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Men of Inked Books In Order

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Publication Order of Men of Inked Books

Men of Inked are a set of novels written by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Chelle Bliss. The series consists of eight primary works, and it is recommended to be read in chronological order rather than the date of publication order.

Throttle Me

Throttle Me is the first novel in Men of Inked series by Chelle Bliss. The story follows Suzy McCarthy who lives a mundane life but still yearns for something that is more passionate about her dating life.

This is a story of young, handsome artist, a motorcyclist and a gorgeous mathematics teacher with a bit of wild side that’s just dying to come out. Their story begins the night when Suzy finds herself stranded by the roadside after her car breaks down, and her friend, the only person who could help her, isn’t answering her call for help. Fortunate for Suzy, a biker, Joe comes along to save the day, and she gets her car fixed. To Suzy, Joe is quite the opposite of the strict men that she has always dated and soon she realizes that he is the key unlocking her hidden potential that could make her become the person she has always wanted to be.

From the first moment that Suzy and Joey meet, the chemistry is quite strong, and their attraction towards each other is evident.

The first novel in Men of Inked series is a fabulous read. The main character, Suzy is a good girl that is on the outside. She has mapped out her life- she works hard, wants to find a man with a good and stable job, and live a happily ever after life. She is quite satisfied with her status quo until the day when Joey enters her life and turns everything upside down.

Suzy is afraid of letting out her inner wild bad girl out because she fears that people around her will judge her, however when Sophia her best friend suggests to her that she live a little and see where life takes her she does exactly that. She ends up falling in love with a man who is exactly opposite of what she had expected. Joey, “City” the man Suzy has come to love gave up on love back in college after his heart was crushed. He spends his nights switching from one bed to another and his days working in a tattoo shop.

However, things change that night when Suzy gets stranded by the roadside and City stops to help her. From that moment, upon setting eyes on her, he knows that things will never be the same again and his heart is forever changed.

Suzy, unlike her man, always had a set of goals and a list of what she wanted to achieve in life, but the only problem is that she was bored for always finding guys who were “perfect husband material.” She wanted a man who could unleash the wild part of her, a man with a good life and job.

Throttle Me is a brilliant and intriguing novel, full of romance, sex and love making which is smoking hot. This is not your typical bad boy love story, but it is way better than any other love story you’ve probably read. There are plenty of turns and twists that will keep you engaged right from the first page to the last.

Hook Me

Hook Me is book two in Men of Inked series by Chelle Bliss. The novel introduces Michael and Mia who first meet after Michael has his ribs broken during a fight. Apparently, Mia is the doctor that tends to the injuries that occur during the fighting contests, and before Michael can propose a date to Mia, she is gone to tend to other patients, and Michael doesn’t see her again. Fast forward half a year and the fun begin.

Michael has a gorgeous, charming woman he has been using as a friend with benefits. The lady is “smocking crazy, ” and her “mind is out of this world” and when Michael realizes how crazy this woman is, he ends the relationship.

On the other hand, Mia’s life is not easy as well, she loves her job, but she does not like the depression and the heartache she feels after work every night. The clinic brings her job, but it is not possible for her to be there for as much as she likes and so she serves at the ER and tries to undertake as much as she can. She loves the fact that each night she gets an opportunity to save someone’s life. After a rough night at the ER and experiencing restless sleep, she decides to visit the gym. But on the way to the gym, she meets a smoking handsome man (Michael) who insanely makes her panties wet just by looking at him.
At first, Mia turns down Michael’s offer when he requests that he takes her out to apologize, but after she meets him at a bar later that night, she finds it impossible to resists the approaches made by this man.

Michael is a smooth talker, but when Mia goes out with him, what he does for her is nothing she ever expected from the Mixed Martial Arts fighter. Mia and Michael finally end up spending time together, and the steamy romance that erupts from these two lovebirds is one that will see both parties submit to each other regardless of the “body size” or occupation.

The two main characters in Hook Me are brilliantly crafted. Michael is an MMA fighter, and also works partly at a family tattoo parlor. He is quite the opposite of what Mia expected, but her perspective on him changes almost immediately after what he does to her the night she agrees to a date out. The chemistry between Michael and Mia is hot, along the chapters are scenes of steamy romance and love making. There is a superb balance between dirty bedroom romps, sweet romance, and happy family moments. If you like novels that alpha male is an MMA fighter, then Hook Me in Men of Inked series is the ideal book for you.

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