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Publication Order of Lives of the Mayfair Witches Books

Mayfair Witches is a series of urban fantasy novels written by Anne Rice. The books tell the story of a family of witches that is haunted by a malevolent spirit.

+The Story
The Mayfair Witches series is also called ‘The Lives of the Mayfair Witches’. The series has as many fans as it does critics. Anne Rice enthusiasts who have experienced her work before and understand her unique approach to storytelling having nothing but good things to say about the Mayfair Witches series.

However, individuals that are only marginally aware of Anne Rice disparage the series for being a little too bizarre for their liking.

The Mayfair Witches series tells the story of the Mayfair Witches. A long time ago, a woman tapped into the dark arts and called upon a spirit. Her only wish was for the spirit to grant her family a long, vibrant and largely successful life.

And the spirit did just that, making the Mayfairs a strong clan. However, the woman, Suzanne Mayfair, unwittingly burdened her children and their descendants with a curse. The spirit that she served, Lasher, though immortal, was driven by a desire to walk on the mortal plane.

To do so, he had to acquire a physical body. So he began to manipulate the Mayfairs, not only strengthening their magical abilities, making them the most formidable witches in the world but also encouraging inbreeding.

Lasher believed that a day would come when the perfect Mayfair witch would be born, a being capable of granting him his wish of mortality. When ‘The Witching Hour’, the first novel in the Mayfair Witches series kicks off, Lasher’s efforts are about to bear fruit.

Rowan Mayfair was taken from her mother and adopted by a wealthy couple when she was young. Even though she became a doctor and tried to put all thoughts of her origins to rest, Rowan could not ignore the fact that she was different.

As a witch, she had the power to give and take life. And when she learned of her birth mother’s passing, Rowan was compelled to explore the roots of the old Southern family from where she hailed.

Along the way, Rowan met Michael, a tortured man who nearly died. Rowan dragged him back to the land of the living. But Michael returned with his very own psychic gift. He could glean the history of any object he touched.

Rowan and Michael were drawn to one another because of their gifts. And as their love grew, so did their desire to find the source of the supernatural occurrences in their lives, eventually undertaking a journey that would lead them back through time to the nucleus of the Mayfairs’ strength.

The Mayfair Witches series is spent chronicling Rowan and Michael’s story. Of the two characters, Rowan attracts the most criticism. She is somewhat haughty, snobbish and entitled.

She looks down on those she believes are enslaved by their emotions. However, she spends a considerable amount of time whining about how lonely and isolated she feels.

Michael Curry rarely attracts strong positive or negative emotions from readers. The protagonist doesn’t differ too drastically from the average urban fantasy hero in that he is strong and physically appealing.

However, he does a fair amount of crying, this resulting from his psychic abilities and sensitive personality.

A decent portion of the Mayfair Witches series is spent exploring Michael and Rowan’s relationship. They definitely have strong feelings for one another but their love is fraught with many challenges chief amongst which are the supernatural forces assaulting them from Rowan’s side of the family.

When readers are not following the ups and downs of Rowan’s relationship with Michael, they are delving into Lasher’s obsession with Rowan and the grand plans he has for her baby.

While it would be accurate to categorize the Mayfair Witches series as urban fantasy, readers have been known to classify the books as supernatural erotica, and for good reason.

A significant amount of sex takes place in the Mayfair Witches books. There are readers who have commended Anne Rice specifically for the skill with which she brings her characters’ hot and steamy intercourse to life.

There are also readers who hate the fact that so many chapters in this series are spent indulging in Rowan and Michael’s sexual proclivities. These readers are even less accepting of Rice’s penchant for playing with and normalizing pedophilia.

The Mayfair Witches series and Ann Rice’s Vampire Chronicles series exist in the same universe. There are stories that hint at the loose connection between them.

+The Author
Anne Rice is a bestselling American author that writes gothic and erotic fiction. She came to fame when she wrote ‘The Vampire Chronicles’ which introduced the world to Lestat.

Rice’s books have sold a hundred million copies.

+The Witching Hour
Rowan Mayfair is a seemingly ordinary girl, a doctor who also has the power to both save and kill people with her mind. Her life takes an interesting turn when her birth mother dies and she is compelled to dig into her origins.

Michael Curry almost died. But then she met Rowan who brought him back to life. Now Michael has psychic powers. And she and Rowan are drawn to one another. As they begin to fall deeper in love with one another, the truth about Rowan’s ancestry comes to light.

The Mayfair clan has a deep dark secret, one that will consume both Rowan and Michael if they are not careful.

Rowan Mayfair might be her coven’s brilliant and beautiful queen but she is also a prisoner. A demon called Lasher has stolen her from her husband Michael and taken her to Europe.

There, Lasher is determined to impregnate her with the intention of bringing forth another being like him.
Rowan’s only hope is Michael Curry, the love of her life. Michael refuses to believe that Rowan and Lasher are working together. He is certain that Rowan has been spelled by the demon and that they must join forces to kill it.

However, Michael doesn’t know if he has the strength to find Rowan or even to fight Lasher. Fortunately for him, Mona Mayfair, a cousin to Rowan, is more than ready to help him.

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