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When You Say One Thing But Mean Your Mother (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Scarecrone (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Last Sext (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Superdoom (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Melissa Broder is an American author, poet, and essayist. She has had many of her poems published and her fourth collection of poems was published in 2016. It’s called The Last Sext.

Melissa Broder may be an accomplished author, but she has had an issue with anxiety for a long time. In fall of 2012, Broder experienced a negative event consisting of panic attacks that went on for months and she finally turned to creating a feed on Twitter that let her feel some type of control as well as acknowledge the feelings. The result was a darkly humorous book that is as interestingly crafted as it is relatable.

The book was based on a series of tweets composed by Broder. She started an account on Twitter that she didn’t publicize as authored by herself that was called @sosadtoday. It was a feed that expressed her darkest feelings as well as her creativity. It quickly gained a cult following of many people and this social media outlet led to a book for Melissa.

So Sad Today is her collection of nonfiction pieces regarding her and inspired by her Tweets. Broder takes this opportunity to dive even deeper into the many various existential themes that she explored on Twitter. Nothing is off limits as this author takes on death, sex, love, addiction, low self-esteem, and even how dramatic it is to wait to receive a text back from the universe.

This sharp novel offers insights like only she can, and Broder plunges through the depths with prose that is wonderful, bold, colloquial, and poetic. She explores questions that most of us will not ask and might be even afraid to answer. Questions that we are all afraid on some level to answer. As you read this book you will experience through Broder’s mind what it is like to be an individual living in the modern world.

The Pisces is her first fictional novel. It was released in 2018. Read the novel that author Stephanie Danier calls “virtuosic, addictive, erotic”, saying that the story itself is very unique. Although she has no idea how the author does it, Danier admits that she loved every page of it, calling the story dark and sublime. This novel about anxiety, love, sea creatures and more is being called original, hilarious, and imaginative.

The main character in The Pisces is Lucy. She has been writing a dissertation for years and going on a decade. The dissertation is about Sappho and she would love to focus on it, but then she and Jamie break up. Jamie is her boyfriend and their relationship goes up in flames in what ends up being an extremely dramatic flameout between the both of them. But it’s done, so there’s no use in crying over spilled milk.

Lucy decides to go to Phoenix for a while, but she hits rock bottom out there and doesn’t have anything happening. With not a lot of options for Lucy to pursue, she finds herself in luck when her sister asks her to do her a favor. Annika lives in Los Angeles and she wants her sister Lucy to try and housesit for her for the summer. It’s not too burdensome either; there’s just a diabetic dog there that she has to care for. That and learn to take care of herself too, which is easier said than done. She might have an easier task in taking care of the dog.

If Lucy takes the gig it won’t be the worst thing in the world. Lucy could find worse houses to spend the summer in.Annika’s home is modern, a beautiful glass cube of a home that perches on top of the picturesque views offered up by Venice Beach.

It’s a virtual paradise, but even if Lucy does agree to come here she thinks that she’s not going to find any respite from the trials and tribulations of her life. Still, she accepts Annika’s invitation to stay there and take care of the dog. It’s to help her sister out, but it may end up helping Lucy out more– a fact that Lucy is not oblivious to.

The gorgeous glass home is really nice and the pinnacle of luxury, but even in this place Lucy finds it hard to get away from her anxiety and her misery. Still, she is doing what she can to try and combat it by going to group therapy meetings for love addiction to try and cope with her urges. It isn’t working since she’s still going on Tinder and meeting people frequently through the app, but she’s trying to attend meetings and stay away from love.

If only she weren’t quite so lonely. There was also plenty of attention coming her way from Dominic when she isn’t spending time thinking about things like the ancient Greeks. But the nature of her summer is about to change entirely when she meets an attractive swimmer while sitting on the beach rocks alone one night.

The mysterious swimmer is eerily handsome, and she finds herself drawn to him. It’s like he is the epitome of a Siren come to life out of the stories– but Sirens are supposed to be enchanting women, not men. Can Lucy resist the pull of this man? When she finds out who he really is, it may change their relationship forever.

Lucy thought that she knew what love is, but now her idea of love has taken a turn– and maybe for the worse.The Pisces is many things, and Melissa Broder blows readers and critics alike away with her prose. Mixed with old-school myth and modern fairytales, this siren song with a twist is funny, sexy, and fearless, full of elaborate fantasy mixed with vivid realism.

If you love romance novels or any story about someone falling in love with someone else (possibly of the supernatural persuasion), you will most likely really enjoy this novel from Melissa Broder. Will Lucy be able to pull away from the allure of a merman or be pulled under in the process? Can she be saved? Pick up The Pisces to find out for yourself!

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