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Publication Order of The Golden Arrow Books

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Meghan Scott Molin is a renowned American writer of romance, mystery, fiction, humor & comedy novels. She is particularly famous for writing the Golden Arrow book series. This series is just 2 books old and both the books have been widely successful. Molin is currently busy with the drafting of the series’ third book. Before finding her true interest in writing mystery and humorous stories, Molin spent a lot of time for her academic achievements. She holds a Masters degree in Architecture as well as a minor degree in Opera. Molin has worked as a professional barn manager for some time before meeting her life partner and becoming a mother. After spending three years in raising her children, Molin finally decided to step out of the comfort of her house and do something that interests her. Eventually, she found her true passion for writing stories. Her passion developed into a profession and helped her to write two mind-blowing novels of mystery and romance.

As of today, author Molin lives in Colorado with her two sons, her zookeeper husband, a couple of horses, corgi, and several cats. Molin considers herself an avid lover of nerdy things like Star Wars, Hobbits, Star Wars, etc. Whenever she has some spare time from her writing work, Molin likes to take up activities like cooking, listening to audiobooks, dreaming, traveling, and hanging around with her family at her barn. She likes to live her life vivaciously and loves anything that is creative. Molin can take stories in whatever form they come as long as they remain entertaining throughout. In the Golden Arrow books, Molin has mentioned the lead protagonist in the role of Martin-Grace Martin, or MG Martin, as she is often referred to as. She is depicted as a writer of comic books, who assists the LAPD to solve comic book crimes with the help of her best friend. Quite often, MG Martin teams up with Detective Matteo Kildaire to catch the criminals and later falls in love with him.

The first time Molin came up with MG Martin’s story was when she saw a dream about her close friend directing a team of models of Drag Queen through the Comic-Con in San Diego for catching a killer. The next day, she narrated this dream to her husband and both of them laughed a lot. Molin’s husband encouraged her to develop a story based on the dream. Eventually, the story of the first Golden Arrow book was created. Molin already thought a working title for the series, but it did not fit with the marketing strategy. So, the publishers decided to come up with a new title and Golden Arrow was finalized. Molin’s favorite character from the books is Lawrence. She identifies with Lawrence’s love for show tunes of Broadway and his liking for sequins. Molin had a lot of fun while writing the character of Lawrence as she was able to develop him into a layered and complex character. Molin has said that the character of MG Martin bears a nerdy and physical resemblance to one of her best friends. For doing the research work for her first book, Molin heard numerous interviews of comic book authors and interviewed fashion designers, narcotics detectives, drag queens, etc. She loves the downhill cruise of the writing process when the middle part is finished and the end is about to start. Molin is happy with the way her career has shaped over the years. She looks forward to writing many more exciting novels for her fans in the years to come.

The debut book of the Golden Arrow series written by author Meghan Scott Molin is entitled ‘The Frame Up’. It was released by the 47 North publication in 2018. The book opens by introducing MG Martin as a lover of geek culture. She works as a comic writer for a company that she used to idolize when she was small. MG Martin has a love for hooded vigilantes, but she prefers her stories to flow with the trend. Later, when a person in Los Angeles starts recreating her favorite comic novel’s crime scenes, MG decides to join the team of investigators and help catch the culprit. The LAPD sees her as the best hope and as its detectives are not able to reach to any conclusion.

A golden arrow left behind at the crime scene is recognized by Martin as her favorite hero’s calling card. She wonders if someone is imitating the comic hero for seeking vigilante justice. Detective Kildaire asks MG Martin to join his team. He intends to use her expertise in comic books to move ahead with the investigation. MG Martin feels attracted towards the handsome detective and is more than willing to provide a helping hand. But, she doesn’t like to go by the rule book and follows her own rules of sleuthing. Due to this attitude, she tends to land in trouble on many occasions. But, Detective Kildaire comes to her rescue all the time and doesn’t any harm come to her. Kildaire and Martin work as a dedicated team to catch the villain and prevent him from taking the life of any other innocent victim.

The second installment of the Golden Arrow book series is entitled ‘The Queen Con’. It continues to feature MG Martin in the lead role. Martin thinks that she is done with the chapter of Golden Arrow murder and has put the culprits behind bars. But soon after, many other impersonators start coming out in many regions of Los Angeles and commit crimes in a similar fashion. MG Martin is taken aback when she hears about the impersonators. She wonders if the new culprits are imposters or the actual Golden Arrow has come out of hiding.

When drug crimes begin to reemerge all over the city, Detective Kildaire becomes baffled. And with more golden arrows being left behind at the scenes, he is left with no other option but to request MG Martin to resume her role as a consultant. She seems more than ready to help as she wants to know the reality of the Golden Arrow. When it is learned that Golden Arrow is going to make an appearance at a lavish queen party, MG Martin goes undercover with her friends Ryan and Lawrence to get to the bottom of the truth. When their plan goes sideways in an unexpectedly deadly way, MG Martin makes up her mind to prove that the Golden Arrow might be the actual supervillain. She knows that it is not going to be an easy task to catch the villain and is ready to face any challenge to succeed in completing the task.

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