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Maya Motayne is an American published author.

She first decided to be a writer when she was very young, at the age of four. Since then, she has not stopped writing. Before she could read she had a tendency to think of herself as an author. When she was in elementary school, she would constantly have a notebook that she carried around with her. She was convinced that they were her million dollar ideas, but admits that it was very full of scribbles and doodles.

She attended the University of Maryland at college park, where she studied to get her degrees in creative writing and English language and literature. Following that, she worked at Random House Children’s Books in the capacity of an editorial assistant. She was at the job for a little under two years, deciding that she would like to leave so that she could write on a full time basis.

Motayne was born in Maryland, where she grew up. As an adult she moved to New York City, where she currently lives. She enjoys thinking that since her time in New York she is now considered to be an official New Yorker. She has a tendency to try to meet and pet as many dogs as she can. She also likes to buy purses and bags, with the big key to purchasing them being whether she is able to carry a huge book in them. When not busy with that, she spends her time writing.

Maya Motayne is the creator and the author of the Forgery of Magic series of fictional novels. This fantasy series designed to be read by young adults is the perfect read if you are looking for something new or are a big fan of work by V.E. Schwab, Leigh Bardugo, or Tomi Adeyemi. The first novel to come out in this series is titled Nocturna and was published in 2019. The exciting sequel is titled Oculta and was released in 2020 for readers to enjoy.

Nocturna is the debut novel in the Forgery of Magic series by author Maya Motayne. This Latin inspired story is full of fantasy where the dark side of things is unleashed and readers see fates come together.

In this world, you can find magic in every thing and it is every place. Readers will meet the main character of Finnian Voy. She sees the potential of magic as serving two purposes. For one, it can serve as a weapon. Magic is like a knife that you can brandish or put to the throat of anyone that is a threat or decides that they want to cross her. The second thing about magic is that it allows her to put on a disguise just as easily as donning clothing.

She has the ability to shift her face, making her a faceshifter, and she is good at it too. She’s so skilled at shifting her face that the last time that she saw her own unique face was years ago, and that is by choice. She likes having different faces to wear and isn’t particularly interested in wearing her own.

Things change when she is caught by a mobster with influence and power. Now she is in a precarious position and made to take on a mission that seems all but impossible to achieve. Her goal is to track down a treasure from the royal palace of Castallan and steal it. If she doesn’t do it or she cannot complete her mission, she risks the mobster taking her magic away forever.

Obviously she can’t have that happen, so she takes on the mission. Little does she know that her actions may be affecting Prince Alfehr. The prince sees magic as a means of escape, but knows all too well that it isn’t something that you can use for free. There’s always a price to be paid. When his older brother went missing, all of a sudden Alfie was first to take the throne should anything happen.

The prince wants nothing more than to find his brother. This may mean taking on forbidden magic, but he’s willing to take the risk if that’s what gets his brother back. He has no idea that his path may be about to collide with Finn’s. When the two meet, they are able to see that magic can be more than what they thought it was. But the magic that they end up putting out into their world might be something that neither of them understands.

Can the prince find his brother? Will Finn regret doing magic? Read the first book in the Forgery of Magic series to find out in this best selling story!

Oculta is the exciting second book in the Forgery of Magic series. If you liked the first novel in this series, then check out the exciting sequel for yourself and find out what Alfie and Finn are up to!

When last readers saw them, Finn was shifting faces and Alfie was taking risks to try and track down his brother. But when the kingdom is attempting to establish peace on a global scale, a powerful threat may cause them to reunite once more.

Finn has not seen the prince in months, not since they teamed up to try and save Castallan from an old but magical evil force. Alfie is starting to embrace being the heir and is getting ready for a summit on peace. Meanwhile, Finn is enjoying her freedom and taking the time to travel. That all changes when she is suddenly named the leader of a powerful crime family.

It’s totally unexpected, but now she is a Thief Lord of Castallan, one out of four. As such she must see over the Oculta competition, which is not legal and takes place underground. It offers a prize, but takes place the same time as the summit. Meanwhile, the prince also sees his plans being changed. The syndicate Los Toros (allegedly the ones to take his brother) have appeared again.

Now Los Toros is targeting the summit. Everything’s happening so quickly, but Alfie and Finn must work together so that they can track the assassins and try to broker a peace with Englass and Castallan. Can they stop their enemies before Castallan takes on a war? Find out by reading this book!

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