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Publication Order of Regency Reimagined Books

Bound to Be a Groom (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bound with Love (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bound with Passion (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bound with Honor (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Unruly Royals Books

A Royal Pain (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
If the Shoe Fits (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
In Love Again (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
R Is for Rebel (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

The Wallflowers (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Megan Mulry is a Regency romance fiction author who is best known for the “Unruly Royals” series of novels. She published “A Royal Pain” her debut novel and the first of the “Unruly Royals” series of novels in 2012 and has never looked back since.
Immediately after publishing her debut novel, “Royal Pain” would become a USA Today bestseller and in the same year, it would also become an NPR Best Book of 2012.

Before discovering her passion for romance fiction she used to work in London and New York in finance and publishing. Over the years, she has become known for penning stylish and sexy romantic fiction works.
She now lives with her family in New Mexico.

As for how she came to be an author, Megan Mulry has said that she has always been fascinated by all things British. In college, she was a British Literature major and lived in London for about four years when she got married.
At some point, she discovered Regency romances and used to spend entire evenings lost in the novels for weeks at a time. She would then decide that all she wanted to do was pen a novel that used most of the constructs and ideas she found in the novels.
She would include attention to social mores and beautiful clothes, as she took a peek into the world of the aristocracy in Britain. However, she intended to place her novel in a modern setting with modern sensibilities and accouterments.
Mulry also found some of her inspiration from the works of Judith McNaught, who is known for writing about British dukes who fall for the wiles of conflicted American heroines.

As a lover of Regency romance, it made sense that when she decided to become a fiction author, she would gravitate toward that.

Megan Mulry has said that for some reason when she pens her novels in the Regency period, she feels freer to explore just about anything and everything, as compared to other types of romances.

When Megan Mulry is not penning her novels, she is all about reading romances. She usually reads romances and a smattering of non-fiction about literary fiction and the history of sex.
Some of her favorite contemporary fiction romances include “Serving Pleasure” by Alisha Rai and “Only Enchanting” by Mary Balogh.
Mulry is also a huge love of Harlequin Presents and has read tens of their titles whenever she has the time.

Megan Mulry’s novel “A Royal Pain” is the story of a woman named Bronte who just wants someone and not necessarily Mr. Right. She had dated Mr. Texas and even though he is very charming, she does not think he is the man for her.

She becomes a career girl, buckles down and soon enough meets a British guy. Bronte has always been addicted to British royalty and was fascinated by Diana’s marriage to Charles and distraught when they split up and Diana died.

When she tells Max her British guy about her addiction to British royalty, she thinks that she has nothing to lose as he will be leaving for England in a few weeks. The only complication is that Max has fallen in love with her which she never planned for.
But then he tells her that he needs to go back to England to attend to an ill father and family business. It happens that he is a Duke and for all her fearlessness, he thinks she is a very sweet woman whom he would one day like to introduce to his mother.
Sylvia his mother is not amused that her son wants to marry a commoner. Will she take a chance on him or pick up and try to find a guy that is more in her wheelhouse?

“If the Shoe Fits” by Megan Mulry is one of the most intriguing novels of the “Unruly Royals” series of novels.

The lead is Sarah James a successful young woman who designs shoes for a living and has been very successful at it. She is determined to be successful and thrive in her business and has never had any time for a relationship.
But no matter how successful she is in business, she can’t hide her singlehood and the fact that she is a virgin in her late twenties.

As such, when the sexy younger brother of the Duke of Northrop puts the moves on her, she cannot help but say yes to the weekend fling. But she never imagined that maybe she needed a little bit more than a fling over a couple of days.
Devon Hayworth is a playboy royal who is the younger brother to the Duke of Northrop. While everybody just looks at him like a no-good playboy, there is more to him that just bumming all over the place.
The thing is, that is just what he wants everyone to think of him as it gets him off the expectation of serious relationships and royal responsibilities.
But when he sets his eyes on Sarah, he feels an intense attraction toward her and he knows that things will never be the same again.

Megan Mulry’s novel “In Love Again” is another interesting novel that tells the story of a woman who has been very unfortunate in love.

When her marriage collapses, she is forced to rebuild and regroup and in the attempt moves to America, where she gets a job which is something she had never done.

She quickly learns how to conduct herself as an employed and single lady which means she is also redefining herself. At some point, she gets a big case at work and the client is Ben Hayek whom she met the summer before she got married.
Ben had spent the summer with Claire and thought things had been going well when he woke up one morning to find her gone. He never forgave her for leaving without as much as a goodbye, even though he thinks she probably does not remember him.
It turns out that she still remembers him and as they work through their past and rekindle their relationship, they learn that the spark still lingers inside each of them.

However, Claire’s deceitful and scheming husband is threatening to jeopardize everything she has been working so hard for, including the relationship she has with her adult daughter.
Ben and Claire need to find a way to overcome all manner of obstacles conspiring to keep them apart.

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