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Corrupt Temptation (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Savage Lies (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tainted Promises (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Cruel Summer (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Vicious Enzo (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
New York Princess (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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About Melinda Terranova

An Australian author, Melinda Terranova is known for her many intelligent and entertaining paranormal romance novels. Largely writing for a New Adult demographic, she makes the genre her own, speaking in a manner that really gets to the heart of what she’s trying to say. Using Dark Romance as the basis for much of her work, she has crafted an effective and creative style that is very much hers and hers alone. Ultimately letting the work and characters speak for themselves, she has established her own trademark approach to the genre and format.

Her world-building is also exemplary, as she creates vast and expansive universes for her many readers worldwide to inhabit. Combining fantasy and romance to thrilling effect, her fiction has employed numerous innovative and inventive concepts over the years. All of this has helped secure her place as a highly successful and popular household name and author for many all around the world. Understanding romance and real relationships as well, her writing speaks to people in a way that very few authors in her field actually can.

Creating characters that really make an impact and stand-out from the page, she knows her each of her protagonists well. Essentially coming alive on the page, she ensures that they leave an impression on the audience long after they’ve put the book down. Relating to them, her readers find something in each of her books that personally resonates, as the characters provide a clear gateway into her worlds. With so much more to come still, she is a writer with so much more still to say, as she wont be putting her pen away any time soon.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up with an intense fascination with the written word and storytelling, Melinda Terranova would focus on perfecting her craft as a writer. This passion of hers would continue to develop for much of her life, on into her adult career as a full-time novelist of much loved fiction. Travelling for some time, she would always be looking for ideas to help inspire both her and her work as a writer, giving her something different to say.

Harnessing and refining her craft throughout her education, she would progress as an author, honing her style all the time. Settling upon romance, she would combine it with paranormal elements, effectively making it her own in the process. Currently living and working on the Gold Coast in Australia, she lives with her husband and two sons, with a lot more to follow yet.

Writing Career

The first book that Melinda Terranova would publish was titled ‘Bequeathed,’ and it was published back in 2018. It would also set-up the ‘Heir of the Blood Curse’ series of paranormal romance novels, fully establishing her style as a writer. Then she would go on to write other similar series, such as ‘Verona Academy,’ which she begun in 2019 the following year, and ‘Savage Kings of St Ivy,’ starting it in 2021 with ‘Corrupt Temptation.’

She would also contribute to omnibus editions alongside various other writers, collecting her stories all together, such as ‘Silent Night’ in 2022. There would be other series that she contributed to as well, including her ‘Street Rat’ novel in 2023, which was for the ‘Fairytales with a Twist,’ written alongside Jaye Pratt. Maintaining a profile offline as well as on, she continues to put out work regularly and consistently, with plenty more on the horizon.

New York Princess

The third book in the ‘Verona Academy’ series of books, this continues on from the previous two titles, with a third engaging story. Each of the books are based in the world of the New York mafia, filled with danger, excitement, and romance, as they’re all set around the fictional Verona Academy. All the books are self-contained romances and can be read as stand-alones, with this coming out on the 12th of February in 2021.

Born into the Capelli family, Maya Capelli is the daughter of a notorious New York mob boss, and she’s been dubbed the ‘New York Princess.’ Promised to Milan D’Amico, the New Jersey Outfit heir, by her father, Maya feels trapped by traditions, made to sign away her life. Potentially offering her husband bloodshed and vengeance, Maya and her partner’s fates may end in tragedy and heartbreak. Will they both be able to overcome this ordeal before them, can May hope to make the most of it all, and what will become of the New York Princess?

With numerous different characters all with their own unique personalities, Terranova does a great job of balancing it all perfectly. There’s a lot of passion running throughout the book too, making for an extremely engaging story at every single level. Caring for the characters and their plights, the reader really becomes fully invested in what is actually happening, as they remain reading right till the end.

Tainted Promises

First brought out in 2022 on the 1st of June, this was to be the third book in the ‘Savage Kings of St. Ivy’ series of novels. Continuing on from the previous two books in the series, it’s best that they’re read in order, otherwise the reader won’t make sense of the. Published through the Kindle publishing platform, it would provide another romance set in the same world as before. It’s another fun and entertaining story, and one that really makes the most of its compelling premise, while also building upon the world and developing each of the characters.

Steele and Peyton are dealing with their loss together, as they attempt to pick up the broken pieces while everyone else is back in Switzerland. The bond of the brotherhood is what keeps the pain away, as Peyton finds her way around the edges of the group, making sense of it all. Facing a true evil, she must deal with what lies before, now that she’s been woken up to the truth of it by the brotherhood. Will they all be able to face what’s ahead, can she deal with pain of it all, and what will become of all the tainted promises?

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