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JoJo Moyes is a British author of fiction novels. She was born in London, England in 1969.

Moyes attended the University of London, where she studied at Royal Halloway. The Independent also financed a bursary Moyes won that allowed her to go to City University to study journalism. She graduated and worked subsequently at the same paper that financed the bursary. She left to become a full time novelist in 2001.

She did quite well and her first novel, Sheltering Rain, was published in 2002. She quickly followed that up with her second fictional novel, which is titled Foreign Fruit. It won the Romance Novel of the Year Award from the RNA in 2004. JoJo’s husband is Charles Arthur, a journalist. She is the mother to three children.

She is the creator and writer of the Me Before You series. The series got started in 2012 with the release of the debut novel, which shares the name of the series. The second novel came out the next year and is titled After You. The third book came out in 2017, making it a trilogy. It is titled Still Me.

Me Before You is the debut novel in acclaimed author JoJo Moyes’ series of the same name. In this debut novel by Moyes, we get to meet the main character of Louisa Clark. Clark is a young woman who has a life just like any other girl her age. She has a regular boyfriend and her family is close.

She also has not been out into the world much. Louisa has actually never strayed much farther than the tiny village that she lives in. That is all about to change when she takes a job because she really needs the money. The job will be working for Will Traynor. He used to be the Master of the Universe, but an accident left him stuck in a wheelchair instead of the active life that he used to enjoy.

At first, it seems to Louisa that Will is going to be a difficult client. He’s used to living his old life, which was larger than life– filled with travel around the globe, participating in extreme sports, and making huge deals that come with an accompanying adrenaline rush.

His new life is something totally different, and Will is having trouble adjusting to the thought that he’s going to have to give up some things. Life may never go back to the way that it used to be, and as a result, Will is at turns bossy, moody, and biting. Still, Louisa is not going to give into his moods and refuses to be the one that treats him with kid gloves.

Soon Louisa is getting more involved than she ever anticipated. She finds herself increasingly invested in his happiness and wants to really make sure that he makes a recovery and does not give up hope. When Louisa finds out shocking plans that Will is harboring, she is determined to do what she can to inspire him to keep going on.

Will her efforts pay off, or will they ultimately be in vain? You are going to have to pick up Me Before You by romance writer JoJo Moyes to find out whether these two people who are so opposite can find out whether opposites attract.

After You is the second novel in the Me Before You series. Louisa fell for the unique Will a little too hard, and now she can admit to herself that she was in love with him. Will has left her a letter that is an attempt to reach out to her and soothe her broken heart. He tells her that her new world may feel uncomfortable, but he hopes that she will feel exhilarated at times too.

Will advises her to push herself and to live boldly, never settling and always choosing to live and live well. He signs the letter ‘Love, Will’. Louisa is beside herself with grief and has no idea how to process her feelings. She also has no idea what she is supposed to do with her life now or how she is ever going to move on from losing someone that she truly loved.

Louisa thought that she was just taking a job, but after six months went by she found that her life was totally changed. Her life was totally ordinary until Will Traynor came along. Now that he has left her, she is struggling to find meaning without his presence in her life.

Then an accident comes out of nowhere that propels Louisa to go back home and return to her family. It’s as though she never spent any time with Will at all, and Louisa is feeling that she has returned back to square one– the same place she was before all of this happened. She recovers from the accident but still feels broken.

Louisa knows that she needs some help in order to try and get back to her old self. That is precisely how she starts looking for help and finds a support group called Moving On. These supportive members meet in a church basement and share their stories, their laughter, their insights and more. Being here is exactly what she needs, but Louisa has no idea that being here will lead her to meet Sam Fielding.

Sam is a paramedic and seems both strong and capable– just what you need to be when you’re a paramedic handling life and death. You have to be strong under pressure, and something about Sam just seems reassuring and dependable. Louisa has a strange feeling that this might be someone who can finally understand her.

When someone from Will’s past shows up out of nowhere, all of Louisa’s dreams and plans are about to take a turn. It seems that the future that she envisioned for herself may be different and forever changed by this one event. She’s trying to learn how to love again, but can she afford to take that risk?

You’re going to have to pick up After You by JoJo Moyes to find out! Catch every twist and turn for yourself by going to your local bookstore or library or simply going online to order this series for yourself. Also be sure to check out the 2016 movie version of Me Before You, starring Emilia Clarke.

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