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Publication Order of A Southern Cake Baker Mystery Books

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Maymee Bell is the pseudonym of Tony Kappes an author who is well known for her cozy mystery books. Her success at writing can only be termed as incredible and unprecedented that has earned her massive success. Her style of writing is one that is humorous and involves quirky situations and quirky characters. The author has received the next generation Indie Book Awards for the mystery and humorous categories. She also happens to get to feature as the winner for The Amazon’s Festival Of Words for the fiction women’s category.

Maymee has authored The Southern Cake Baker Mystery with Cake and Punishment opening the series. Apart from this, she is also known to author other book series under the name Tonya Kappes among them the Camper and Criminals Cozy mystery, Divorced Diva Series and The Olivia Davis Paranormal Mystery. Apart from writing, she travels to many areas giving workshops on promotion, marketing, and self-publishing. Her relentless effort and quality work have enabled her to create a huge number of followers and fans devoted to her excellent books.

Cake and Punishment

Cake and Punishment is the first book in her Southern Cake Mystery. The mystery of a murder forms the focus of this story and develops other themes such as love. Sophia Cummings works in a restaurant in New York as a pastry chef. She, however, moves out of this place after she finds her boyfriend in a situation that is somewhat compromising with another lady and that’s when she goes home to clear of her head. However, she does not know that what expects her is even far bigger than what she left in New York.

Her friend Charlotte invites her to assist in the preparation of her wedding cake which is supposed to take place at the Rumford country club’s kitchen. Things move well until one time they find the main chef dead at the club’s kitchen. She takes on a new role to find out who was really behind the hideous act while still baking for Charlotte. It gets complicated since the chef is rumored to have had multiple affairs with some of the workers in the club which made him hated by many people. Sophia decides to snoop into the issue so as to find out who indeed was responsible for the act. However, she finds herself threatened by someone but still is determined to unravel the truth.

Acting as the interim chef, she is pushed by her determined and robust character to clear the mess and ensure that her friend’s wedding goes on uninterrupted with no other dead bodies. While handling the job she takes over the role of the informant to the sheriff on the possible suspect behind the murder. With the help of some old friends, she undertakes to unravel the mess as she fears she might be the next victim after chef Emile.

The author describes the characters vividly painting out awesome pictures of them such as how she describes Sophia’s parents and this is also seen when it comes to the definition of places and events. The way she puts different individuals in the story makes one want to read more as it gets exciting and engaging all along. One can almost picture the entire town, their chemistry and the events that are discussed in the book from the way the author does place them. Fantastic dialogue, great characters, mystery, and southern charm and of course the comedy makes the book a must-read.

Better off Dead

Better off Dead is the second book in The Southern Cake Baker Mystery Series. Sophia is a professional pastry chef and after failing in love moves to her homeland to make good of her life. She is in charge of the for goodness cakes which has commissioned her to cater for a fundraiser for the town’s library.
She knows that her best chance of making everything tick is through her baking and in fact, it pays off well since the wealthiest men of the area respond incredibly to the same. Ray Peel responds awesomely and promises to pay off the library’s loan. However, things do not go smoothly since he is murdered before he can deliver on his promise. Sophia has to slide into the detective role to unravel the mystery. A friend of hers is pointed out as the main suspect, and it is up to her to find out who the murderer was to save the friend.

She happens to discover a lot about ray in the course of her investigation particularly the darker side of him. The question of true intent come in where she finds that he never had any intentions of delivering on his promise and also had the purpose of selling the offer up the land for sale. More discovery comes in, and this makes things even more exciting and somehow complicated as ray had numerous enemies worst of all his ex-wife. Her role, however, gets the attention of someone who breaks in her house which makes the matter even more mysterious with numerous twists and turns involved in the story. It is very captivating as Sophia connects the clues and facts to come up with a real answer to the issue. Towards the end, finding out who the murderer was is something that will really amaze you as the unthinkable is involved.

Bell has done incredible work in creating this story. It has a beautiful setting putting the reader alert as they peruse through to find out the person who is responsible. One finds themselves guessing all along creating suspense until you realize that not everything is what it seems.

Maymee Bell has awesomely captured the town’s southern feel in her book making the reader feel as though they already are present on the occasions. She has created a great mystery supported by awesome characters. Her originality in the plot, events, and players in this story is something that will captivate you to want more of her writing. If you enjoy reading cozy mystery books, you’ll love reading Southern Cake Baker Mystery.

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