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Publication Order of Half Moon Mystery Books

with J.A. Whiting
Harvest Moon Murder (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Magical Sleuth Mystery Books

with J.A. Whiting
Improbable Magic (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Magical Decisions (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Magical Practice (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

About May Stenmark

The author May Stenmark is well known for writing fun and entertaining mystery novels that constantly keep her readers guessing. Really understanding her audience on multiple levels, she definitely knows what’s needed when it comes to crafting an intricate narrative. Creating a compelling premise, she ultimately brings her books to life with a creative and intelligent structure. There’s a lot running under the surface of each of her novels too, as she gives them a clear sense of drive throughout every step of the way.

With elements of the paranormal and magic featured throughout too, she definitely knows precisely how to make her stories engaging. Keeping her audience hooked throughout, she holds them there on the edges of their seats, constantly gripped at every single page turn. Setting herself apart from other writers within her field, she’s essentially created a niche of her own, allowing her work to speak for itself. Writing alongside other writes too, she’s also known for her collaborative efforts, producing work that’s appreciated both nationally and internationally.

Characters are something that Stenmark also works with really well too, creating fully formed personalities that stand-out. Her protagonists are well drawn feeling wholly believable upon the page, speaking directly to the reader in a sense. With character arcs that the reader can relate to easily, she resonates with her audience on an almost personal and intimate level. With a lot more to come yet, she definitely will not be stopping any time soon either, as her career carries on growing.

Early and Personal Life

Always showing a lifelong affinity for English and literature, May Stenmark would be keenly interested in both reading and writing from an early age. Continually focusing on her passion for the written word, she would turn back to her love of writing time and time again. Developing her craft over the years, she would continue to refine and hone her own voice and style that would become her trademark.

Taking inspiration directly from the world around her, she would constantly be putting it back into her work and writing. Always on the lookout for her next big idea, Stenmark continued to create, making herself known with readers from all around the world. Currently still working to this very day, she continues to put out work on both a regular and consistent basis, with plenty more to follow.

Writing Career

The first book that May Stenmark would write was titled ‘Improbably Magic,’ which she brought out back in 2021. It would also set-up the ‘Magical Sleuth Mystery’ series of books, allowing her to make a name for herself that many would come to admire. She would write alongside the fellow mystery author JA Whiting, as they would go on to produce a number of books and series together.

Later following up her first book with the second titled ‘Magical Decisions,’ and then her third ‘Magical Practice,’ she’d soon come to make a name for herself. Her second series would be titled the ‘Half Moon Mystery’ series, and it would provide another collection of paranormal mystery titles. These books would help establish her as a writer with a lot to say, as her growing legion of fans grew continually day-by-day.

Magical Decisions

Initially released through the ‘JA Whiting Books and Whitemark Publishing’ label, this would be the second title in the ‘Magical Sleuth Mystery’ series. Following on from the previous books, it features the character of Mackie Fleming once again, as she comes to terms with her magical powers. With another self-contained mystery too, it’s best that the books are read in order, although they can be read on their own.

At the age of forty-two, Mackie Fleming lost both her husband and then her job, as it felt like her life was unravelling around her. Following a disaster with one of her friends, she soon discovers that she has magical powers with which she can help others. Using them to solve various different crimes around the neighborhood, she proceeds to deal with mysteries, making the most of her abilities to solve them. Can she use it to help herself face her own future though, will she deal be able to solve the mysteries before her, and what will become of her magical decisions?

Another great mystery from Stenmark, her and JA Whiting work together well here once more, really capturing the full essence of the series. It’s a compelling story with a really engaging character at the heart of it, driving its entertaining narrative forwards. Whilst there’s some paranormal and fantasy elements, it does simultaneously feel grounded for its audience as well.

Harvest Moon Murder

First coming out through the Kindle platform, this would originally be released in 2021 on the 27th of October. Marking the first in the ‘Half Moon Mystery’ series of novels, this sets up the premise of much of what is to come in the forthcoming books. Written alongside JA Whiting too, it really manages to capture a certain essence, allowing it to bring its world to life.

Taking place in the small-town of Half Moon, Lindsay Ellie Davis is continually having strange dreams that come true, waking her at three in the morning. Heading over to the local diner when she wakes nearby her farmhouse, and lately she’s been dreaming of murder, which she tells her friend, Police Officer Jace Moore. Believing something awful will occur at the Fall Festival, she hopes to make sense of it all and find out what’s really going on. Can she solve the case though, who is the mysterious man at the festival, and what will become of the Harvest Moon murder?

There’s a mixture of genres combined here that really ensure this book works on a whole variety of different levels. Expertly crafted, this really does stand-out as a perfect example of what can be done with the mystery genre with a little bit of creativity. Featuring compelling characters and a fun story and premise, it has an engaging atmosphere that really pulls the reader in for the duration.

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