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Publication Order of Meg Daniels Mysteries Books

Killing Time in Ocean City (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cape Mayhem (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wrong Beach Island (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Missing You in Atlantic City (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Greetings from Ventnor City (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Strangers in the Avalon Dunes (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Meg Daniels Bonus Mystery Books

A Fear of Seaside Heights (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Meg Daniels Mysteries series is an excellent series of mystery and crime fiction novels. It is written by a reputed American novelist named Jane Kelly. The series began in 1997 and comprised of 5 books up to 2020. Jane Kelly has filled this series with mysteries throughout with the added element of a humorous twist. Every novel of the series features the lead protagonist in the form of an amateur sleuth named Meg Daniels. Meg hails from New Jersey, where the plot of each novel is also set. The search for criminals and determination to solve the mysteries takes Meg Daniels to various places such as Long Beach Island, Ventnor City, Ocean City, Atlantic City, Cape May, and Seaside Heights. Several essential characters depicted in the books by Jane Kelly other than Meg Daniels include D.K. Bascombe, George, Hank, Andy, Dallas Spencer, and a few others.

In addition to the full-length novels, Jane Kelly included a bonus book in the series in 2015. The books of this series and their main characters have a large fan-following in various parts of the world. They have succeeded in reaching out to a large number of audience and entertaining them. The fans of mystery stories appreciated this series a lot more than others. Its success also enabled Jane Kelly to get noticed by the prominent personalities of the novel-writing world. She became a known name and went on to cherish her success with the release of every other novel of the series. The debut book of the Meg Daniels series written by author Jane Kelly is entitled ‘Killing Time in Ocean City’. It was released by Plexus Publishing in 1997.

The book opens by showing that Meg Daniels is on vacation in Ocean City. She has rented a beach house in the city and is looking forward to spending a few more days of relaxation and peace. One night, when Meg was deep in her sleep, the police come knocking at her door. They inform her that her former boss and owner of Markshell Publications named D.K. Bascombe has been found dead near the beach house rented by her. The interrogation of Meg Daniels reveals several suspicious circumstances that make the authorities believe that she is the prime suspect in the murder of D.K. Bascombe. Also, new evidence keeps mounting against her every minute. When Meg Daniels is unable to understand what is going on and how she ended up becoming a murder suspect, she decides to take the matter in her own hands and investigate the case personally. The subsequent steps take her on a trail from Ocean City to Pine Barrens and then to Atlantic City. All the while, Meg keeps looking for answers while trying to steer clear of a killer, who seems to have set her as his next target.

Another mind-blowing novel of the series is known as ‘Wrong Beach Island’. It was also published by Plexus Publishing in 2002. This novel contains the primary characters in the roles of Andy Beck, Dallas Spencer, and Meg Daniels. Initially, it is depicted that Meg Daniels is undergoing a romantic affair with a private investigator named Andy Beck. She plans to go on a romantic vacation with him, but her hopes get quashed when Andy Beck is asked to investigate a new murder case that also involves Meg Daniels. A prosperous Brit named Dallas Spencer is found dead near the shore of Long Beach Island. A bullet wound is discovered in his back, which is believed to have caused his death. Meg Daniels had never met Dallas Spencer when he was alive and she has started to face all sorts of problems when he is no more.

Knowing that the killer might try to harm Andy to prevent him from solving the mystery of Dallas SPencer’s murder, Meg takes it upon herself to keep her lover safe. She even tries to protect him from Spencer’s seductive widow. Later, Meg comes to know that Dallas Spencer had many layers in his personality and his life was full of secrets that others did know about. The subsequent investigation unravels many twists & turns and takes Meg and Andy on an adventurous roller coaster ride. This suspenseful and exciting thriller is made even more exciting because of the detailed description of New Jersey’s shore region. There is a lot of fun and life dimension for readers of the local region as well as others. Jane Kelly has filled the book with easy to read chapters that keep the readers interested and turning pages from start to finish. Just like previous installments, this book also succeeded in achieving great success and popularity.

Jane Kelly is a renowned American writer of mystery stories. She is particularly famous for writing the Meg Daniels novels. Jane Kelly hails from Philadelphia, but her career has allowed her to live in numerous places such as Washington DC, Phoenix, New York, Boston, and Chicago. No matter where she lives, Jane Kelly always makes sure to return to the Jersey Shore and meet her near and dear ones. Author Kelly completed her graduation from Chestnut Hill College. He holds a master’s degree in Library & Information Science from Drexel University. Additionally, Jane Kelly has obtained an MPhil degree from Trinity College in the subject of Popular Literature. Currently, Kelly resides in Philadelphia, where she has set her Widow Lady Mysteries and the Writing in Times novels.

Jane Kelly is a former president of the Sister in Crime’s Delaware Valley chapter. She has also served as a board member in the MWA’s New York City Chapter. Jane Kelly has achieved tremendous success in her career by publishing the Meg Daniels books. Her books have traveled far and wide and have reached out to a large audience across the globe. Her 4th Meg Daniels novel, Missing You in Atlantic City, is the winner of the 2015 Independent Publishers Book Award. She is quite content with the amount of success she has received as an author over the years. Kelly is hopeful of making it big with all her future novels and establishing herself in the ranks of the prominent authors of this generation.

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