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Meghan Maclean Weir is a published author. She works and lives in an area of Boston as a physician.

Weir grew up Southbridge in Massachusetts. She was brought up in her fathers church and her family later moved to Buffalo in New York.

Weir first became a published author in 2011. This is when her non-fiction book came out. It is titled Between Expectations and focuses on her lessons learned during residency. The book focuses on her years spent training to be in the medical field. It covers her time learning at Boston Medical Center and Children’s Hospital.

Between Expectations is a dynamic first book from author Meghan Weir. If you are interested in medical careers or just want to check out a memoir of her time learning how to become a physician and her journey on that, this is the book for you.

The first time that she was made a resident and steps onto a main floor of the Children’s Hospital in her scrubs, Meghan had a head that was full of everything that she had learned from her text books in medical school. She thinks that she is prepared since she is by now familiar with the anatomy of the human body and how it works.

She has also managed to learn how to do hundreds of procedures correctly and can also tell you a number of diseases and the symptoms that they come along with easily. However, as easy as all of that is, she is not truly ready for the experiences that she is about to have going from learning about the practice of medicine to doing it for real.

They say that theory is one thing and practice is quite another. The doctor is faced with the reality of what it is to take care of others and diagnose them as well as dictate what to do to treat it. Right off of the bat, Weir must take care of premature infants to teenagers that come into the emergency room with mild symptoms of head colds, and every hour and every day that she is on the job teaches her new things.

With different challenges and lessons flying at her from every angle, She has to learn on the fly and finds out through the practice that being a doctor is not all that is cracked up to be. Even though they say that a lot of doctors have god complexes, it is through donning the white coat of a doctor that Meghan finds out just how vulnerable and human medical practitioners can really be.

There are a lot of things that are difficult when it comes this job and even though there are a lot of hard things about it, there is a whole lot of reward that comes with practicing medicine. You get to heal people and have that victory when it comes through and you also find that you develop some friends and moments of great personal joy along the way.

When it comes to residency, this is the time when doctors that have gotten through medical school and managed to graduate move on to taking their own patients and putting what they have gleaned from books and lectures and practice and start putting it into real practice. It lasts for three years and no matter what specialty you are in, it takes a lot out of you.

The author also describes how there is a great deal of challenge involved in diagnosing patients that may be too young to know how to tell you where something hurts and why. Adult patients are sometimes easier. This book takes the reader through the medical fields where nurseries, intensive care units, and rooms filled with infants and children in one of the busiest children’s hospitals in the world is really like.

See a unique world that many people will never know through the eyes of a doctor. It is certainly an interesting read, in part thanks to the honest and humility that this writer brings to the work. It is a study of being a resident in the medical field as well as the many lessons that are learned when you are adapting to residency.

A few of the rules are quite common. Teens might not listen to your good advice, that parents usually have better knowledge of their kids than doctors, and that sometimes being careful is the best way to prevent injuries. There is a lot that goes into caring for these kids, and Weir delves into the doubt and the exhaustion that can plague a residency in equal parts to confidence and taking a definitive course.

With a mix of stories and anecdotes that range from light to very sad, this is a candid view of the hospital world and the doctors and young people that so often live in it. Even when a medical professional feels that they are having a good day, it does not mean that the patient will automatically rebound, and that victory is usually about finding strength gradually.

An exploration of her early years and the field as well as shared humanity and the pursuit of excellence, this is a fascinating book from a physician that is striving to become the person she always wanted to be and an up close and personal look at the world (and world of medicine).

The Book of Essie is a fictional novel from Weir. It came out in 2018. When it comes to fame, family, and religion, this is an intriguing story of the daughter of a preacher that went on to star on a reality show with her family.

Essie is the nickname used for Esther Ann. She’s part of a reality television show called Six For Hicks. In real life and on the show, she is the youngest. When she becomes pregnant, her mother tries to figure out what to do.

As all of this is going on, Essie decides to pretend to be in a relationship to throw the scent off her pregnancy. Will it work? Read this book to find out!

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