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About Meichi Ng

Coming from Canada, the writer and artist Meichi Ng is well known for her extremely funny and incisive web-comics. Writing comics that many readers from all over the world can relate to, she creates stories that really resonate with her audience. Deeping personal and introspective, she’s an interesting writer with a lot to say and offer in the comics medium online. Always with a strong personal message, she relates to readers well, all whilst making it funny, entertaining, and compelling.

Over time her writing has become a style in of itself, with her trademark brand of introspection ringing true for many. Immediately identifiable, her work is hugely influential, with many readers being inspired themselves by her writing and what she has to say. Giving her readers something a lot to immerse themselves in, she really does vocalize herself through her comics and writing. Often using just four colors, her images themselves are minimalist, as she makes the most of them to tell the story she wants to tell.

Many of the characters she uses are stand-ins for herself and people that Meichi has met in her own life over time. Crafting her work carefully, she perfectly understands what’s required of her when it comes to writing her unique stories. Setting herself apart from other writers within her field, she has really managed to establish her own idiosyncratic niche. With a lot more work expected to follow, there’s a lot more planned upon the horizon for release in the near future.

Early and Personal Life

Always interested in reading and writing, Meichi Ng would develop her style from an early age, creating her own approach to writing. Over time this would see her come to find her own voice, as she would speak and write about issues that effected her. Interested in telling nonsense stories that were fun and engaging, she would come to discover herself in this medium, along with her illustrations.

Drawing inspiration from the world around her, she would put her work online, creating comics that would tell her story. Beginning her career in 2015, she would come to find her audience in time, with many readers relating to her words and work. Currently still writing from her home in Vancouver, British Columbia, she isn’t stopping, as her writing career carries on growing onwards and upwards.

Writing Career

It was in 2020 that Meichi Ng would publish her first full book, which was titled ‘Barely Functional Adult: It’ll All Make Sense Eventually.’ Prior to this she would write and create web-comics online, which were also called ‘Barely Functional Adult,’ with her first book bringing them altogether for the first time. Making a name for herself with her comics, she would also draw them herself too, reaching a wide-range of readers from all over the world.

Many of her comics would feature on social-media, and her relatable style would win readers over almost instantly. In 2021 she would go on to win the ‘Goodreads Choice Award for Best Humor’ that year, really making a name for herself. Maintaining a presence both online as well as off, she continues to write regularly, with more expected to follow.

Barely Functional Adult

Running under the subtitle of ‘It’ll All Make Sense Eventually,’ this would be the first book to come out from Meichi Ng. Compiling her online web-comics into eight short-stories, this would be a stand-alone compendium of her work up to that point. Initially released through the ‘Harper Perennial’ publishing label, this would first come out on the 24th of November in 2020. Not a part of any series, it can be read by itself, making for a great casual read that can be easily picked up at any point.

With the gender-neutral ‘Barely Functional Adult’ taking the lead as its central protagonist, these stories examine a range of different issues. This includes examining someone’s position in the world, and what their identity is, as they try to find themselves and who they are. Day-to-day issues such as therapy and relationships are also featured, along with general friendships, making it more relatable than ever. It’s also got some new and exclusive content that has never been seen before online, making it the most conclusive collection of ‘Barely Functional Adult’ comics to date.

Being very personal to Ng herself, this book takes a lot from her own life, using her own experiences to help form the basis of the material. Readers will be likely to relate to it themselves then, with it resonating deeper, allowing them to fully immerse in the work. It’s intimate and honest, with it being straightforward in its portrayal of modern life, with witty, warm, and heartfelt views and perspectives.

Offering the audience advice in their own lives, it provides solace for individuals with its funny and moving observations. Using its distinctive art-style, it allows the story to speak for itself, with the art simply being a medium for the content. There’s a lot at the heart of this story, allowing readers to fully invest themselves in its rich and immersive world, as the characters will make an impact that’ll continue long after the book’s finished.


Beginning her web-comics back in 2015, Meichi Ng would start her career as an artist and writer with her online series of ‘Barely Functional Adult’ cartoons. Gaining a huge amount of popularity over the internet, she’d become hugely influential through social-media and other digital platforms. This level of exposure would lead to her reaching a whole new audience of readers from all across the world. Sharing her work with other, much of her audience sees themselves within her work and writing, as they pass it on to their friends.

Many of her followers would come through from her Instagram page, which saw her share many of her comics there. Sharing clear and straight-to-the-point cartoons, she would fast become a successful online sensation all around the internet. Reaching an international audience, her work was universal on a global level, as it gained an international level of attention. Her work continues to live on online, as her growing fan-base carries on building with every passing day, year by year.

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