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The “McCutcheon Family” series by author Caroline Fyffe began publication in the year 2010 when “Montana Dawn” was released. The series is from the Western Historical Romance genre. It is part of Debra Holland and Fyffe’s “Mail Order Brides of the West” series.

“Montana Dawn” was a finalist for a Maggie, a Gayle Wilson, and an RWA Golden Heart.

“Montana Dawn” is the first novel in the “McCutcheon Family” series, which was released in the year 2010. Luke McCutcheon finds Faith Brown ready to have her baby in her rickety wagon, and his initial instinct is to go find help. He sticks around, though and helps deliver a gorgeous baby girl. He is unable to just leave the pretty young widow and her young son and newborn all alone and unprotected in the wilderness in Montana. So he takes them to his family’s cattle drive, which delights the other friendly cowboys.

Luke (the wealthy McCutcheon family’s third born son) is much different from his brothers. He carries a chip on his shoulder that is big enough for others to see, since he is the offspring of a Cheyenne warrior. The combination of his handsome face and flashing eyes make Faith think she has stepped into a long ago tale where the guys cherish their women and protect them. If she could only trust him.

Faith is on the run and she is unable to risk the consequences of sharing her past with them, despite being pampered by the family and Luke. It is one that is trying to take her right back to the horrible nightmare that she has just gotten away from. Happy ever after is for fairy tales, she keeps reminding herself, all while she keeps feeling the warm pull of Luke’s. Faith is unable but to dream of a loving family, a gorgeous and bright Montana Dawn, as well as home all her own.

Fans of the novel found themselves enjoying every moment that happened in this story. This book never once slowed down and grips you the entire time you read it. Through reading this story, you will smell the gunpowder, taste the dust, and feel all the passion.

“Texas Twilight” is the second novel in the “McCutcheon Family” series, which was released in the year 2011. John McCutcheon (who has just finished medical school) gets attacked by brutal outlaws while in his stagecoach. Lily Anthony (a feisty acquaintance of John) helps him out, and together the pair are able to fend off the assault. Lily becomes attracted to John, whom she sees as a charming cowboy-doctor and all his teasing ways and chiseled handsome looks. Then, her heart gets broken when she finds out that he is now engaged to get married.

Once they get settled in Rio Wells, Texas, John attempts to ignore that his own cousin has started taking a shine to Lily. A bounty hunter turns up trying to find a priceless jewel that Lily discovered hidden away with her aunt’s stuff. Lily is afraid that her dreams of having her own shop, and finding real love are about to be snuffed out.

Fans of the novel found themselves on one of the most fabulous rides they had ever gone on in their entire reading lives. Readers laughed and cried while taking this one in. They simply didn’t want this one to end.

“Evie” is the third novel in the “McCutcheon Family” series, which was released in the year 2013. Trudy Bauer (bride to be and well bred socialite) has just turned up at Mail Order Brides of the West and is filled with excitement for a lifetime adventure. She becomes friends with Evie Davenport (the agency’s maid), and the two start up a lasting and strong friendship.

They both make a vow to stay in touch with each other by writing letters as Evie takes a hold on her own destiny and sets up her own marriage on the sly. Both brave young women are ready to take on whatever a life in Montana and an unknown husband can throw at her.

Evie travels by stagecoach off to Y Knot, Montana. While Trudy Bauer takes the train to Sweetwater Springs.

Fans of the novel found this to be the sweetest mail order bride romance that anyone could have imagined. It is totally adorable, cute, and heartbreakingly sweet.

“Heather” is the fourth novel in the “McCutcheon Family” series, which was released in the year 2013. Prospective mail order bride Heather Stanford is dreading the day that the matron from the St. Louis bridal agency is able to locate a husband for her, which would send her west. Heather has no desire to marry anyone, just to free her family from the financial burden of having one extra mouth to feed.

She sticks to her plan as that fateful day comes and Mrs. Seymour praises the groom she is to marry. Heather gets ready to leave all that she holds dear, and wonders to herself if there is anyone that can live up to the glowing description the matron gave.

Hayden Klinker is short handed and on a tight timeline, after his dad gets injured, and has a giant order to fill. To make things worse, his meddling mom has a surprise for him. A wife. It is the last thing he needs, with all he has going on at the moment.

All that he has on his plate at the moment, a wife is simply the last thing he needs at the moment. Even if she is a suitable and wonderful woman, like Heather Stanford seems to be. Y Knot, Montana is buzzing when she goes back on the market, and it makes every eligible bachelor for miles around interested. Hayden has had his eyes opened, but will he be able to convince Heather that he has changed? Will he be able to win her heart back before marrying another guy?

Fans of the novel found this to be a western romance that had a backbone to it. It continues Fyffe’s tradition of having a leading lady that show the best the West had to offer.

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