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McKenzies of Ridge Trail Books In Order

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Publication Order of McKenzies of Ridge Trail Books

No Holding Back (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Stronger Than You Know (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Watching Over You (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Lori Foster is a best-selling author who has graced the tops of the charts of Publishers Weekly, USA Today, and the New York Times. She also uses the pen name of L.L. Foster for her urban fantasy stories.

The prolific author has penned over one hundred titles for her fans to enjoy, and still going strong! She is recognized for writing contemporary romance novels that are fun and sexy. They frequently focus on alpha males that fall for strong women with streaks of independence after meeting them.

She has received the Career Achievement Award from the RT Book Reviews for series romantic fantasy and contemporary romance. She’s even been a clue for crossword puzzles two times, once in the New York Times and once in USA Today. She has also had many top-selling books, such as her Too Much Temptation becoming a top seller in the romance category on Amazon. Lori constantly gives away things on her Facebook page such as t-shirts, books, advance reviewers’ copies, tote bags, and more.

This is one romance author that shares something in common with other romance writers– she loves a happy ending. Lori says that she has always been a daydreamer, coming up with stories in her mind before she became a writer. She was also a writer for a long time before she was an officially published author. Over the course of five years and more than ten manuscripts, she finally received a call about her work.

She hadn’t always known that she wanted to write. It was not until she had grown up, worked different jobs and had three kids that kept her busy that she found romance novels. She does not think that unhappy endings are entertaining and says that romance is the sole genre she knows that offers up a variety of genres and spins but still has that guarantee of a happy ending.

From the course of two years after reading her first romance novel, Lori suddenly went from a reader to writing the exact same types of stories that she loved to read. They were sexy stories driven by characters with different elements of danger and action. Her female characters are stronger, and don’t fall apart if something goes wrong. Her male characters vary and can be outspoken or quiet and intense, fun or deadly, and usually honorable at the core and willing to protect those and stand up for those that cannot for themselves.

Lori says that frequently readers ask her if she writes from her life. She doesn’t really, but some of the lines that she includes in her books that are funny come from her sons or husband. The author sees romance as more an affirmation than an escape, since in romance novels the characters tend to have problems, overcome them, and are happy in the end. Lori asks rhetorically that isn’t this ‘what we all want in life’?

In addition to being a writer, Lori enjoys listening to hard rock music and watching horror and action movies. She also likes to go water skiing and on boat rides, as well as catching the sunrise and the sunset. She is married and her husband does most of the cooking, even catering to her preferences. She stays home, but when she does opt to travel she likes to take the RV. Lori says that if you take her anyplace near water or mountains, she’s happy.

Lori also feels that since she has been so blessed, she wishes everyone could be as happy as she is. Since meeting him her sophomore year of high school, she has been with her husband for a long time. She says that he’s her best friend and hero. Together they have three sons and many grandchildren.

She is thrilled that she gets to do something that she loves every single day and can’t imagine having a better job than this. She also is grateful for having a great readership and shares her appreciation for her readers through giveaways. Every year, she hosts a RAGT, which is a Reader Author Get Together. It’s like a party for those who love books, hosting multiple authors and readers with food, workshops, time for talking and photos, and parties. The proceeds usually go to charitable causes. This includes the benefit book, where Lori Foster writes a novella and the royalties and advance going to a good local cause.

No Holding Back is the first book in the McKenzies of Ridge Trail series by Lori Foster. If you’ve been searching for a new contemporary romance to read, check this one out!

Just because she doesn’t need him doesn’t mean that she won’t want him. Main character Sterling Parson goes by the name Star for short and works as a trucker. She’s used to dealing with the challenges that come with being a woman both working as a trucker in a male-dominated industry and in life too.

However, she’s used to taking care of herself, and is able to. She’s never wanted a guy around, but all that stands to change once she meets a man named Cade McKenzie. The bar owner is the type to take charge, and while she’s cautious about getting involved with him, he’s also got her pulse racing.

Cade has resided in Ridge Trail for a long time. So he knows when something’s trouble. When Star comes into his bar, he has a gut instinct that trouble is going to come eventually. Small towns often house even more secrets, and Cade is able to tell that when it comes to having secrets, Star might just have as many as he does.

Far from driving him away, it makes him want to find out what those secrets are. He also wants to get to know her better. Can they open up to each other and choose to trust one another? Can Cade and Star deny the attraction that is growing between the two of them? Read this book to find out!

Stronger Than You Know is the second book in the McKenzies of Ridge Trail series by Lori Foster. Catch up with the McKenzies and find out what they’re up to by checking out this book!

Kennedy Brooks has put time into learning how she can protect herself, and teaching women how to do that as well. But you can’t always predict what hazards are out there. That extends to Reyes McKenzie, the guy that owns her local gym. He’s a strong man who’s watchful and capable, and seems like he might be the one person that can understand her past.

When it comes to him, Kennedy feels like she can let her guard down, something she said she would never do. Meanwhile, Reyes knows that the determined petite woman has secrets, but he didn’t know that she could tell that about him. When trouble finds her, she turns to him. What follows is a protective instinct kicking in, followed by desire. But will she still need him when the danger goes away? Read this book to find out!

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