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Medoran Chronicles Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Medoran Chronicles Books

Medoran Chronicles series by Lynette Noni
The bestselling “Medoran Chronicles” series is written by author Lynette Noni, and is a young adult fantasy series. The series began publication in the year 2015, when “Akarnae” (pronounced uh-car-neigh) was released.

The series stars Alexandra Jennings, a teenage girl that has to save the Medorans from different enemies that try to render them extinct. Alex has enhanced immortal blood, and the powers she gains from this, she has to learn how to control. She got this after being claimed by a disowned former prince of Meya named Aven. She also attends Akarnae Academy, a school she begins attending by mistake, but winds up fitting in.

“Akarnae” is the first novel in the “Medoran Chronicles” series, which was released in the year 2015. Alex dreads her first day at a new school and is shocked when she goes through a door and finds that she is stranded on Medora, which is a fantasy world full of impossibilities. She is desperate to make it back home, and learns that only a guy called Professor Marselle will be able to help her. But he has vanished.

While she waits for him to reappear, she goes to Akarnae Academy, which is Medora’s boarding school for teens with extraordinary gifts. She quickly enjoys the bizarre new world she finds herself in and the friends that embrace her as their own, but strange things are going on at Akarnae. Alex is unable to ignore a fear she has that something sinister or unexpected is about to happen.

Alex, who is an unwilling pawn in a dangerous game, bears an entire race’s survival on her own shoulders. Only Alex will be able to save the Medorans, but what if it keeps her from ever going back home? Is Alex going to risk her entire world, and possibly even her life to save Medora?

The characters here are both likable and well drawn. The book blew some readers’ expectations out of the water, as they completely devoured this whole entire book and each of the words. Lynette creates a world that she takes you too, completely immersing you in this fictional world. The book hooks you and ends up leaving you wanting more. It is filled with humor and totally magical, not to mention tough to put down.

“Raelia” is the second novel in the “Medoran Chronicles” series, which was released in the year 2016. Alexandra Jennings returns to Akarnae for another year with her gifted buddies, and she steps through a doorway into the fantasy world full of impossibilities that is Medora. Despite all of the magical wonder of Medora, Alex’s own life remains threatened by Aven Dalmarta, who is the banished prince from The Lost City of Meya. He is out for her blood.

To keep the Medorans safe from Aven’s quest to get his birthright back, Alex and her buddies search for the Meyarin city and see what is left of the ancient race. She is not sure or who, or maybe what, she is at this point. All she does know is if she is unable to keep Aven from getting to Meya, the lives of many Medorans are going to be in danger. Is all going to be lost or will she be able to keep them safe?

Readers quickly read these books as quickly as they can when they get their hands on them, and then spend a lot of time waiting for the next one. The books take the reader on a roller coaster, as far as the action and the emotional moments. This book allowed readers to fall even more in love with this cast of characters than they were before from the first book.

“Draekora” is the third novel in the “Medoran Chronicles” series, which was released in the year 2017. Aven Dalmarta hides in the shadows of Meya, and Alex desperately wants to save Jordan and keep the Rebel Prince from killing more people.

Training night and day to be able to master the enhanced immortal blood that pulses in her veins, she takes on a dangerous Meyarin warrior trial that takes her away from the ones she loves. It also strands her in a place where nothing is what it should be.

Friends become enemies and enemies become friends. Alex has to figure out who she can trust as powerful new allies as well as adversaries give her a push towards a future filled with either the light or darkness. One way or another, the world is going to change.

This book does a great job of continuing the ongoing story of Alex. There is tons of action and the hits never stop coming the entire way through. These books are a thrilling ride and non stop excitement right from the stop. Some key back story details were explained that really helped this story move forward in a great way.

“Graevale” is the fourth novel in the “Medoran Chronicles” series, which was released in the year 2018. Aven Dalmarta sits on the throne of Meya, and it requires Alex to race against the clock so that she can save what is left of Medora from the Rebel Prince’s wrath. Alex is haunted by an unspeakable vision, and she and her friends set out to warn all the mortal races. Making allies out of ancient enemies proves to be pretty tough.

Alex spends her nights deep in the Library under the guidance of her new and mysterious mentor. Alex is desperate to strengthen her gift as well as protect those she loves. Because being in a world where nothing is for certain, she can only be sure of just one thing: Aven is coming.

Even with all of the jumping around and all the characters, the book is easy to follow and well written. Lynette Noni finds a way to make each and every book better than the one before it, which is quite a feat for her to do. Alex has progressed, yet has not become some perfect hero, and still stumbles at certain times and never has all the answers.

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