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Publication Order of The Vardeshi Saga Books

Meg Pechenick is a published author of fictional novels of the science fiction genre.

She is a native of New England. She has lived in China and California, spending some time there before ultimately having the realization that she belonged more living as a resident of the East Coast.

Meg has worked as a teacher as well. It was about a decade into her career that she was finally able to accept the fact that she was not going to work for NASA. However, she is a lover of science fiction and space so she did the next best thing and started writing science fiction stories instead. She is married to her husband. They both work and they have children together. She says that she loves hearing her children laugh and next to that, she also loves hearing from all of her readers.

Meg has always been a big follower, both in watching and reading, of fantasy and science fiction stories. She is the writer of her own science fiction stories too with The Vardeshi Saga. She had been day dreaming about the series for about twenty years and finally started writing it. Meg got started on the series in 2016 to help her find some escape from a scare that she’d had with cancer as well as a miscarriage and fertility struggles. When she eventually came out of that period of her life, she discovered that she didn’t want to leave the Vardeshi universe behind along with it.

On top of being a writer, Meg is also a parent, dorm parent, teacher, cross-country coach, and mother. She named her first child after an Original Star Trek book’s character. When she isn’t busy with all of her duties she can be found writing. She is excited to share the characters and stories of The Vardeshi Saga with the world after having them live only in her imagination for so long.

Meg Pechenick is the creator and the author of The Vardeshi Saga. The series first kicked off in 2018 with the publication of the first novel, Ascending. It was followed by the publication of the second installment of the series in 2020, titled Bright Shards.

Ascending is the first novel in The Vardeshi Saga. If you are a big fan of science fiction stories, then be sure to give this one a try!

It has been twenty-five years that have passed since the Vardeshi’s arrival. They came to Earth all that time ago, and just as soon as they had arrived, they had gone without a single trace left of them. It was strange, but it happened.

Avery Alcott is a graduate student that always harbored thoughts that the Vardeshi would one day return. She has prepared for their return accordingly. If they do decide to come back, they will find few humans that can speak with them. Avery is the only one that knows how to talk in their language.

When they finally do come back, Avery is recruited as essential personnel. She becomes part of a crew manning a star ship made for 11 men. The ship is going on a mission that will last for one year into space’s far reaching depths. She’s excited to be part of the crew and jumps at her opportunity, even though it means leaving everything behind.

Avery quickly adapts to being among the Vardeshi. She wears one of their uniforms, makes adaptations to belong to their culture, and follows orders. This is as close as she will ever come to becoming one of them. However, diplomacy is about more than just knowing a language. Avery is finding out that dropping elements of her identity to fit in may be more difficult than she thought it would be.

Then the ship and the crew are threatened, along with the alliance among the Vardeshi and humans, which is already fragile enough as it is. The humanity that Avery has might just be what is putting her directly at risk, but it also may end up being the primary thing that’s going to save her. Can she overcome the threat along with her crew? Or are things about to get really bad? Read this stunning science fiction book to find out!

Bright Shards is the second novel in Meg Pechenick’s science fiction series of novels, The Vardeshi Saga. When readers last left main character Avery Alcott, she was the sole person on Earth that could speak the Vardeshi language and left on a year long mission to outer space among them.

Now she is an official linguist and she’s been spending her time wisely. Avery has made an effort for the previous three months to try and prove her worth to her companions, gaining their respect along the way. Now she has come to Arkhati. It is a space station that is positioned half way between Vardesh Prime and Earth.

Avery wants nothing more than to keep going in her official capacities and keep the adventure going. But it turns out that when it comes to the mission, the next stage is going to come with a lot of its own unique challenges. Avery is about to find out that her comfort level with her position and how she’s doing may just be tested.

The coming months will see a lot happen. Friendships that have been made will also be tested, as will new alliances. Avery is going to have to try to be flexible. She will also have to show strong character and interior strength as she goes through internal questions with herself about her purpose as well as what her place living with the Vardeshi involves.

Ultimately she’s going to find out what so many of us already know. You can’t control everything that happens and sometimes you just have to react and adapt to it. But that’s part of the journey, and sometimes the greatest journeys of our lives are the ones that cannot be predicted. What will happen in the end? Pick up the exciting second book in the saga to find out!

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