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Meghan O’Flynn is an American author who is best known for writing the Ash Park series of books. The first book in the series is called Famished and lead to many more books in the very successful series of books.

O’Flynn was born in the great American city of Detroit in its heyday. Growing up in Detroit, Meghan spent most of her early years hiding in her bedroom and doing a lot of reading. She would read book after book from the local public library, always looking to read more. She read so much that her father became concerned that she was going to become “too serious” and only focus on books so he made her take time out from reading books to watch TV with him. Not PBS documentaries or anything like that, but shows like Beavis and Butt-Head and South Park to loosen her up and make her laugh.

Despite her father’s efforts, she did end up as a rather serious kid and actually headed off to college at the age of just 16 years old. When Meghan got to college she realized that the students she went to class with had more in common with Beavis than the characters in the novels that she enjoyed reading. It was this that made her realize that human nature is much more fascinating and decided to make psychology the focus of her studies.

After graduation, Meghan would work for many years in community-based mental health agencies. She also worked in schools and at the veteran’s administration during this time. She finally decided to move on to private practice which lead to many future opportunities, eventually leading to her becoming the Clinical Director/Vice President of Clinical Operations for a JCAHO-accredited mental health facility.

This work was very rewarding and Meghan enjoyed the work and serving the world at large, there was something missing in Meghan’s life. Her creative side was left unfulfilled and she decided to start writing, returning to her childhood love of books. Once she began to write, she wasn’t able to stop and has continued writing ever since. Her biggest success has been the Ash Park series that has been sold worldwide and gotten great reviews across the world.

O’Flynn has found a great second career as a writer and even moved beyond the cold weather of Detroit. She now lives in a much more muggy place with her husband and their children. The family also is home to a English Mastiff named Stella Bellum Patronus.

The first book in the Ash Park series is called Famished. Ash Park refers to a rundown suburb of Detroit that has seen better days. It might not be the nicest place to live and is not what anyone would call idyllic, but for Hannah Montgomery it is her home and best of all, it’s safe from the horrors of her brutal past. That all changes one day when a serial killer comes to Ash Park. The killer is killing women who go to the shelter, the same shelter where Hannah volunteers which puts her in danger.

Hannah tries to believe that the killings have nothing to do with her and tries to convince herself that all of this is just a coincidence, but when her boyfriend is killed in the same way that all of the other victims were killed – Hannah must face up to the facts. The police believe that she is involved with this somehow and the facts are, they are right.

Hannah is the one that brought this monster to Ash Park and she knows exactly who they are. Hannah will have to accept this fact and help the police to work fast to catch them, before the killer strikes again.

Conviction is the second book in the Ash Park series and this one focuses on the Ash Park district attorney, Shannon Taylor. Shannon has a full plate as district attorney and has a real take no prisoners attitude. In addition to her job, she also has to care for her dying brother and deal with her jerk ex-husband who she can’t seem to get away from because he is her boss. Shannon’s life takes a twist when new evidence emerges on a closed case, evidence that makes her look bad.

Years ago, Shannon threw a young mother in jaul for a murder she apparently didn’t commit. Shannon knows that the girl was hiding something then and she’s still hiding it now. Whatever it is that the young girl is hiding, it’s so secret that she is unwilling to spill it in order to get her freedom.

A madman is on the loose and Shannon starts receiving bloody warnings. She must find a way to protect those she holds dear while also working to free this innocent woman. Her chase for the truth could make her family into targets, but she can’t stop now when the truth is so close.

Outside of the Ash Park series, O’Flynn is also the author of The Jilted, a horror novel. This book sees a woman named Chloe who saw her daughter and fiance Victor disappear two weeks ago. Each night since she has been awakened by a horrible nightmare, each night having the same dream. Chloe is convinced that the dreams are trying to send her a message.

The dreams bring her to an old antique shop downtown where she finds Victor’s camera. She decides to take a job there with hopes that Victor may return for the camera. Her new job sends her out on an appraisal to a plantation outside of New Orleans. The plantation is seemingly sucking her in and there is something about the owner that is triggering her dormant intuition. She’ll have to lean heavily on her intuition as she is haunted by terrifying visions and a mutilated girl who stalks her from the shadow.

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