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Born and raised in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, Melissa F. Olson is an American writer who has recently been growing in popularity at an extremely rapid rate, publishing a number of different fantasy and mystery novels under a variety of franchise titles. Whilst she is a relative newcomer on the literary scene, she has been making a lasting impression extremely quickly in a very short amount of time, as she has managed to create her own magical universe in the process. With her Scarlett Bernard series, along with her Allison Luther franchise, she has managed to create not only one, but a collection of different protagonists that are resonating with readers worldwide.

Early and Personal Life

Brought up in Wisconsin, Chippewa Falls, the author to be Melissa F. Olson was interested in storytelling from an early age, as she held a passion for reading and literature, along with the art of film, immersing herself in the world of narrative and character driven plots. Taking in inspiration from her surrounding environment whilst growing up, she always had a keen eye for what drove people and how best to keep them engaged, something which has been pushing her work forwards ever since. Managing to develop her interest over the many years, she was able to build herself an impressive resume that helped her to create her idiosyncratic style.

After graduating high-school she went on to attend the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, whereby she gained a degree in film and literature, a qualification that allowed her to best utilize her life-long passion for narrative and effectively build upon it academically. She then soon went on to study for a masters degree at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, another qualification which also allowed her to further explore her interests, leading her to the successful writer that she has become today. With a wealth of higher learning behind her, she was then able to apply herself to her craft, as she honed and refined her voice and style.

Working for a brief stint within the Hollywood studio system following her first university graduation, she spent some time getting to grips with the film industry, seeing it first hand and understanding how it operates, giving her a clearer insight into how to construct a story. Then, moving to Madison, she went on to get her master’s degree followed by marrying her husband and their subsequent two kids and a position teaching, all of which helped set her up and prepare her for the writing career that was to soon follow. Living there still with her family, she still writes to this day, as she continually looks for new and engaging ideas for her next novel to be.

Whether she’s speaking at panels or conventions, Melissa F. Olson is always keeping herself busy through a whole host of different engagements. Teaching as well, she is no stranger to talking, taking her ideas and concepts before people and conveying them both clearly and articulately. With a number of new titles planned on the horizon as well, this is something she will be doing into the foreseeable future as her writing career grows from strength-to-strength.

Writing Career

Starting with her novel ‘Dead Spots’ in 2012, she made her debut on the literary scene with her first title in the series that was to be the ‘Scarlett Bernard’ franchise. Consisting of three books so far and counting, this has become a series that charts the adventures of one of her most popular protagonists to date. Creating an in-depth world for her character to inhabit, it has an extensive backlog to get involved in, for which her loyal following is grateful for.

Now reaching a global audience she has managed to build her brand both nationally, as well as internationally, as more and more discover her work everyday. Building a strong and loyal fan-base around her franchises, she has managed to develop the community both online and off, speaking at events and in interviews. This, along with the strength of her novels, has seen her become one of the strongest voices in her field today, something which will continue for some time yet.

Hunter’s Trail

Initially published on the 2nd of September, 2014, this was to be the third book in the much loved Scarlett Bernard series of novels. Carrying on the adventures of the eponymous lead protagonist, it once again captures the essence of the previous stories which the readers have come to appreciate the series for. With its signature style and tone, it gives its readers more of what they want, but it also manages to provide them with an entirely new adventure to immerse themselves in.

With the ability to negate any supernatural powers that may be around her, Scarlett Bernard is what is known as a ‘null’. Recently though, she has left the werewolf pack of Los Angeles in a shattered and shambolic state after she transformed the werewolf Eli into a human. Now there is another werewolf gone rogue, as it’s running rampant through the city and nobody is able to stop it, nobody except Scarlett. Can she and Detective Jesse Cruz of the LAPD stop it before it’s too late? Where will this werewolf strike next? What will happen as she goes out on the hunter’s trail?

Boundary Lines

The second part of the ‘Boundary Lines’ franchise, this was first brought out in 2015 on the 13th of October through the 47North publishing house. Once again heading into the world of magic and fantasy it manages to set a tone for what was to be a highly immersive universe from Melissa F. Olson. Giving it a sense of darkness and mystery has now become her forte, it being something she excels at, and this book is no exception.

The Boulder boundary witch Allison ‘Lex’ Luther has trouble fitting into the Old World; a land where the supernatural is commonplace. Assigned to a vampire’s service she suddenly herself with a lot of enemies, as she has to go and investigate the disappearance of two vampires with her partner. They are then found questioning whether it was murder, or a mutiny, as their investigation takes them on a quest for answers all across the Colorado Old World. Will they find what they’re looking for? Why are these murders happening? What is waiting on the horizon at the boundary lines?

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