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McCalls’ Montana Books In Order

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Publication Order of McCalls' Montana Books

The Cowgirl In Question (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cowboy Accomplice (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ambushed! (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
High-Caliber Cowboy (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shotgun Surrender (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon

Coming from Houston in Texas, the American author B.J. Daniels now currently resides in Montana, a location which has come to inspire much of her work over the years, shaping much of her writing career, inspiring countless stories. With a rich and evocative style of writing, she has a gift for language and prose, knowing exactly what it takes to get the reader involved on a more visceral level, allowing them to immerse themselves in her rich and inventive narratives. Using wide open spaces and landscapes, she really brings the great outdoors to life through her many books, along with her many characters that inhabit them as well. Largely focusing upon mystery thrillers and romance novels, she concentrates mainly on these genre, whilst simultaneously not limiting herself, incorporating a whole variety of different elements into her work, giving it all a considerable level of impact that that has come to be recognized worldwide. With situations and characters that really resonate, she is highly talented at bringing out fundamental human truths through her stories, as they ring true with readers on a universal level. Previously working as a policewoman she also has a wealth of experience from which to draw from, allowing her create novels that are highly realistic in the portrayal of the modern contemporary justice system, thus making them even more immersive for her many readers. Over time this she has also managed to become a master of suspense as well, allowing her readers to become extremely invested in her action, whilst also being held on the edges of their seats, constantly turning the page in order discover what happens next. Her characters also resonate with readers, as she definitely has an ear for realistic dialogue and how people actually talk and interact with one another. This has enabled her to go on and produce a variety of series that have enjoyed large amounts of success over the years, keeping the readers constantly coming back for more time and time again. A particularly perfect example of this is that of her much loved ‘McCalls’ Montana’ series of novels, with it being set in the American state of Montana, a location and region that is extremely familiar to Daniels as an author. Combining romance with suspense, this series follows members of the McCall family, as it sees each of them embarking on their own romances, both in and around the state of Montana. Not following an over-arcing narrative as such, it mainly focuses itself on individual stories and romances, using the running theme of family and Montana to draw them all together. This then means that they can be picked up both casually, or read in order, allowing readers to find and discover the series at their own pace. For keen fans of the author though, they wont be disappointed, as the series caters to their loyalty to the series, with elements and characters recurring at select points. This goes some way towards explaining why it’s currently one of Daniels most successful series to date, with more and more readers discovering it every day.

Running for a total five novels between the years of 2004 and 2005, this is a series that came out in a very short time-frame, with it being something that Daniels intended as being more of a complete creation, as each novel was the sum of its parts. All coming together over the course of the series, the franchise gave a fully rounded look at finding love in Montana, whilst also providing an escapist sense of fun and adventure in the process. There would also be a compendium book compiling books two and five together, with the title ‘Double Target’, which would bring them both together.

The Cowgirl In Question

Setting up the first title in the ongoing ‘McCalls’ Montana’ series of novels, this first novel works to establish the initial premise. Released through the ‘Harlequin Intrigue’ publishing outlet, it really manages to make the most of its premise too, whilst also bringing many of the characters to life too. Not only that, but it also gives readers a clear idea of what to expect in the books to come, allowing them to immerse themselves in this world straight away.

Looking to settle a long-time score with Cassidy Miller, the wildest McCall boy Rourke McCall is back in town and he’s ready for a showdown. The only issue is, though, that Cassidy has now become a full blown woman and, upon seeing her after all this time, he’s instantly brought back to their shared high-school first kiss. All of this needs to be put out of mind, though, as it seems there’s a killer currently on the loose, and they must put their differences aside if they ever hope to capture them. Will they find the culprit? Can they overcome their passion for one another? What will happen to the cowgirl in question?

Cowboy Accomplice

Brought out on the 1st of October in 2004, this was released not long after the first. Published through the ‘Harlequin Intrigue’ outlet once again too, it provides the next story in the ‘McCalls’ Montana’ series. Continuing in much the same vein as before, it really works on its own terms, as well as being an effective part of the overall series too.

With a level-head and a clear sense of responsibility, J.T. McCall was definitely the most sensible one of the McCall clan. Working as a cowboy in Montana he took a clear sense of pride in his work, managing the Sundown Ranch, a long time family-owned business to which he’d now been entrusted. Turning up on the scene is none other than Regina Holland, as she finds him perfect for a business opportunity but, after being pursued by a killer whilst on the trail, she finds herself falling for him more and more. Will she manage to escape the killer though? Can they ever be an item? What will become of the cowboy accomplice?

The McCalls’ Montana Series

A witty and engaging series, it’s clear that Daniels had a lot of fun writing this, and it’s this enthusiasm and passion for the genre that’s so infectious for the reader, allowing them to share her love for the art-form, whilst also losing themselves in it at the same time. Creating rich and evocative descriptions of the state of Montana, she really brings the rural expanse to life on the page, giving readers a clear idea of what it’s like to live and reside there. Leaving behind a legacy that many will carry on enjoying into the foreseeable future, it’s a series that will continue to find fans for many years to come.

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