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Publication Order of MEG Books

An American author of multiple genres, the writer Steve Alten is well known for his unique and compelling method of storytelling, as he manages to engage his readers on a most fundamental level, immediately grabbing their attention and not letting go. Writing such varied genres as science-fiction and horror, he’s also well know for his gift for creating an air of suspense, maintaining a sense of momentum throughout his novels. It is also his character development that’s noteworthy too, building fully three-dimensional personalities that instantly leap off of the page, coming alive for the reader in an instant, before then proceeding to build a sense of familiarity with them as the series progresses over the subsequent novels. Writing for a wide selection of readers too, he engages audiences worldwide, having created a universal brand that’s appealing to readers regardless of their background or who they are. This is all thanks to the easy to relate to nature of his ideas, as they resonate with the reader on a more emotional and intimate level. This is something he has continued to develop over the course of his writing career, having come a long way throughout the years, as he continues to progress as an author and writer. Considered for television adaptations too, he’s managed to turn the heads of TV studio executives as well, with many of them finding the highly visual and visceral nature of his work easy to translate to the screen. It is also the highly populist appeal of his work, as he’s no stranger to keeping his many readers entertained with his breezy and engaging style of writing either, allowing them to escape into his worlds and his work. With many of his own long-running series having been continued over the years too, he’s amassed more and more readers as the years as have gone by, with each installment being met with eagerness and anticipation. The series that he’s perhaps best known for and highly regarded for in equal measure, is that of his long-running series of ‘Meg’ novels; a collection of books that have taken up a large portion of his career, many of them being what he’s based the majority of his brand around. Charting the adventures of one Jonas Taylor, it follows him as the lead protagonist, whilst he goes about uncovering the mother of the great white shark hidden deep within the ocean on one of his deep sea dives. Finding the Carcharodon megalodon, he goes about undertaking the necessary precautions needed for when this prehistoric legendary creature threatens to emerge from the deep sea, as it takes its mantle once again as one of the most fearsome creatures on the face of the earth. With Jonas having attempted to prove its existence throughout his entire career, he must now come to terms with it suddenly making its presence known, as he goes about using his extensive backlog of knowledge in order to ensure the safety of everyone on the planet. This leads to a series of excitement fueled adventures and action packed escapades, as the series moves on at a breakneck speed, never quite letting up, right until the shocking conclusion.

Running for a total of five novels, this visceral and action packed series ran from 1997 until 2016, starting out with the novel ‘Meg’, and finishing with ‘Nightstalkers’. Not just that, but there is also a prequel set before the first novel titled ‘Meg: Origins’, which was brought out in 2011, as it sought to shed light on the prior events that came before. All of this adds up to a fully comprehensive and fully rounded series, as it manages to incorporate a whole range of different concepts into its thrilling narrative and premise.


Originally brought out through the ‘Tsunami’ books publishing label, this would establish the series, with it being the first in the ‘Meg’ franchise. Released on in 1997 in July it would set-up the core premise of the series, whilst also introducing all of the characters for the first time too. This would also give readers a clear idea of what to expect in the following books to come too, allowing the main template of the series to begin to take shape.

Heading into the deepest ocean trench known, this sees the leading protagonist of Jonas Taylor heading into the sea the chart its icy depths. It is here that he finds more than he initially expected, though, as he comes across the Carcharodon megalodon, leading to him needing to stop this prehistoric entity from surfacing and ruling the world once more. Looking to prove his discovery to the world at large, he must do whatever it takes to warn people before it’s too late, as the clock is ticking. Will he manage it? Can he stop it from arising? What will become of Meg?

The Trench

Setting up the second title in the much loved ‘Meg’ series of novels, this would continue on directly from the last title. Published through the ‘Pinnacle’ publishing outlet this time, it would carry on in much the same vein as before, with it being released in 1996 to much acclaim. That’s not to say that it didn’t have plenty of surprises up its sleeve, as it would give readers plenty of exciting twists and turns along the way.

Now held in a Monterey Aquarium, the legendary Megalodon shark seems to be safely contained for the time being. That is, until it smashes through the huge steel doors holding it in, as the the twenty-ton shark now has a taste for human blood. Apparently unstoppable, Jonas must once again return to where it all began if he every hopes to stop it in its tracks and ensure the safety of everyone worldwide. Will he manage it though? Can he survive long enough to do what’s needed? How will he fare in the trench?

The Meg Series

A series filled with excitement and action, this is one of the best in its genre, as Alten definitely knows what he’s doing in one of his most confident franchises to date. Clearly having a lot of fun with the concept and the characters, it’s easy to see why each release was met with so much enthusiasm from the general public. Setting the template for many years to come, this is one series that leaves behind a legacy that will definitely stand the test of time for a long time yet.

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