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Publication Order of The Men of Medicine Ridge Books

Circle of Gold (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Wedding in White (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
Diamond In The Rough (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Will of Steel (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

A New York Times bestselling author, the American writer hailing from Cuthbert in Georgia Susan Kyle has been writing for a number of years now, putting out work at a regular and ever consistent pace, bringing out more and more books with every passing year. Known for writing science-fiction under her own name, she is also highly regarded for putting out novels under various different pen-names and pseudonyms, all of which she uses to effectively extend her highly successful brand and reputation. These pen-names include Katy Currie, Diana Blayne and Diana Palmer, all of which she has used over the years to build upon certain aspects of her career as a writer. Largely writing romance and contemporary fiction under her Diana Palmer pen-name, she has produced a large quantity of genre novels over the years, all of which have been in high demand over the course of career, allowing her to write full-time successfully, reaching the top of the bestseller lists on numerous occasion. Combining well drawn characters with finely tuned plot-lines, she’s managed to draw her many readers into her richly drawn and intricately woven worlds, involving them in her ever immersive stories and narratives. Her characters themselves are also extremely well drawn, as she creates fully three-dimensional personalities that allow them to really resonate with their audience, regardless of where they’re from. This is down to the universally accessible nature of her material and writing, something which her many readers have come to revere over the years, thus going some way towards explaining the global popularity she has achieved as well. Knowing and understanding the format she is writing within, this is something that she’ll continue to develop in the years to come, as she is only just reaching the peak of her powers and skill as an author, This can also be seen in her many series that she’s created over the years too, with many of them building a sense of familiarity over time, with her long-running characters relating to readers too. A great example of this is the ‘Men Of Medicine Ridge’ series, as it’s a franchise set in Montana following a group of cowboys living and working there, with the series itself charting the many relationships and romances. Evoking a sense of the great outdoors, the series manages to bring the region to life, as it mainly focuses on the ‘Medicine Ridge’ of the title, looking at the cowboys who live there. Clearly understanding this lifestyle as well, is self evident whilst reading the novels that Kyle is obviously someone who holds a highly defined affinity for the area and everyone there. Writing with a clear sense of passion, this set of romances shows Kyle in all her confidence, as she channels the lives of inhabitants of rural Montana, bringing them to life effectively upon the page. With a whole range of different stories, they’re all loosely connected by the location, with each title essentially being a new romance, whilst some elements are recurring in order to give long-term fans something to follow and appreciate too.

Running for over a decade, this series started out in 2000 with the debut title ‘Circle of Gold’ and ending up with the fourth novel ‘Will of Steel’, all of which amounts to one of Kyle’s most comprehensive series to date. These are contemporary romances that are timeless in their approach and style, as the entire run of the series effectively provides the reader with something to really involve themselves in for the duration. Compendium omnibus editions would also be brought out, with ‘The Men of Medicine Ridge’ compiling the first two novels, this being released in 2004.

Circle of Gold

Coming out through the Silhouette publishing label, this would originally be released in 2000, as it would essentially begin the series, introducing the world of Medicine Ridge for the first time. It would also manage to establish the tone and the overall ambiance too, allowing it to come alive for the reader, giving them a clear idea of what to expect too. Not just that, but it also provides a completely self-contained romance story for fans of the genre too, as it can be casually picked up at any point in the series.

All set to care for his two young daughters, Kasie Mayfield arrives on the large and sprawling Montana ranch of one Gil Callister. Soon finding herself falling passionately head-over-heels in love with her boss, Kasie finds it difficult to read her boss initially, as the mysterious widower is difficult to read. That’s when she finds herself fantasizing about marriage, hoping that he’ll bestow upon her a wedding wing, if only she could find out just what he was thinking. Will they find happiness together? Can she learn of his true feelings? Will he offer her finger the circle of gold?

The Wedding in White

Released through the Silhouette publishing outlet once more, this would also come out in 2000, as it would provide another romance continuing on from the last. The next one would be released nine years later in 2009, leaving a long gap between the two, whilst the fourth would be released in 2010 just one year after the third. Starting with an entirely new romance, it would contain some elements from the previous novel, whilst it not being essential that they’re read in chronological order.

When Natalie Brock is kissed by the handsome Montana rancher Mack Killain, she finds herself falling for this particular man. The only issue she faced was that he wanted to be a loner who had sworn off marriage and all romance altogether, something which he’d made clear on multiple occasion. Now she must convince him otherwise, as she decides to pursue him in the hopes of marrying him, living the life of happiness she’d always wished for. Does she end up with him? Is he always going to be a loner? Will she get ever the wedding in white?

The Men Of Medicine Ridge Series

This is definitely a series that wears it heart on its sleeve, as Kyle really has fun with the genre, whilst moving the reader emotionally, something she has become highly gifted at over the years. Watching her career progress is also a must for any fans of her as an author too, as the course develops heavily over the years, with the four books really showing an insight into who she is as a writer. Leaving a legacy for years to come, readers will return to this series time and time again, as there’s always something new to discover with each subsequent reading.

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