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Publication Order of Teddy Bear Mystery Books

Bearly Departed (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bear Witness to Murder (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Have Yourself a Beary Little Murder (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wedding Bear Blues (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bear a Wee Grudge (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Meg Macy is an American author and artist. She is also one half of the dynamic writing team pen name of D.E. Ireland. Ireland wrote the Eliza and Henry Higgins series. Two of the novels in the series have been finalists for an Agatha Award.

Her debut into the world of published authors came courtesy of her first book, Double Crossing. It won the Western Writers of America’s 2012 Spur Award for Best First Novel and was off to a great start!

She resides in southeastern Michigan, which is conveniently also the setting for her Teddy Bear Cozy Mystery series, which has been accused of being shamelessly adorable. You can find her online at her personal website at

The Cozy Teddy Bear Mystery series is a mystery series that was created by Meg Macy. The setting of most of the stories revolves around the Silver Bear Factor. The main character in this series for the first novel is Sasha Silverman. She is a young woman that is 31 years old and manages the teddy bear shop and factory, which is family owned– her parents built it up from the ground themselves. This series has been immensely popular ever since its release since everybody loves a good mystery.

Bearly Departed is the first novel in the Teddy Bear mystery series by acclaimed author Meg Macy. In this novel, everything about Sasha Silverman and her life seems charmed. She’s 31 years old and loves her job working as the manager of a teddy bear shop. It’s a warm and fuzzy place to work, and she enjoys all the kids with their parents that come in to make teddy bears and leave happy.

Sasha may love her job at the Silver Bear Shop and Factory, but she’s not about to love what comes next. There’s nothing that’s cozy about murder, and this manager is about to find that out. But for the moment, she’s preoccupied with her job and trying to forget that she got divorced and is now single with a biological clock that is ticking pretty loudly in a small town.

Silver Hollow is a nice place to live, but Sasha’s now having to deal with new problems. Will Taylor is the sales rep who is dead set on being the one to make drastic changes to the business whether he has the approval of Sasha or not. Besides this small issue at work, everything’s fine.

However, when Will is finally found dead inside the factory, it’s a huge blow. Sasha is shocked when she hears not only that Will has been most likely murdered, but his body was found in the very place she knows and loves. Worse still, the police think that Sasha’s Uncle Ross may be the one that did it.

Sasha knows that her uncle has a hot temper, but she also knows that her uncle wouldn’t kill anyone. Now it’s up to her to find out what the truth is and track down some evidence to back it up. Sasha begins tracking down Will’s enemies and people who had motives against him to try and find some leads.

She also knows that the killer is most likely still out there and it could even be someone that she knows. Sasha must work quickly to get somewhere or she may just become the next target for the killer. Even by looking into things she’s drawing attention– but can she figure things out before it’s too late? Or will she be the next in line for this mysterious murderer? You’ve got to pick up Bearly Departed by Meg Macy to find out!

Bear Witness to Murder is the second novel in the Teddy Bear Mystery series. Sasha’s teddy bears are more popular than ever, and she’s trying to forget the events that happened in the first story ever occurred. She’s kept busy enough by managing the Silver Bear Shop and Factor, and now she’s celebrating the fall season in the best way.

Sasha Silverman has plans to host the Cranbeary Tea Party. The event will open Silver Hollow’s annual Oktobear Fest. It’s a seasonal celebration that revolves around teddy bears and is the perfect way to combine business and pleasure as well as take in a crisp fall day. Sasha is very busy planning her part of the event and wants to make sure that everything is going to go perfectly.

Sasha is so busy that she barely has time to figure out how she feels about her former rival from high school returning to town. Holly Parker was her biggest nemesis and competition back in the day. Now Holly has not only come back, but she’s opened a new toy and bookstore in town that could end up being big competition against not only her own shop but her cousin’s very small independent bookstore.

Things are going fine although Sasha is experiencing a fair amount of stress. This only increases when she is the one to find Holly’s assistant at the shop dead. Holly was unmistakeably murdered as she was discovered with a knife in her dead body. It doesn’t look good for Sasha to be the one finding her, as she was just recently dealing with another corpse being found in her shop from one of her staff.

It would be understandable if Sasha were the main suspect, but police are eyeing her boss, Holly. Sasha’s ex-husband is also a suspect, as there were rumors that he had rekindled the affair that he once had with the assistant. What really happened? Nobody knows for sure.

Sasha hopes that this murder case doesn’t disrupt the upcoming festival. Sasha hopes that she can figure out who the killer is out of many suspects so that her business and personal life can get back on track and so that the killer doesn’t take her out either.

Pick up the book that people like bestselling author Victoria Thompson are calling a “delightful debut mystery”. Publishers Weekly described this novel as entertaining and full of “quirky, fully developed” characters. Check out Bear Witness to Murder by expert author Meg Macy and see the novel that has so many people excited!

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  1. Meg Macy: 10 months ago

    THANK YOU!! I enjoyed writing the series! I’m also a teddy bear collector, but also donate stuffies to needy kids. Happy reading!

  2. Catherine LineBeattie: 2 years ago

    I love your books🥰 I have been a Teddy Bear collector for over 30 years and I feel like you wrote this series with me in mind. Keep on writing these adorable teddy bear mysteries🥳


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