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Melissa Cutler lives in Oklahoma. She is one of the prolific authors living in this world. She has one of the best jobs in the world. When it comes to writing, everyone knows that Melissa cutler outshines many authors. During her free time, Melissa cutler enjoys having fun with her two children or enjoying the fli-flop weather of Southern California. Her books are read across nations and they all have different thematic settings and styles. Most of her stories give the readers romantic suspense and speak about western romances as well as small city contemporary romances. She has been able to produce her work via a variety of publishers who include Penguin, Macmillan, Kensington books, and Harlequin. She loves travelling and most of the times she is usually on vacation.

Melissa cutler owns a Lawn-irrigation company. She enjoys spending time in the company. She is always in her customers` yard diagnosing problems and digging holes in her work boots, dry-fit shirt, and work pants. Se finds it enjoyable to work there and sweat away. Having lived in Oklahoma, Melissa Cutler is familiar with how the cowboys live. She knows how they dress, how they act, and their mannerisms. This inspired her writing and that`s why she writes captivating stories. The characters have been organized so well and are quirky enough to make one believe in them. The information in the setting of her books has been gathered in a relaxed manner thus making her work a success.

Melissa Cutler started modeling at the age of 18 after being inspired by an agent of hers. Melissa Cutler was good looking and modeling was the best option that later opened many doors in her life. Apart from novel covers, Melissa Cutler also does advertisement as well as commercials. She also does a lot of print work since she has a passion for writing. She describes her life as that of a lucky woman since she finds success at every point of her life. Melissa Cutler is a determined woman who has achieved a lot due to commitment. During an interview, she said that writing was not easy for her. She had to be focused and dedicate herself in designing the plot for her books. Melissa Cutler says that she has to go on vacation from time to time in order for her to be focused on her work. Those who have gone through her work have loved it. She has a large audience that is pleased by her work. She uses styles that add beauty to her work and create romantic suspense that captures her readers` attention.

During an interview for her book cover model, Melissa Cutler explains the journey she has taken through the photo shoots. After winning the Mr. Romance 2011 award, part of the award included designing a book cover with the Kensington publishers. Therefore she had to travel to New York where all these activities were to take place. She did not expect this when she arrived in New York. Kensington publishers opened doors in Melissa`s life and she even managed to make it on different covers. After the shoot and familiarizing herself with the people, she found avenues where she was able to maneuver and attract a larger audience to read her new book.

Melissa Cutler is a sharp woman who splits her ideas to organized thoughts. When a plan to deliver Vanessa Cosby (a brilliant and beautiful woman) fails, Diego Santero starts living a life full of complications. Diego Santero is an ICE agent and protecting the anticrime specialist from mercenaries would put Crosby`s life in danger. Diego is confused and does not know whom to trust. He therefore decides to pick Vanessa Crosby and runs away with her to the deep parts of the dangerous Panamanian Rainforest. Vanessa keeps reminding herself that she is an asset to the agent until their situation turns to unintended passion. The two are confused about their lives since they are way different from each other. If they survive and go back home, it would be hard for the two to start a future together. Melissa Cutler`s special tactics in designing the different scenes is outstanding. The readers are glued as they read through the scenes caught by romantic suspense. The idea of the forest and whether they would survive can best be described as awesome. The vivid description of the nature of the forest makes one draw a mental picture of how scary the forest could have been.

Melissa takes us to the Destiny Falls, New York. This is the home of the Bomb Squad (a hockey team consisting of military heroes). The team`s losing or battling streak, but this season`s biggest changer of the game is a player`s second chance against another player that got away. Marlena Brodie, Yoga instructor, loves challenges, and this time he has a role to play in improving the skills of the Bomb Squad. He has to do this despite the fact that he has to face McAllister who was her high school crush. No matter how he tries to avoid her, there is an inner attraction that he feels towards her. McAllister has been hardened by life and she has changed a lot. Marlena Brodie knows that in order to make this girl fall for her, he has to move out from the defensive zone. There are many books that touch on individuals who are fighting with PTSD, and effects that follow afterwards. The effects may be good or bad. This book places you in Liam`s position and all her struggles.

Melissa Cutler`s books are not easy to put down since they are attention catching. One gets sucked into the world of fantasy and even develops emotions in the process. What makes her work perfect is that the characters are ordinary individuals and the writer is not too fictitious. Those who enjoy contemporary romance have Melissa Cutler`s books in their bookshelves. Melissa Cutler has been successful in packing a lot of ideas in her books. She captures the lives of friends and family in an adequate manner.

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  1. Jacqueline Mousseau: 1 year ago

    Melissa I just got done reading your book Colton’s Cowboy Code. Which book is next and does it answer who the ghost is and who’s baby was found in the cemetery?

    • Graeme: 1 year ago

      That one is part of a multi-author series. Our database wasn’t showing it but I’ve refreshed it and the entire multi-author series list is showing up now under Coltons of Oklahoma.


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