stopping any time in the near future.

The Night

Published back in 2019, this would publish on the 6th of December, as it would mark the fifth in the ‘Love in O’Leary’ series of novels. All set in the same small-town O’Leary, its a romance series of novels featuring a collection of stand-alone self-contained romances between some of the men living there. With characters and arcs ongoing throughout the series it provides a lot more for returning readers, although it can potentially be read on its own.

Not wanting to deal with the sentimentality that is Christmas in small-town O’Leary, Gideon does his shifts as a fireman and heads home alone. One night years ago he spent a night with Liam McKnight in Vegas, but the very next day Liam left leaving his wedding ring behind. Now, all this time later, Liam turns up in O’Leary looking for closure, but he has a child, and a spark between Liam and Gideon begins to grow once more. Will they finally end up together, can they overcome the pain and heartbreak of the past, and what will become after the night?

As a straightforward romance this really captures the chemistry between the two leads, providing passion for them both. Bringing the town of O’Leary to life once again as well, it really delivers when it comes to creating a compelling environment. There’s a lot to enjoy from the main characters to the secondary leads, making it a real must for both fans of the author and of the series.

Hand Picked

Arriving in 2022, this title would be published on the 6th of April, coming out on the Kindle publishing platform to much acclaim. The second in the ‘Sunday Brothers’ series of novels, it would provide another novel featuring the brothers from the Sunday family. This time focusing on Webb Sunday, the series itself is a spin-off from the ‘Whispering Key’ series of romance novels.

Set in the small-town of Little Pippin Hollow, this sees Webb and Luke getting drunk one night in the local bar there and accidentally becoming betrothed to one another. Through the old fashioned custom of hand-fasting, the local Vermonters hope to see them both become an item and form a relationship. It doesn’t seem that Webb really wants a relationship though, but it soon transpires that maybe they both do, as they find it difficult to deny the chemistry between them both. Will they finally end up together, can they form a lasting relationship, and what will become of them both as they find themselves hand-picked?

Another excellent romance novel from May Archer this story shows her doing what she does best, which is to entertain the reader. Really delivering on every level, it’s a light-hearted and fun read, making for an engaging novel that keeps the reader hooked throughout. Easy to pick up it’s difficult to put down, as its sense of pace and momentum keeps it moving along in an accessible and compelling manner.

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