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About Melanie Golding
A highly regarded British writer, Melanie Golding is well known for her intriguing and suspense filled mystery novels. With some extremely intelligent and compelling novels under her belt, she’s pushing the format in a completely new and interesting direction. Always focused, she’s a clear and confident voice in the field, providing a much needed breath of fresh air for the genre.

Many readers have agreed with this too, as she’s quickly risen in prominence, establishing her profile as a novelist with something to say. This has all led to her becoming a household name for many, allowing her to develop her voice at an international level. With a lot more to come too, she’s definitely a writer to watch in the following years to come, as her writing career grows from strength-to-strength.

Early and Personal Life:
For Melanie Golding writing has always been an important factor in her life, from ever since she was young. Growing up with a strong passion for the written word, she’s been continually focused upon it throughout her life. This was something that she’s always keenly held on to, despite everything else that was happening to her throughout.

Attending Bath Spa University, she would go on to graduate with a Creative Writing MA with distinction, allowing her to develop her skills. She has evolved herself as an author since then, pushing herself forwards, whilst also evolving in terms of tone and voice. During her intervening work-life she’d also continue to write, constantly taking in ideas and inspiration from her surrounding environment.

Over the years she’s undertaken a variety of different jobs, some of which includes factory worker, farm hand, music teacher, and childminder. It was always her writing that she’d come back to though, always looking to further both herself and her craft. Applying herself, she’d soon achieve this lifelong goal, becoming the well known writer that she currently is today.

Using her own life to help inspire her, she would prove to be an extremely imaginative and gifted author with a lot of appeal. Coming a long way in a relatively short amount of time, she’d quickly transform herself into one of the leading authors within her field. Still writing at this time, there plenty more novels set for release on the horizon, as she now works full time as a writer having achieved her dream.

Writing Career:
Marking the big debut of author Melanie Golding, ‘Little Darlings’ would first come out in 2019, as it was published for an international audience. Quickly becoming a hit with readers the world over, its creepy tone would prove to be highly effective, bringing in readers from far and wide. Combining both thriller and horror, it would be a creative take on fairy stories and myths, giving them a darker edge.

With elements of fantasy in her work too, she proved to be hugely successful in the way that she delivered her material. Taking formats that had been seen before, she then turned them on their head, creating something entirely new in the process. There’s some ideas in there that also stand out, as she puts forwards exactly what it is that she wants to say, delivered in a manner that’s direct and to the point. Updating the tropes and ideas of classic folklore, she brings it into the current age, saying something important about modern life.

Her use of atmosphere is second to none, as she builds the tension, taking it all the way up to boiling point. A master of her craft, she also conveys a message underneath it all, combining realism with fantasy for a thrilling effect. Her style of writing really gets under the skin, manage to unsettle the reader, whilst also making sure they stay around for more. Using the thriller and horror format, she writes with a lot of confidence, something that really carries her narratives along in a convincing and effective manner.

The deal made with the publishers HarperCollins was one that broke a number of records when it was finalized. Within forty-eight hours she’d secured international distributing rights, making it one of the fastest deals to have taken place. This successful start to her writing career is something she takes forward, as she continues to become a bestselling author worldwide.

Little Darlings
This would be a dark and modern take on the changeling myth, which has roots in Irish folklore, updating it into a contemporary setting. Using the horror of a new mother losing her children, it’s an effective chiller, as it would be the first one from Melanie Golding, as it came out on the 30th of April in 2019. Released through the Crooked Lane Books imprint, this would fast go on to become an international publishing sensation.

On the night of giving birth to her twins, Lauren Tranter sees a strange woman attempt to switch her children with some creatures. Stopping her, Lauren takes some rest, but later, in the park, her children go missing, only to apparently be found again moments later. Lauren quickly states that they aren’t her children, and will do whatever it takes to get hers back, despite what others may think of her. Will she be able to find her children? Where were they taken to, and who are the replacements? What happened to her little darlings?

The Hidden Ones
Initially published in 2121, this would also be a modern mythical take on motherhood, looking at the fears surrounding it. Published by HarperCollins again, it’s a modern fair tale with a dark twist, bringing in some effective chills and scares. Many would enjoy the work, with its entirely stand-alone story, not being a part of any series, and its self-contained narrative.

A young girl is found alone in a small seaside town, only to have her mother apparently come and pick her up from the police station. Later though, a local man is found beaten to death in his apartment, and there’s a bedroom with children’s toys and a padlock, leading DS Joanna Harper to check the CCTV and realize who the supposed mother actually was. Seeing it’s her own daughter Ruby, Harper now attempts to search for her daughter and the girl, as it seems they’re on the run from someone, or something. Where are they both trying to run to? What are exactly they running from? Just who are the hidden ones?

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