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About Meg Long

Meg Long has been an American science fiction and fantasy novelist for some time now, when she first published her debut novel, ‘Cold the Night, Fast the Wolves.’ She is known for creating compelling characters and protagonists that draw readers into her stories and make them entertaining to read.

Her talent for creating engaging narratives have resulted numerous awards for her books, and her fans love her works for their excitement and thought-provoking messages. Meg’s stories are beautifully crafted and her attention to detail makes the worlds she paints come alive. She is especially renowned for the unique perspective she offers in her stories.

Meg’s works have been successful in captivating readers of all ages with her talent for using dialogue as a tool to explore emotion and difficult topics. Her novels have been welcomed by the literary industry and described as imaginative, thought-provoking and worthwhile. Meg has shown time and time again that her writing style has allowed her to craft richly-detailed characters and draw readers into her stories, making them spellbinding, exciting, and entertaining.

Long also has the ability to blend exciting stories with likable characters that readers can relate to. She crafts stories that leave a lasting impression by combining imaginative landscapes and events with meaningful conversations. Her writing allows for readers to easily hop into each story and become immersed in the characters’ lives.

Her unique mix of creativity and emotional exploration helps her characters stand out. Rather than simply introducing them and showing their individual attributes, she takes a deeper dive into each character’s individual motivations and personalities, while at the same time keeping her stories lively and exciting.

Her writing combined with her gift for imagination leads to compelling stories and unforgettable experiences. Every time readers finish a book by Meg, they find that the story has left a unique impression and that a new perspective has been gained. As they make their way through her books, readers discover something new as the characters become entwined in her vivid stories.

Early and Personal Life

Meg Long has long had an affinity for the written word. Growing up, she would later find herself teaching overseas in both China and Malaysia. After her tenure abroad, Meg eventually settled in Colorado, where more snow than she had ever experienced before greeted her.

For eight years, Meg taught and encouraged students of middle and high school age, before her career path took an unexpected turn. She ended up as a content designer in the technology industry. During this time, her writing ambitions started to stir. She was chosen as a mentee for Pitch Wars in 2018, followed by a stint as a mentor between 2020 and 2021.

When Meg is not writing or reading, she can usually be found at her local Muay Thai gym, where she enjoys kicking things with her boyfriend. She also likes to play video games and obsess over Sailor Moon fan art. Meg’s life is a captivating juxtaposition of writing and martial arts, inspiration and creativity.

Writing Career

Meg Long is an accomplished Young Adult fantasy and science-fiction author. She has already written an impressive book series, Edge Worlds, including Cold the Night, Fast the Wolves (2022) and its sequel, Swift the Storm, Fierce the Flame (2023). Her work has been widely praised, receiving numerous favorable reviews from critics and fans alike.

Continuing her successful writing career, Meg Long is currently working on more stories in the Edge Worlds universe. Many readers are eagerly awaiting what new adventures she will bring next. Long has proven her skill as a writer of Young Adult fantasy and science-fiction, and her future looks very promising.

Cold the Night, Fast the Wolves

Meg Long released her debut science-fiction novel, ‘Cold the Night, Fast the Wolves,’ on January 11, 2022, published by Wednesday Books. It’s the first installment of her ‘Edge Worlds’ series and tells an exciting story that will keep readers captivated. With more installments planned, readers were definitely eager for their next journey into Meg Long’s sci-fi universe!

Sena Korhosen, a seventeen-year-old on a frozen planet, finds herself in trouble when she double-crosses a local gangster. To escape, she agrees to take part in a sled race, using survival skills her mothers taught her. Along the treacherous tundra, Sena forges a bond with the fighting wolf, Iska, as they try to survive and reach the finish line.

Along the way, they must evade ice goblins, giant bears, and her double-crosser, who is determined to trap them before they can make it to safety.

This thrilling sci-fi ride follows Sena Korhosen and her fighting wolf companion, Iska, as they battle across a frozen planet and evade potentially fatal obstacles. Filled with adventure and suspense, readers can’t help but be captivated by this tale of survival and courage. For those looking for a fast-paced and compelling read, look no further than ‘Cold the Night, Fast the Wolves’!

Swift the Storm, Fierce the Flame

Meg Long’s science-fiction fantasy novel ‘Swift the Storm, Fierce the Flame’ was published on January 17, 2023 by Wednesday Books. It is the second in the ‘Edge Worlds’ series of novels, so for the best experience reading, it’s advised to start with the first book and work through them in order.

Remy Castell is searching for the friend she lost two years ago. Following the only lead, Remy teams up with a traitor, Sena and Iska, to track Kiran Lore back to Maraas. There, they find the planet on the brink of destruction by a hellstorm and a megalomaniac Corpo director. To save her friend, Remy must join the revolution.

But can Remy trust Kiran, who betrayed her before? She must make a life-altering decision as the storm grow stronger.

The science-fiction fantasy novel ‘Swift the Storm, Fierce the Flame’ is sure to capture the readers’ attention. Anyone looking for an adventurous escape, ‘Swift the Storm, Fierce the Flame’ is sure to deliver an unputdownable tale. Don’t forget to read the first in the ‘Edge Worlds’ series for the best reading experience.

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