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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Big Woods (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Hunting Wives (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
My Summer Darlings (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Likeable Woman (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Hollywood Assistant (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

Darcy Takes Over (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

May Cobb is an American published author of suspenseful novels.

May hails from Austin, Texas. She has pursued her writing career and credits the musician Rahsaan Roland Kirk as inspiring her as wanting to write in the first place. She cites his ability in life to overcome the odds that were stacked up against him from prejudice to being blind to the stroke that paralyzed him in the short time that he lived so that he could play the music that he heard in his dreams as being inspirational. Calling Kirk a phenomenon, she was inspired to write a book on the musician who was able to not only play multiple different instruments but also was able to somehow play three different saxophones at the same time.

May grew up in the East area of the state of Texas in the woods, where she chose to set her initial two novels. She would attend college and then relocate to the city of San Francisco. There she was engaged in the study of Victorian Literature in pursuit of her Master’s degree. In that process she would be pulled toward the various detective novels of that era that were referred to as sensation novels.

She would then switch things up and move to the city of Los Angeles to live for some years. She would pass the time and pay the bills by working for Ron Shelton, a writer and film maker, and his wife Lolita.

May has since gotten married to her husband and they have a son together. The family resides in Texas in the great city of Austin. There they love to go to the many different parks. The author has many favorite hobbies and they include taking naps, making various lists of things to do, gazing off into space at nothing in particular, eating a lot of cookies whenever she is in the middle of penning a scene for a book, wearing pajamas very frequently, and going into her bed at the day’s conclusion with a fantastic book to read.

May Cobb first made her appearance onto the literary scene with the release of her first novel, although she has had her work featured in publications such as Austin Monthly, Edible Austin, The Rumpus, and The Washington Post. Her debut would come out in 2018 and is titled Big Woods. If you have been searching for a great mystery story that is going to pull you in and keep you turning the page until you get to the end and find out what happens, check out this novel for yourself!

May Cobb would also release a second novel in 2021 and is titled The Hunting Wives. This juicy read is the perfect selection if you need something enjoyable for summer as it’s perfect for taking to the beach to read under the umbrella or tucking it into your tote bag to flip through by the pool. Fun and totally entertaining, check out this second novel from a contemporary American writer that you won’t want to miss!

Big Woods is the first novel to come out from May Cobb. If you love dramatic stories, stories that have twists, feature family, or scare you a little bit, pick up a copy of this book and see what you think!

Longview, Texas is a quiet town, and it’s the last place that you’d ever expect anyone to go missing. But that is precisely what has happened when a little girl disappears out of sight. Lucy is 10 years old and has simply vanished. The police and the residents of the community along with her parents immediately launch into search mode, all while steeling themselves for the worst possible result.

Kidnappings often go badly, but her sister Leah doesn’t want to give up on the case. She’s 14 and gets a message on the computer that appears to be sent from Lucy which launches her into full-on investigative mode. She looks for answers and meets a woman named Sylvia along the way.

Could Sylvia be the answer to finding her sister at last? Or will Leah never see her sibling again? Read this suspenseful mystery to find out!

The Hunting Wives is May Cobb’s second novel. If you want something that is a really fun read that takes you on an escape, this is a great book to check out!

When it comes to the women known as the ‘hunting wives’, they have a few things in common. They all happen to enjoy a good martini. They’ve been known to attend a gun range and do a little target practice. They also happen to be very good girls with a penchant for sometimes behaving badly. But are they capable of darker things?

Main character Sophie O’Neill had it all. She lived in Chicago and had a career other women her age would be jealous of. She loved her competitive life, even though it could be stressful at times. But she wanted nothing more than to move to a small town in Texas with her son and husband and just get into a different flow of things for a while.

They had a great life there, with a home that was gorgeous and spacious enough for them all to fit in, and a rural community that seemed picture perfect. Sophie thought she would feel fulfilled there, able to spend more time with her son and the family. But instead, she starts to become aware that the quiet is pervasive, and she’s feeling restless. She’s a little too bored here.

Things seem to pick up when she meets socialite Margot Banks. Margot is beautiful and put together, a polished woman with a full social calendar. She belongs to the clique the Hunting Wives, an elite group that lives in what seems like another world. One where target shooting happens all of the time and a little hard partying is known to occur.

Can Sophie avoid being swept into a world that is the opposite of what her family needs? Read The Hunting Wives to find out what happens!

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