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Publication Order of Men Of The North Books

Men of the North is a series set in about four hundred years in the future where the world is divided into two-part. The larger part is occupied by women who control everything, including the men. Canada and Alaska are ruled by men and have refused to allow women to make decisions for them.

They have named their land Northlands and its founder alpha males and a few females. The ladies there are cherished and protected due to their scarcity. The series views both sides of the issues, looking into good and wrong.

The Protector
The protector is the first novel in the Men of the North series. The story is set 400 years in the future where men are less and women rule the world. It’s been 400 years after the toxic war that forever changed life on earth. However, there is an exception in the area formerly called Canada and Alaska occupied by strong Men of the Northlands who don’t want to be ruled by women.

The southern Motherlands live by five crucial rules: no borders, no greed, no killing, equality for all, and no pollution.

Christina Sanders, a professor and a famous archeologist, is very interested in the past, and as a modern lady of the year 2437, she believes that women do better without men. She has a lot of passion for historical literature, making her the best. She requests to explore a potential site, but she is denied permission.

Craving for an adventure, she makes a random decision by volunteering to do a job that no one else is willing to do. Christina volunteers to lead a dangerous archeological excavation in one of the most excluded places in the Northlands, where males are rumored to be difficult and brutal. She is so much prepared to go on an adventure of a lifetime. What happens when she crosses into the men’s area? Will they allow her to do the job, and will she leave the place again and be safe?

The men of the north cherish and keep their wives safe since they are so scarce in the land. The author builds the futuristic society so well, describing how both communities have a different way of living. Christina as an archaeologist, asks to go to the library that was located in the Northlands. Usually, women do not visit the library because the men are dangerous.

She is permitted to go to the library, and the men at the north are confused since they were expecting a male to help them uncover the library. The men start fighting to determine who will keep Christina’ safe’ and, by secure means, who will be lucky to marry and mate with her.

Alexander Boulder has been Kahn’s right-hand man though there are times when she wishes to retire and enjoy his wealth. Kahn’s current request is to be a bodyguard of the male archaeologist from southern motherland who has volunteered to explore a historical treasure site in their land. Everyone is amazed when it turns out that the archaeologist is a beautiful young lady.

In the Northlands, it’s a tradition for men to fight over when a privilege like this presents itself. Boulder is also planning to participate and try his luck. He is so eager to have a woman for the very first time. Christina apparently has no idea that she is almost being wedded without her permission.
Unexpectantly, Christina later gets to bond with Boulder and get to know each other while exploring their relationship. Will the two end up getting married? The secondary characters were well developed, which added depth to the story.

This is a quick read as everything is wrapped up so fast, and the author sets the reader for the next installment. Christina’s courage to step out of her comfort zone and Boulder’s willingness to endure behaviors so that he can please Christina was so interesting. The protector is a thought-provoking novel filled with controversies.

The Ruler
The Ruler is the second installment in the series. Four hundred years to come, women are in control of the world, but Khan Aurelius, the freemen leader, wants to take power back that men have been denied for many decades.

Supported by a few, he wants women to give up the power voluntarily and have one councilwoman as a hostage; he’s sure he can lure her with some of his male intellects. Khan believes that she is just a soft woman who gives in fast.

The hostage is named Pearl and has sacrificed herself to save an innocent priestess. She is held in the Northlands, and her soft voice and her view of the world angers Khan. Pearl is frequently challenged through mind games to corrupt her and view everything in Khan’s way. The two are leaders of their worlds, but the motherland isn’t ruled by one leader but a council of a hundred and one women who rule in unity.

They create a battle of words and wills as the two brilliant leaders clash. Can Pearl bring democracy and enlighten the primitive men, or will Khan succeed in corrupting her mind with his charm? The novel has lots of drama and romance humor that forms a fantastic blend that you crave for more. It’s refreshing to read about two personalities immersed deep in their history and commitment to their people.

The two listen and speak their minds to a point where each tries to convince the other to think in the opposite way. It’s so fun to read about the world in the future. The novel is a real page-turner, and the fast pace keeps the reader on their toes.

The humor and verbal battles of the different genders concerning their cultural differences gave the novel a unique element. Khan and Pearl are constantly struggling with one another, each wanting their ideas and way of living to be adapted in the world of the other.

They both have some common goals and share their desire to see both worlds learn from one another and unite in the end. Will Khan and Pearl unite their communities?

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