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About Megan E. Freeman

The American writer Megan E. Freeman is well known for writing incisive and intelligent fiction for children, as well as poetry. Gifted with words, she really understands how to get her point across in a manner that’s straight-to-the-point and direct for the reader. Reaching a worldwide audience too, her work is universal in its nature, as many readers from far and wide relate to her writing. Losing themselves in her stories, her style is immediately recognizable to her, with its rich and highly immersive qualities.

Often speaking out about her craft, she is a writer who doesn’t hold back when it comes to teaching others on English. A member of a number of different organizations, she’s a novelist well known throughout the literary community too. Winning numerous awards too, she’s highly talented, with both the critics and the general public alike singing her many praises. Setting herself apart from other writers within her field, she’s very much her own writer, with her own unique approach to the craft.

Characters are also something that Freeman excels at, creating protagonists who really come alive off of the page. Staying with readers long after they’ve put the book down, her characters really make an impact upon her audience. This use of character development is another hallmark of what makes her writing so great, really elevating it above all the rest. With lots more to come too, she definitely won’t be stopping her writing any time soon either, as her career continues growing upwards and onwards.

Early and Personal Life

Born and raised with a love of literature, Megan E. Freeman would immerse herself in the world of reading and writing from an early age. During her childhood, poets would visit her elementary school on a weekly basis, developing her interest in the craft. Over time this would lead to her writing herself, becoming a poet and novelist in her own right, reaching readers from all over.

Teaching in the classroom herself, Freeman would also have decades of experience, as she would gain a unique insight into her young audience. Studying theatre and dramatic literature for many years, she would also attend Occidental College, before going on to Ohio State University. Previously living in Los Angeles, she would later settle in Boulder, Colorado, where she continues to live and write to this very day.

Writing Career

It was in 2015 that Megan E. Freeman would publish her first book, which was a stand-alone collection of poetry titled ‘Lessons on Sleeping Alone.’ This book would be aimed at a general audience, with many of the poems themselves previously featuring on Freeman’s site. Collecting them all together for the first time, it would help to introduce her to an even wider audience and establish her presence and brand.

Later she would go on to follow this up with a children’s novel in 2021, which was called ‘Alone,’ with it being aimed at middle-grade readers. Vivid and descriptive, it would capture the attention of many younger readers, and she has also become a ‘Pushcart Prize’ nominated poet in recent years too. She’s also contributed to other collections of work too, such as the ‘Fresh Starts’ book, published in 2021 alongside many other well respected authors.


Initially published through the ‘Aladdin’ publishing imprint, this came out back in 2021 on the 12th of January. A stand-alone title, this would be the first full novel from Megan E. Freeman, establishing her credentials as a fully fledged fiction author for the first time. Aimed primarily at a middle-grade audience, this book for children is not a part of any series, with an entirely self-contained story.

Planning a secret sleepover with her two best-friends, twelve-year-old Maddie awakes to find everyone in her home-town has disappeared. With only a Rottweiler named George as her companion, there’s no power in the town, as she learns to survive on her own. Facing all manner of dangers, including disasters, looters, and wild animals, she aims to survive at all costs, dealing with these newfound set of circumstances head-on. Will she be able to survive this ordeal, what happened to everyone, and how will she fare now that she’s completely alone?

A well told story with some extremely well managed character development, as it keeps the reader continually hooked throughout. It doesn’t shy away from some more difficult subject matter either, as there are some more difficult scenes featured in the story. Overall it’s a great read that has to offer readers both young and old, with its vivid descriptions and well plotted narrative throughout.

Lessons on Sleeping Alone

Originally released through the ‘Liquid Light Press’ publishing label, this would first come out back in 2015 on the 3rd of December. It would be a stand-alone collection of poems, not being a part of any series as such, with it introducing Megan E. Freeman as a writer to many for the first time. Many of the poems themselves had featured on Freeman’s site previously, but this brought them altogether, with many new poems as well.

This collection of poetry features many of Freeman’s greatest poems collected together in one volume for the first time. Many of them are optimistic and filled with joy, whilst also being highly intimate and honest to the feelings of Freeman herself. An extremely personal collection, it involves the reader deeply, letting them explore the inner world of the author with a singular clarity and vision. There’s common sense throughout making it more than accessible, whilst it’s also complex, providing deeper layers of meaning for the reader.

A must for any fans of poetry as an art-form, it’s also open to those reading it for the first time too, as there’s something new to discover with each reading. The visuals used and the messages provided are all well managed, as it uses poetry as an art-form to express the author’s feelings on an even deeper level. Intelligent as it is concise, it’s easy for the audience to lose themselves within, ensuring that they’ll want to visit the book time and time again.

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