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Publication Order of Men of Summer Books

Bestselling romance author Lora Leigh writes the “Men of Summer” series, which is also called “The Lies Men Tell”, and is from the romance and erotica genres. The books feature graphic and contemporary language during the steamy romance scenes.

The series began being published in the year 2006, when “Loving Lies” was released. The next book, which was called “Wicked Lies”, was not released until the year 2015. The series ended after three books, when “Dirty Little Lies” was released in the year 2016.

Despite the main characters changing in each book, they are not entirely stand alone works of fiction.

“Loving Lies” is the first novel in the “Men of Summer” series, which was released in the year 2006. This novel stars Slade and Jessie. Love is able to find a way. Slade was the first love of Jessie and her whole life. He filled her soul and heart and bound her woman’s spirit. All the years she spent waiting that concluded with a great weekend of sexual abandon that taught her all she had to know about being his woman and branded her as Slade’s woman for the rest of her life.

She was sure he had to love her. That ended when he told her the lie, committing the ultimate betrayal, and married another woman. Five years later, Slade comes back, and his soul has been withering without Jessie. One way or another, Slade is going to have her.

His love for her, the overriding hunger and need for her binds his soul and devours his heart whole. No matter what the obstacles are, Slade is going to get Jessie back. Whatever he has to do. Whatever it will take.

Lora Leigh writes great heroes in her books, and they are likable with good parts and bad. Fans of the novel found this to be a stellar love story that was quite enjoyable. The longing and love between Jessie and Slade was quite palpable, even after they had been apart for five years. The book is packed with humor, family, friendship, and love, on top of the sex scenes that many come to expect from Leigh’s work.

“Wicked Lies” is the second novel in the “Men of Summer” series, which was released in the year 2015. This novel stars Jazz and Annie. No one thinks of Jazz as a good boy. Good at drinking and partying. A great liar and a good builder. All are things that people think when the people of Loudon, Tennessee think about the muscular, tall, and full of laughter charmer they call Jazz. Jazz is willing to admit to them that he likes to tease and play. Little white lies here and there never hurt anyone.

That is until Annie, who is a sexy and too shy kindergarten teacher. She sets his lusts on fire, and his heart to boot. Annie has got a past that he knows nothing about. A past that is going to draw him into the middle of a conflict that he never thought he was going to face.

Jazz has to call some favors in big time, now, right when he finds he is fighting for a woman who is determined to save the charming liar that has not ever been serious. A guy that made a vow to give love a pass. A guy that is telling the most wicked lies he has ever told in his life to steal a woman’s heart, the one that has stolen his soul.

Once again, Leigh has written another stellar story that is full of steamy hot romance with an alpha male that will make the women swoon. Fans of the novel find that there is something about these characters that Leigh writes keep readers coming back for more and more. Characters love them and the main pair are perfect for one another to be with. Readers cannot wait to read more from this series.

“Dirty Little Lies” is the third novel in the “Men of Summer” series, which was released in the year 2016. This novel stars Zack Richards and Grace Maddox. Zack Richards realizes that he is asking for trouble. Trying to keep one of the Maddox family safe might get a guy killed, even one that is ripped with muscle and scarred from battle and an an alpha like Zack. The lady that has captured all of his wildest fantasies is nothing at all like her other power hungry family. She is gorgeous, innocent, and is rapidly becoming the only bright spot in his desperate and dark world. She is the only woman he would fight for, or die for.

She is Grace Maddox, and everyone knows she is marked. She has been targeted for the sins of the rest of her family and has been hunted like she was a wild animal. It leaves her without a choice but to accept the protection Zack offers. When she is in his arms, she feels protected. When she looks into his eyes, she is able to see a desire that is just as insatiable as hers. The truth is a dangerous thing, and might just tear them apart. Is surrendering to Zack going to be the biggest mistake of her life?

Lora Leigh has penned another great book set in this world, and there is some intense passion between the couple. Fans of the novel found themselves captured by this book, right from the first page of the book. These characters were well written and sympathetic, and the entire book was quite enjoyable. The book shows the path that led to Grace’s being destroyed very well, and it is obvious that there is a train wreck just about to happen. All of the sex scenes are written just like a lot of Leigh’s sex scenes, to where the reader feels like they have to shower after reading them. This is a book that is tough to put down for very long, as everything that is happening here keeps your attention and the pages turning until you have finished it.

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