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Publication Order of Moss Reid Mystery Books

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About Mel Healy

An Irish author, the crime and thriller novelist Mel Healy is a writer of in-depth and exciting novels filled with both mystery and character. Getting to the heart of his subject matter, he really knows and understands how to make the most of his material, making full use of the art-form in the process. This allows him to give his work an even greater level of depth and character, letting his readers really invest themselves on what’s going on. Over the years this has led to him becoming one of the most sought after voices within the industry to date, giving his work an even greater level of meaning. Whether it’s his ever iconic characters that have a lasting effect on the reader, or it’s his intricate narratives, he always writes with a high degree of authenticity.

This has led to him writing a number of series over the years too, with many franchises having been produced under his name as well. In turn this has also led to him creating a number of extremely well recognized characters too, with many of them having an enduring appeal for the reader. Staying with them long after they’ve put the book down, the stories communicate themselves in a straightforward and authentic style. This has allowed them to resonate in a manner quite unlike any other, showing that he’s definitely a writer to watch in the following years to come.

Early and Personal Life

Born and raised in Ireland, Mel Healy was always destined to become a writer, creating novels that would derive inspiration from his own background and upbringing. This would come to be seen reflected throughout his work, as he would set many of his forthcoming thrillers to come, both within and around the area. Over time he would come to create his own style, one that was entirely true to him and him alone, allowing him to put forwards a more personal and intimate set of stories.

Using the Smithfield and Stoneybatter areas of Dublin, Healy would come to base many of his novels here, with many of his characters living there too. Developing his voice and his ideas throughout the years, he would come to evolve himself as a writer, allowing him to say what he ultimately wanted to say. Still living in the Stoneybatter area of Dublin to this very day, he continues to put out work at a regular and consistent pace.

Writing Career

Starting out with the novel ‘Another Case in Cowtown’, Mel Healy would release his first crime thriller novel in 2013. This would mark his arrival onto the literary scene with a high amount of praise and acclaim, with it also being the first in the ‘Moss Reid Mystery’ series of novels. With this being his main franchise, it would quickly allow him to become a household name, with many readers worldwide eagerly awaiting each subsequent release.

The following year in 2014 he would go on to release the novel ‘Black Marigolds’, which would be another mystery thriller novel. Whilst it would follow on from the previous novel, it would be a stand-alone story, thus cementing his reputation as one of the foremost writers currently working within his field to date. With more to come yet, he isn’t stopping any time soon, as his writing career continually grows from strength-to-strength for many years to come.

Black Marigolds

Bringing the book out through the ‘Createspace’ publishing outlet, this would initially be released in 2014 on the 6th of May. Marking the second title in the ongoing Moss Reid series of novels, this really manages to capture the energy and essence of the first novel. Not only that, but it also takes the series in the new and exciting directions, allowing it to evolve in both style and tone, along with the development of the lead protagonist too.

As a thriller novel, this really makes sure it uses every tool at its disposal, as it definitely entertains the reader, making sure that they’re held on the edge of their seat throughout. The character of Moss Reid is also a well drawn one too, as it allows him to come to forefront, whilst also not sacrificing any of the story along the way. Along with that, the area of Stoneybatter is extremely well realized too, painting a vivid picture regardless of whether or not the reader has visited there.

Taking place in the month of December, 2013, this sees murder, corrupt politicians, missing people and whistle-blowers, all within the vicinity of Dublin, Ireland. As a sleuth working in Stoneybatter, Dublin, Moss Reid is on the case, as he finds himself snowed under with it all, especially in the lead-up to Christmas. It appears that there’s a right-wing politician who’s found himself being blackmailed by a honeytrap, leaving Reid to take up the case. This is one investigation in which he’s going to have to dig deep though, as he attempts to find out who the honeytrap is working for and find out who’s behind it all. Will he be able to get to the bottom of the case and discover the truth? Can he find out who set the politician up? What will become of the black marigolds?

Ghost Flight

Brought out through ‘Northside Productions’ in 2014, this would be first be released on the 12th of December. Setting up the third title in the ongoing series of ‘Moss Reid Mystery’ novels, this would continue on from the previous title with another mystery. Moving outside of Dublin this time, it still remains true to the tone of the first two, whilst simultaneously finding its own voice in the process as well.

Back in 2008, with the Irish economy about to drop, along with that of the rest of the world, as a light-aircraft disappears off the west coast of Ireland. In it were three businessmen, and, leaving nothing behind, their disappearance was a complete mystery, leaving it an even bigger surprise when one of the businessmen is bumped into six years later. That’s when Niamh McElhinney goes missing too after meeting him in the south of France, leading Moss Reid, now of Wilde and Reid, to journey down and find out what exactly is going on. This then leads him into locating a faceless killer, as he travels down the Canal du Midi, leading to a race against the clock. Will he be able to find the killer in time before it’s too late? Can he discover the truth behind it all? What really happened on that fateful ghost flight?

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