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Single Malt Murder (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death Distilled (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Deadly Dram (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Died in the Wool (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
In the Still of the Night (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Melinda Mullet is an American author from Dallas Texas best known for writing a series of mystery fiction novels set in Scotland. Melinda was born to British parents who at the time were living in the Unites States. Mullet grew up in Texas and in the United Kingdom and went to study English Literature in Washington D.C. She also studied in Austria and thereafter pursued a career in international law. After practicing as an attorney for several years, Mullet would quit the legal profession and embark on a professional writing career. She loves to style herself as a travel junkie, a former advocate, and lifelong advocate for international and domestic child literacy causes. In her quest for childhood literacy, she works with many international and domestic charities that promote functional literacy across the world. As an author, she is best known for the “Whisky Business Mystery” series of novels of which “Single Malt Murder” the first novel in the series was published in 2017. Mullet had always had stories running around in her mind, even when she was a practicing lawyer spending copious amounts of time writing professionally for her clients and for herself. However, she never got the time to write fiction, which was one of those things she always wanted to do since she was a child. Once she got away from all the legal writing, she found she had all the time to find expression for all the ideas she had never had the time to articulate. Melinda lives with her husband and two daughters in Washington D.C., from where she writes her whisky novels.

Melinda Mullet is a lover of rock and roll and whisky and these aspects form the basis of the Whisky Business series of novels. As a passionate fan of whisky and rock music, she writes the novels to portray the harmonious spirit between the two aspects. The novels are a mystical blending of alchemy and art as they provide a high-spirited pulse to the cadence of life. The Whisky Business series of novels share roots in defiance and rebellion, and for the most part are a representation of the artistry full of intensity and great passion. The mystery novels are inspired by the historical underpinnings of the Scottish defiance and struggle for freedom, which is inextricably linked with whisky. Through the lead protagonists such as Abi Logan who fights for equality in the chauvinist male dominated whisky business to trying to solve mysteries, these are tales of determination and rebelliousness. “Death Distilled” and “Single Malt Murder” are intimate narratives of whisky rebels who live on the pages of a contemporary mystery. Like the defiant youth of the 1960’s, the novels with their loud rock and rock perfectly portray the long history of the Scottish in fighting for their rights and freedoms.

“Single Malt Murder”, the debut novel in the Whisky Business mystery series introduces Abigail Logan, the lead protagonist. Logan is a globetrotting journalist that is well respected in her field. Abi suddenly finds herself in uncharted waters when her uncle dies and leaves her his distillery in rural Scotland, where whisky making is a male dominated business. Being a woman and inexperienced too, she is threatened and harassed but never backs down in trying to resolve a murder mystery that happens in a vat of some of her distillery’s finest whisky. Nonetheless, the novel is not only a murder mystery but also a tale of personal discovery from the lead that is over stressed and burned out by life’s happenings. She finds new love and mission from the male dominated world of whisky. In Melinda’s other popular novel “Distilled”, it is all about murder as the lead character comes face-to-face to a historic and modern murder. The present mystery is about a rock and roller that loves his whisky that was once upon a time one of the core members of the Rebels, a wildly successful rock band. The sometimes volatile and often moody lead singer engages the services of Abi Logan to help try a cunning killer. She must also try to find if the killer had any connections with the band’s past including the member’s slew of broken promises and hearts that could have enraged someone enough to commit murder.

“Single Malt Murder” opens to Abi Logan a world-renowned journalist that has just inherited her uncle’s single malt distillery n Scotland. Distillation is a high stakes business full of masculine chauvinism that elicits deep prejudices and passions. Logan believes she can handle it until she starts getting anonymous and disturbing threats from someone unhappy that she is now running the business. She arrives in Scotland alongside Liam her wheaten terrier, and Patrick a whisky loving friend whose friendship goes back years. Abi seems to drive everyone in her rural Scotland community bucolic, including the attractive but dour head distiller. She is soon facing personal threats and sabotage from unknown persons that make it clear that some of her distiller colleagues do not want her running her uncle’s distillery. Things come to a head when an employee that Abi had recently engaged is found floating in the distillery’s finest whisky. With her excellent investigative skills as a journalist, Logan is determined to ensure she tracks down and dispenses justice to the killer before he can kill again. But in a situation in which everyone around her seems to have secrets, distilling the truth from the lies is not going to be easy.

“Death Distilled”, the second novel in the series sees award-winning journalist Abigail Logan return in another thrilling detective mystery. She has returned to Balfour, the quaint village in Scotland for a homecoming that turns tragic. While she has been welcoming a troop of Japanese whisky buffs, she learns some disturbing local history, which can only be compounded by murder. Rory Hendricks a local celebrity is a rock and roll hot head that is Abi’s childhood crush and former lead singer of the group the Rebels. After the meeting with the man she had had a crush on for years, Abi is unable to say no to any of his demands including trying to investigate who is trying to kill him, while taking the graphics and photographs for his upcoming show. A few of his former band mates have died in what have been mysterious murders. Rory is now afraid for his life after he gets several messages that seem to suggest the killer has him in his sights. Having been involved in leaving a series of broken hearts and promises, Rory has every reason to fear.

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