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Pieces of Olivia (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Miles from Kara (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Your B&b or Mine (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

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No Kissing Allowed (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Melissa West is a USA Today bestselling novelist from The United States, who is known for writing swoony romance and Southern Young Adult science fiction romance novels. She has also written some of her books based on the contemporary and New Adult genres. The books of author West generally contain a lot of kissing scenes. The reason for including so much kissing in the books is that author West believes the readers feel attracted towards kissing and romance. So, this is a good way of attracting a large crowd of audiences towards her novels. Author West is happily married and resides along with her husband and a couple of daughters just outside Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. She likes to spend most of her daytime in writing and reading, and enjoying her favorite coffee. Author West has earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in the subject of Communication Studies and an MS degree in the Graphic Communication, from the Clemson University. Other than writing romance and young adult books, West likes to indulge in yoga exercises to keep her body and mind fit and relaxed. She also has a particular interest in shoes. The writing heroes of author West include some of the greats in the field such as Madeleine L’Engle, Jane Austin, etc. West says that she is not the kind of writer who claims to have been involved in writing all her life. She has not. Actually, she has been reading books since a very long time.

Author West proud to be a Southerner as she was brought up in a small town in South Carolina. It was only after graduating from school that she shifted to Atlanta, Georgia, with her family. Her academic degrees are specifically related to professional communication and printing & publishing. Besides this, West also has some experience of web designing, a good knowledge of Adobe programs, and several other computer programs. But, she hates to be in the designing field as she gets bored easily with this kind of work. As per her description of herself, she seems to be more of a person of the people. And subsequent to this quality, her career involves customer relations and training with both the printers and publishers. West reads on a frequent basis and writes novels daily. She likes to try out different recipes in her kitchen and therefore, likes to indulge in cooking occasionally. Among the successful book series penned by author West, there is The Taking, Charleston Haven, Maple Cove, Hamilton Stables, and No Kissing Allowed. Out of all these, The Taking novel series has been the successful one in the writing career of author West.

The Taking series written by Melissa West is comprised of 3 novels and 1 novella in total, which were released between the years 2012 and 2017. Its debut novel is entitled ‘Gravity’. This novel was released by the Engtangled Teen publication in the year 2012. Author West has introduced Ari Alexander and Jackson Locke as the lead characters of this book. At the start of the story, Ari Alexander is introduced as a 17 year old girl. She broke the important rule of not peeking. Her act makes her see the last person that she expected to hover over her bed. He is none other than Jackson Locke, whom Ari Alexander thinks of being an arrogant boy. Jackson Locke is the most famous boy in Ari’s schools. After breaking the rule, Ari Alexander expects that she will be given some type of deadly alien punishment or instant execution. But to her shock, Jackson Locke puts forward a challenge to her. He asks Ari to help him or all the living creatures on Earth will end up dying. Ari Alexander thinks that she should go and report about Jackson to the school authorities. However, the more she learns about him, the more she begins to question what all she has been taught about Jackson Locke’s kind. To add to her shock, she finds herself falling for Jackson, as opposed to her instincts. But, Ari Alexander is not like any other girl and Jackson Locke knows that very well. He expects much more from her than just her attention. She has a legacy of military background and has received training from her father. Ari Alexander is well versed with the societal information and war strategies, which no one else is allowed to know. An alien spy like Jackson Locke can never know what all Ari knows at any cost. If she gives all the information to Jackson Locke that is required by him, Ari will end up betraying her country and her father, which she cannot afford to do. But, sitting silent in a vulnerable situation is also not going to help as it can begin a war. As a result, Ari Alexander finds herself in a dilemma and must make the right choice that will be good for everyone.

Another interesting book that West wrote in this series is called ‘Collide’. The publishers at Entangled Teen released it in 2015. Once again, Jackson Locke and Ari Alexander are shown as the central character, and are joined by a few other important characters such as Zeus. At the beginning of this novel, it is depicted that Ari Alexander has survived the 4th World War, a changing order of the world, and alien spies with the use of her military training. But, when she comes to know that the Earth’s new leader has asked Jackson Locke to get her, Ari Alexander decides to surrender herself to him because Jackson is the only person whom she cares about more than herself. Before surrendering, Ari decides to make an attempt to free Jackson from the ruler. She travels to the different national bases and train others for developing excellent fighting skills. In the meantime, Ari comes across a land which is riddled with numerous dying people. She knows that she has the power of healing them by converting the fighters and turning them into aliens, which will be half breeds just like her. When Ari will succeed in doing so, she will be able to overthrow the alien leader named Zeus. However, she fears that if she faces failure, all those who she cares about will be gone forever. This causes another dilemma in Ari Alexander’s life. Whatever she believes seems to have returned back in the form of a big question. Being in a world full of uncertainties, loyalties are always tested, none can be fully trusted, and lies are frequently uncovered. If Jackson and Ari hope to survive and preserve a life for a better future, they are required to indulge in the final war. Also, they must be alert all the time because they do not know which ally can turn into an enemy at what point of the war. It is only their hope that keeps them going.

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