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Publication Order of Mayfair Square Books

Consistently productive on a regular basis, the American author Stella Cameron regularly puts out work that is appreciated on a global scale by a wide and ever expansive audience. Knowing and understanding her genre well, she writes firmly within the mystery and romance genres, whilst also infusing her work with an element of romance. Creating characters that are interesting and inventive, she produces many titles that really draw her readers in, allowing them to effectively escape into another world, as she evokes another period and time, long before her own. With extensive amounts of research and and background knowledge, she writes with a high level of accuracy too, something which is clearly reflected within her writing as well. Combining romance and period drama, Stella Cameron is a highly gifted storyteller, instantly grabbing the readers attention and never letting go, whether it be through her use of character, or her compelling style of narrative, relating mysteries that keep her readers continually guessing throughout. Playing the format, Cameron really makes it her own, essentially creating something new and unique in the process, whilst always telling the story that she ultimately wants to tell. A series that really exemplifies these qualities is that of her long-running and much loved ‘Mayfair Square’ collection of novels. With their period setting of the 18th century, they relate a variety of ongoings both in around the location of Mayfair Square in all its high-society glory. Using mysteries coupled with romances to drive their narratives forwards, each title effectively tells its own story involving the various inhabitants of the square itself.

Running for a total of five novels, this series would begin in 1999 with the first novel ‘More and More’, along with the fifth novel in 2003, as the final novel would be called ‘About Adam’. All of these would add up to a conclusive and complete franchise that was both imaginative and original in its breadth and scope. With its legacy continuing to live on to this day, more and more readers continue to discover it every day, as it has garnered a loyal legion of fans worldwide.

More and More

Coming out through the ‘Grand Central Publishing’ label, this would mark the first in the ongoing series of highly anticipate ‘Mayfair Square’ novels, setting up the central premise of the franchise in the process. Establishing both the style and the tone, it tells an essentially self-contained story, as it ultimately stands on its own, thus allowing readers to read the series at a casual pace. This would also be the novel where the setting of Mayfair Square itself would be introduced for the first time too, thus inviting its potential audience into this new and exciting world.

With this being the first in the series it takes some time establishing the setting of the square, as well as taking its time over the romance of the story too. This would then come to reflect the books that were to follow, allowing readers to gain a clear idea of what to expect in the future. The couple at the center of the novel would ultimately drive the narrative forwards, giving the book its thrust, taking the readers along for the journey.

Following twenty-nine year old Finch Moore, it sees her searching for her otherwise thought to be missing brother with the help and assistance of her neighbor Ross, the Viscount Kilrood. It is during their search, though, that their passions for one another begin to consume them both, all whilst undertaking their investigation. That’s when nefarious forces aiming to control nations with an otherwise mysterious box aim to hijack everyone taking them hostage in order to make them do their bidding. Will Finch and Ross overcome this ordeal? Can they stop the villains? What will become more and more?

All Smiles

This time coming out through the ‘Mira Books’ publishing outlet, this would also be set in the 18th century, bringing another story set in this unique and expansive world. Using the 18th century as the basis for its period once more too, it really develops the many ideas that came before, building upon them even more. It would also allow the style of Stella Cameron to develop too, giving it a more complete feel, something which is clearly reflected within the story and narrative itself.

Whilst the setting and period of Mayfair Square has already been firmly established, this jumps straight into relating its romance story, whilst also following its characters through its otherwise well known by now set of locations. In regards to the characters themselves, Meg Smiles is a well drawn individual who is a resilient and intelligent individual, as she really manages to take charge of her own story. Over the course of the novel this progresses, as it is clear that Stella Cameron is also developing her style, taking the series in new and exciting directions.

Set within the 18th century this sees Meg Smiles as its lead protagonist, as she finds herself in financial troubles desperately attempting to make ends meet in the lifestyle to which she has become accustomed. That’s when she hears of a princess moving in across Mayfair Square who may be able to help her, as she apparently requires a companion, with her being new to the area. With her companions handsome brother Jean Marc, the Count Etranger, also being present new complications arise, along with another variety of mishaps along the way. Will she overcome these many challenges? Can she become a good companion to her newfound friend? What will happen as she becomes all smiles?

The Mayfair Square Series

A quality set of genre based romance novels, these effectively use their period setting in an intelligent and well defined manner, whilst also giving readers a clear idea of what it was like to live during that time. Employing attention to detail throughout, Cameron manages to vividly evoke the style and tone of the time, whilst also creating fun and witty romance stories with an element of mystery. All of this essentially works together, thus producing one of Cameron’s most addictive series to date, as they continue to be appreciated to this very day.

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