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The Wedding Cake Tree (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dear Rosie Hughes (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Last Letter from Juliet (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Night Train to Berlin (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Paris Affair (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Melanie Hudson is an English author of classics, romance and fiction books. She’s worked as speech-language pathologist for more than 30 years in private, public schools and universities. Melanie became a published author in 2012 The Wedding Cake Tree was published.
Dear Rosie Hughes

Dear Rosie Hughes is a story about a friendship that reignites after drifting for years. The story is narrated in letters, emails, and messages. Aggie and Rosie grew up together and had been close friends since childhood. However, before they joined university fifteen years ago, their friendship ended and stopped talking to each other.

After completing university studies, Rosie is posted in the Middle East as a meteorologist while Aggie becomes an author. Aggie is dealing with her devastating mother and also a writer’s block. Since the deadline of her writing task is nearing, she decides to go to Scotland to work in a cafe whose owner to stand in the position of the owner in his absence.

However, before she starts her journey, Aggie hears that Rosie is in a war zone as a weather forecaster. After learning about what she is going through after parting ways with her husband, she decides to contact her despite what happened in the past. She ignores what happened fifteen years ago and decides to write a letter to Rosie. The letters are full of comfort because of what Rosie is facing.

It turns out that Rosie had been missing her old friend for during those years they have not been talking to each other. The two don’t take long before a series of correspondence as they comfort each other while living in their unpredictable worlds.

Rosie has been posted in the Middle East as a meteorologist just before the start of Iraq War. She is working on behalf of the army to keep them updated on the weather forecasts as she stays in the desert in an army base. The letters help to rebuild their lost friendship and become close like before.
The characters open up more as the story unveils, making reading exciting and captivating. The two ladies are different from each other, and the author explains how they managed to stay close before they lost contact. They are in their mid-thirties and try to light up a relationship at this time of need in their lives.

The book shows how Rosie can start a new life in the desert as she watches the aftermath of the war. Aggie has a high sense of humor and she does not take life seriously as we see how she sometimes laughs to cover the pain of rejection that she has been going through her life. She has hilarious dating adventures even though there is another part of her that is vulnerable. Nothing Stops her from doing anything, and this makes her colorful while Rosietries to blend into her life, but she still turns out to be a great character.

Rosie goes through many incidents that leave her heartbroken. She faces the horror of the war and struggles as she is among the few women living in the camp. Even though the letters between the two ladies were brief, they contain a lot of information about the two women. The letters make the book easy to read and chatty. The first letter Aggie writes to Rosie shows something magical about their second chance of friendship and makes realize that their relationship ended on bad terms.

Aggie seems to have had a moment of impulsiveness, but the Melanie Hudson gives a hint in each letter bring back the relationship the two ladies had before. In her letters, Aggie writes of how she has missed deadlines and how she has been blocked a couple of times as a writer, Rosie on the other side replies with how she is tensed of the ongoing war.

The friendship feels real, and there are much joy and hope as well as devastating pain. The story focuses on friendship, love, fresh family beginnings, and second chances. The story shows how some people value friendship despite their past. It is emotional and charming with different feelings making it incredible to read.

Other characters in the book include Gethyn a doctor working alongside Rosie and relate well with each other. The two encourage and help one another to stay strong and positive while in the desert. Rosie’s parents are lovely, and they also send her letters while in the Middle East with words of encouragement, which keeping her smiling.

Aggie meets some friends after she moves to an island in Scotland to manage a cafeteria belonging to one of her friends. The author uses letters from family and friends to narrate the past and the present to tell a story of the ladies’ journey of self- discovery in two different settings.

The book is well-paced with some twists adding more authenticity and warmth that will keep you reading to the beautifully drawn ending. Although worlds of the two women were different, they have a shared history, and they did not mind the distance between them. The books is full of emotions that we can all relate and inspire you to treasure your friends because you never know what life may bring.

Between Friends

The book begins after Agatha flees o Scottish highlands to try and save her friend’s café. She is not sure whether this path she has taken will give her a happy life ever after, or it will be a road to more despair. She is aware that her life has hit a rock, and something has to change for her to start again.
Agatha soon finds out Pollyanna Fletcher, and her longtime friend has started her life-changing journey but to a dangerous part of the world. She learns that Pollyanna has gone to war and begins writing her letters to renew their relationship. The two ladies support and guide each other through for six months through a series of messages during good and heartbreaking moments.

What follows is a heartwarming moment of reignited friendship and share their bad and enjoyable moments.

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