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Publication Order of The Marinesia Trilogy Books

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About Megan E. Hotchkiss

A Canadian author, Megan E. Hotchkiss hails from Ontario, having built a name for herself as an imaginative and highly creative writer. Largely focusing on children’s literature, she manages to speak to her younger readers in a direct and straightforward style that is easy for them to relate to. Coming a long way in a relatively short amount of time, she has managed to establish herself as a strong voice within the literary industry. This has seen her become a key figure within her field, speaking at numerous events and giving readings of her work to crowds of people. Taking her young readers on a journey, she creates entire worlds from her imagination, allowing her creativity to bring them to life on the page. Over time this has allowed her to reach a worldwide audience of readers from all across the world, with her work reaching a mass-audience, as her stories and characters resonate on a personal level. Her characters also exemplify this penchant for resonating with her audience, as they are down to earth and realistic in how they are put forth.

Creating a series as well, Hotchkiss is no stranger to creating a long-running narrative arc too, featuring characters that develop and evolve over time. It is also the close attention that she pays to their development that really sets her apart, as she creates wholly authentic and down-to-earth characters in the process. All this has placed her at the forefront of her genre, leading to her becoming a profound and influential voice within the industry as a whole, something which she isn’t stopping any time soon either.

Early and Personal Life

As a lifelong proponent of literature, Megan E. Hotchkiss has always had a passion for both reading and writing for as long as she can remember. This would continue throughout much of her life, as she would build upon it, refining her voice through her schooling and the intervening years to follow. Later going on to write her first novel, she would put much of her own life in to it, setting it within Ontario, Canada, with it being a fantasy title. Currently living there to this very day, she continues to put out work on a regular and consistent basis, with more to come in the foreseeable future.

Writing Career

In 2018, Megan E. Hotchkiss would go on to produce and publish her first debut novel titled ‘The Seadrop Pendant’. This would also see her publishing the first novel in what was to be ‘The Marinesia Trilogy’ of novels in the following years to come. She would also go on to promote speaking events in various bookshops, whereby she would give readings of her work. This has all led to her becoming a definite figure to watch in the years to follow, as it appears that she will carry for a long time.

The Seadrop Pendant

First brought out through the ‘FriesenPress’ publishing label, this would go about setting up ‘The Marinesia Trilogy’, this being the first in the series. Establishing the overall tone, as well as introducing the characters for the first time too, it was originally brought out on the 8th of November in 2018. It would also pave the way for the following two books as well, building the atmosphere of what’s to come in the future of the series as a whole. With a clear goal set ahead of her Hotchkiss manages to convey exactly what it is that she’s trying to say here, in what is ostensibly her first novel.

Taking place in Canada this is a story that Hotchkiss keeps close to home, essentially writing about what she knows. This gives an insight quite unlike any other, as she paints a highly vivid and evocative portrait of the landscape, whilst simultaneously infusing it with fantasy. The characters themselves are also extremely well realized, as they speak to the younger reader in a believable manner that resonates deeply. Getting to the heart of what the series is about here, she definitely manages to deliver a story that’s imbued with magic at every turn.

All ready for a long boring summer ahead of her, Taryn Noble was moving to Peggy’s Cove in Nova Scotia from her home in Toronto, Ontario. Then, on her fourteenth birthday, she receives a mysterious pendant, followed by her being pursued by a number of equally mysterious creatures. They also pursue her friends, her new neighbor Malcolm McKenna, and Taryn’s younger blind little sister Kaileigh. Carrying her into a whole new world, she finds herself in an entirely new landscape, beyond anything she could have ever imagined. Heading to the underwater magical land of Marinesia, the three of them realize that it is only them that can find the Marinesian Artifacts and help the merfolk clan living there. This is needed in order to help seal a rift that is growing between the land of Marinesia and Earth, as the barrier must be sealed in order to ensure their safety. Facing them is the Leviathan, an evil and terrifying sea-serpent, one who has legions of bloodthirsty and equally sinister Drakken. Racing against them, the Leviathan also aims to retrieve all three artifacts before they do, thus destroying the barrier between worlds and bringing about the destruction of both worlds. Will the three of them be able to complete their quest in time, or will it be too late? Where are the three artifacts located? What is the secret behind the mystery of the Seadrop Pendant?

Future Projects

As expected, there are more titles to come in ‘The Marenisia Trilogy’, with it being series that Hotchkiss is all set to complete. This will see her release more follow-up titles in the future continuing the adventures of Taryn Noble and her group of friends. There is also plenty of other room to continue expanding upon her writing career in the future too, with Hotchkiss proving to be a highly versatile author. With plenty more titles planned upon the horizon, her career will only grow from strength-to-strength for many years to come yet.

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