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Jake Bible is an American writer and author of novels in the genre of science and horror fiction. He was nominated for the Bram Stoker Award for his young adult novel writing.

Bible has other interests besides sitting down and penning a book. When he isn’t writing a bit of fiction. you may be able to find him hosting his own podcast and talking about different writing methods or techniques. You may be able to find him trying to write a short story for the first time. He also has created a method of creating plot and character variations called the Drabble format.

Bible has stated that he has been able to entertain many readers with his unique tales that usually are able to fall into the category of either adventure, science fiction, or thriller or horror. He enjoys delighting readers new and old with his tales that are designed to provide interest as well as entertainment!

He does his best to reach out to a variety of readers and prides himself on books that are able to reach a wider audience. He is able to go into genres that have already been explored and create engaging stories that reach out to readers. He first officially became a published author for real in 2012 with the release of two of his novels.

Jake Bible is the creator and writer of the Mega series. The series debuted in 2014 with the release of the debut novel Mega. It was followed by the second book in the fictional series, which is titled Baja Blood. When Giants Collide is the exciting third novel and there are three more novels in this six part series. The sixth book came out in 2017 and is titled No Man’s Island.

Mega is the first novel in the series of the same name by talented author Jake Bible. If you love stories that are intriguing and keep you guessing, then you may very well be interested in the debut installment of this fantasy series!

When it comes to the deep, is there something lurking out there? It’s always been a theory that there are still monsters and prehistoric creatures lurking in the ocean. But could something out there be lurking that has been around for a very long time? What if it is very big and very dangerous — and worse than all of that, hungry?

That is the situation that is confronting a group of people that are being called Team Grendel. The team has the goal of finding the monster and doing their best to not only fight it but to take it out and kill it for good. Kinsey Thorne is one such member of that team.

She was a SEAL with the United States Navy and one of the first women to become a candidate. After that high, she is about to hit a new low as she sinks to the very bottom. She’s been totally removed from the Navy thanks to her choices, and once that happened, she felt that she had no choice but to try and drown her sorrows.

So try she did: she got her hands on every type of drug and every type of drink that she could find. She was upset at being kicked out of the Navy and she doesn’t know what to do. Then Kinsey gets a second chance of sorts in the form of her relatives. Her father and her cousins all used to be SEALS for the Navy. They’re the ones who are giving her a shot to get back what she lost.

Kinsey might finally have a way back into life in the Navy. If she chooses to go, she will belong to a team that has been assembled for the purpose of finding down something. That something that they are tracking and looking for would be a monster of some type that is hiding out there somewhere, possibly swimming the deep waters of the Indian Ocean.

She was denied that first chance and it fell through her fingers. Now Kinsey has a second chance at achieving her dreams. Is it too late to be able to change her mind about this second chance or will it end up being the best thing that ever happened to her? You will have to read the exciting Mega, the first in the series by the same name by Jake Bible to find out!

Baja Blood is the second novel in the Mega series by author Jake Bible. When it comes to action and adventure, you probably got a taste of what this writer can do in the debut story in this series.

Team Grendel has returned to do some damage. This time, the team has to contend with more than they even did the last time. With more monster sharks out there than they had to deal with before, they also have new problems to deal with. That includes dealing with such people as the Mexican navy and the forces of an illicit and obviously illegal drug cartel.

The only problem is the cartel and the navy along with the sharks want to either destroy the team for good or make them go away (also for good). The Beowulf III and Team Grendel must jump into action once they are called up by Ballantine after a secret mission for one of the company operatives goes terribly wrong.

Team Grendel are the only people that can handle dealing with the problems at hand. These include such casual tasks as keeping the state of California from being taken over by a new drug that is deadly as well as addictive and hopefully take down a drug lord too.

When it comes to disasters, Team Grendel has to contend with a new big one. They appear to have taken the attention of Megalodon sharks that have been cloned and have developed a liking for a new type of food in the form of that very same drug.

As the sharks go crazy in the Baja waters, can they be contained? Travel to Mexico and find out in Jake Bible’s Baja Blood!

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