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Melissa Fu is an award-winning novelist who is best known for her historical fiction novels.

The author was brought up in New Mexico in the south of the United States but as an adult, she moved to the United Kingdom to make her home in Cambridge.

Earlier on, she went to Rice University, where she earned her degree majoring in English and physics.

Melissa would, later on, attend the Boulder-based University of Colorado, where she got a master’s degree majoring in Matter Physics, and then to Columbia University for a master’s degree in English Education.

She would then spend several years working in education as a consultant, curriculum developer, and teacher.

For her work, Fu has won several awards including the Word Factory Apprentice Award in 2017 and the 2016 Words and Women Prose Competition.

Her work has also been featured in several prestigious publications including The Willowherb Review, The Lonely Crowd, Wasafiri Online, Bare Fiction, and International Literature Showcase.

While she made her name publishing “Peach Blossoms,” she made her fiction debut when she published “Falling Outside Eden,” a poetry pamphlet.

She has also been a University of East Anglia David TK Wong Fellow and got a grant from the Arts Council of England.

As for how she started writing, Melissa Fung has said that she has always written in journals ever since she was a high school student.

She was under a wonderful teacher of English who used to give high school seniors assignments that involved keeping a personal journal. Even though these journals were not to be marked based on how astute the student was in their literary expression, they were serious undertakings.

For the most part, the teacher encouraged the students to write often and just show up and be creative. It was from this that she got the gift of acceptance and permission and also got the confidence she needed to develop a passion for writing.

In a highly competitive and academic school, the teacher provided Melissa Fung with a way to be herself in spite of the outer and inner noises. After graduating from high school, she continued writing and has not stopped since.

She now still keeps journals and writes whatever comes to mind which she visits now and then to find inspiration for her work. Melissa sees her journals as something of a hobby that she just cannot let go of.

Melissa Fung’s approach to professional writing would come more gradually and much later. She had always loved reading and found a lot of inspiration and comfort in books.

One of the biggest impetus she had to teach was that she wanted to share the marvelous worlds she loved to travel to with other people.

When she enrolled in college as a teacher, she had to take several creative writing classes. At this time, it had never occurred to her that teachers of writing should also practice the craft of fiction writing.

Soon after she started teaching she started writing creatively and it felt risky and exhilarating in a way that scientific papers and critical essays never did.

While she was encouraged by her teachers and her fellow classmates, she did not quite believe that she could write something that people would be interested in reading.

It would take several disappointing jobs and the acknowledgment that she had just one chance in life to make her dreams come true to start writing.

Along the way she also enrolled as an apprentice at the Word Factory Apprentices where she took advantage of a nurturing and generous community to become the author, she is today.

Apart from her writing endeavors, Melissa Fu also runs the writing organization “Spilling the Ink,” which helps writers find their voices.

She has said that as much as she is a writer, she is a teacher who believes that almost everyone has valuable perspectives to put across and something interesting to say.

In “Spilling the Ink,” she was creating a community where perspectives and words would be honored and witnessed. As such, she hopes she can provide a platform where writers can generate raw material, experiment with form, and play with words.
When she is not running her organization or writing her novels, she loves to engage in a range of hobbies. She had to find something else to do since writing fiction can be draining and she needs to recharge before she can get back to it.
As such, she loves to immerse herself in visuals minus the test, listen to music, and take long walks. Of all things, she loves to cook when she has had a very long day penning her fiction.

Melissa Fu’s novel “Peach Blossom Spring” asserts that there is a blessing in every misfortune and misfortune in every sed of misfortune. The work is set in China in 1938, where Meilin is a young wife whose future could not be any brighter.

Meanwhile, the Japanese army has been approaching forcing Meilin and Renshu her four-year-old son to flee from home and the danger sure to come. They do not have much to help them on their flight except for an illustrated hand scroll.
The scroll comes with ancient folk tales that provide wisdom and solace as they traverse a country ravaged by a war as they seek a safe place.

Flashforward several years later, Renshu her son has changed his name and is now living in the United States. His daughter is desperately trying to understand her roots but he will not talk about his painful past.
Just how will he be able to keep his family safe in the US as he feels history is threatening to drag them down? But Lily will need to know her family’s history if she is to find her real identity.

Spanning generations and continents, the novel is a moving and bold look into the history of the modern Chinese state from the perspective of one family.

It is a story about the hope for a better future, the power of the past, and what it would mean for someone to finally come back to what is home.

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    Peach Blossom Spring – held my attention throughout the journey, just did not want the book to end and want everyone to read it. Wonderful book


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