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Desperate Hoodwives (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shameless Hoodwives (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Hood Life (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Kiss the Ring (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
All Hail the Queen (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Meesha Mink is the pen name used by Niobia Bryant, African-American bestselling author of mainstream fiction and romance novels. The author was born and spent her childhood in Newark in New Jersey. Her father name was Ernest while Letha was her mother name. She was brought up in a single parent home, and she attributes her success in novel writing career to her dearest mother for introducing her to book writing at an early age.

Mink attended Newark Public Schools and later graduated from University High School. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Seton Hall University situated in South Orange New Jersey.

Mink completed writing her first book Down Home Girl, an African American romance girl in 1999. She submitted a copy to several publishers which she received two offers from publishing houses and ended accepting a deal with BET Book/Arabesque. The title of the book was later changed to Admission of Love and released in 2000. Upon the launch, the book received positive reviews from readers worldwide. The author’s second book was Three Times a Lady was published in 2001 by the same publisher who did the debut novel publication. The second book became a bestseller, and in 2003 it was chosen by the Books for the Blind program to be made into an audio recording which was to be supplied free of charge to people visually impaired.

In the year 2007, her first ever mainstream Live and Learn was published. The books from the mainstream steered away from romance to a darker theme like drug addiction, adultery, and domestic violence. Since her first mainstream, the author has authored several mainstream novels that have showcased her writing abilities in different fields.

In 2008, Mink teamed up with a romance writer to co-write an urban fiction known as Hoodwives series. The first work of Hoodwives series, Desperate Hoodwives was released in 2008 and was later followed by Shameless Hoodwives which was published in August 2008. The third novel in the series, The Hood Life was released in 2009. Several books of Hoodwives series have been highlighted in many national publications and have received myriads positive reviews for the writers’ exceptional skills in character development and storytelling.

In 2008, the New York Post featured Desperate Hoodwives as Required Reading while the Essence Magazine highlighted Shameless Hoodwives as one of the best Top Ten Summer Sizzlers. Later in 2011, Niobia Bryant released her first solo project using Meesha Mink as a pseudonym. The Project name Real Wifeys trilogy is themed on three wifeys from distinct hoods. These wifeys struggle with their lives while fighting their unique demons. The first book in Queen Series, Mink Kiss, the Frog, received positive reviews from Ebony Magazine, Publishers Weekly, and the Library Journal. The second book in the series, All Hail the Queen was published in February in 2015.

The author’s addition of Y.A fiction was facilitated by the urge of her under-aged family members to read her books. She felt that urban fantasy and romance genres were obviously too mature for them. Currently, Meesha Mink is a full-time writer and is a resident of South Carolina.

Desperate Hoodwives

The first book of Desperate Hoodwives trilogy, we meet four desperate women capable of anything just to escape the hood. The books introduce the four women as Devani, Aisha, Lexi, and Molly.

For Devani she knows clearly well that she has found her way out of the hood when she finally manages to have sex with Tyrik a famous athlete. When Tyriks bond with the desperate Devani begins to fade away, her mother suggests a comprehensive scheme, to have a child with him. Will Devani devious plans force the only man she is ever “loved” fall in love or will it backfire and have the worst consequences?

Aisha is blessed with whatever other ghetto girl envies; she has a loving man who gives her all the money, fashion, and accessories that can be attributed to ghetto success. Now that her husband is in the state penitentiary, she decides to “dispose of” something much worth than her designer to maintain her image. However, the cost can turn up to be too high even for her extravagant tastes.

Lexi, on the other hand, has five children and four “poverty stricken” baby daddies. She is now married to Luther who is Mr. Right in every aspect except for the bedroom affairs. Determined to have a good man by her side to raise her children, Lexi must fight the sex craving demons for sex with her ex-boyfriend. Will she remain faithful to her husband or will her sex craving demons overpower her into a passion that may prove deadly?

For Molly, she is deeply in love with her husband such that she even doesn’t care whether she is the only white lady in the ghetto. Love blinds her to the extent that she lets anyone walk all over her. However, her husband, Junior might cross the line forcing his wife to give back all the abuses she has taken silently.

The first book in Desperate Hoodwives is sinfully delicious. The four characters give the readers a glimpse into their deadly worlds in Bentley Manor. The book is attention grabbing, while the character and plot development are fascinating.

Shameless Hoodwives

Four distinct women once again find themselves caught in the web of Manor. Tired of her husband daily abuse, Takiah finds herself in a place that she never thought that she would never see again- Bentley Manor. Returning to her grandma home means returning to the counseling of Pastor Meyer- could Takiah have left one hell only to dive into another?

Then there is Keisha, married to a basketball star. Everything seemed perfect and normal until her husband became addicted to crack and now she is desperate to feed her kids.

On the other hand, Woo Woo finds herself sneaking back to have some steam sex encounters with her ex-boyfriend, while Princess has a curse and a gift. Her vocal is beautiful just as she is but unfortunately, her beauty has led several of her mother’s boyfriends creeping into her room. With her music as only her solace, will she survive?

In this sequel, the author makes it more interesting than the debut novel. The ladies showcase a lot of drama such that you will keep on peeping on the next page to find out what happens next.

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