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Fern Michaels is the pen name of Mary Ruth Kuczkir. She says that Fern is not a person or even an entity, but it is an alter ego and what she does– which is write!

She grew up in Hastings in Pennsylvania, where she was called Ruth. She changed her name to Mary when she went into the business world. Her family and friends call her by the nickname of Dink. The nickname was given to her at birth by her father because at birth she was a ‘dinky little thing’. However, Fern’s much easier to pronounce and understand.

She grew up, getting a job and getting married and having five children. She got a job after her youngest went to kindergarten at the urging of her partner. However, since she was a reader and didn’t know how to do anything but be a wife and a mother, she went to the library– a place that she says is magical.

That remains to this day and Fern says that she decided to write a book having read in the past and being fond of mystery novels such as the Hardy Boys. She decided to write a book rather than go into the outside world with no skills. She got rid of her husband and found that she had a talent for writing.

Fern went on to write dozens of books, many of them that made it to the best sellers’ list of The New York Times. She worked with Ballantine books for a while but then parted with both them and her agent. Change continued and Michaels got rid of her home in New Jersey. It was the house that she had lived in the entire time she was married and moved to South Carolina in 1993.

She bought a new home that she remodeled and the National Registry listed it as it was a run down plantation house over 300 years old. Determined to go through a lot of change in a short time and having her children grown, she saw the house as a challenge. Today it is completely remodeled and looks totally different. However, she cannot get rid of the ghost that is said to be there by herself and former owners.

Even though Mary Margaret is friendly in nature, she is mischievous as well. The writer says that the ghost didn’t appear to like her coffee cups and would break them in the dishwasher or they would find themselves sliding off of the table. The activity stopped when she purchased red checkered mugs– apparently the ghost really likes those! The author says that the ghost also moves pillows to other rooms and stops the clocks in the home once a week, leaving blooms on the nightstand and moving the swing in the middle of the day.

She says that like many writers she loves what she does and she enjoys getting an idea and starting to get it out on the paper. Michaels confesses that she loves breathing life into her characters and writing about women who keep on going in the face of tough times and win. She says that she feels that she won too the day that she was inducted into New Jersey’s Literary Hall of Fame. Michaels has been writing for years and says that she set up The Fern Michaels Foundation to help others.

Fern Michaels is the creator of the Men of the Sisterhood series of fictional novels. The series kicked off with the debut novel Double Down. The sequel is Fast and Loose.

Double Down is the debut novel of the Men of the Sisterhood series by Fern Michaels. The Sisterhood has always had significant others that they loved to death. After years of sticking with and standing by their ladies, the boyfriends and husbands of the group have formed their own bonds and become great friends.

The loyalty of these guys to each other is unmatched, and they get along so well. Now Nikki’s husband Jack has gotten Bert, Jay, Joe, Ted, and Dennis and Abner to join a group called BOLO Consultants. The group is top-secret in nature. Jack wants to get something accomplished by doing this and as suspected, there’s something in it for him.

Jack actually wants two things out of this situation. The first is that he can offer help to Nikki’s law firm behind the scenes in their quest to take on Andover Pharmaceuticals. The company has an anti-leukemia drug out that gives young patients horrible side effects when they take it. Even though a class-action lawsuit has been leveled, it seems that it’s destined not to go anywhere.

The consultants at BOLO want to help that. But at the same time, when the lieutenant governor of Virginia is working on the side as a slum-lord and the tenants are suffering as a result, it seems that Tyler Sandford believes himself to be above the law. As it turns out, the allies of the Sisterhood and more decide that this is their fight and to get involved. Now no one is safe and true justice is on its way. What will happen? You’ve got to pick up Double Down by Fern Michaels to find out!

Fast and Loose is the second novel in Fern Michaels’ Men of the Sisterhood series. The Sisterhood consists of women in a group that are drawn together by their friendship– as well as a quest to deliver justice. Now their significant others have formed a similar organization of their own that is top-secret to try and right the world’s wrongs too.

Now the women have gone away on assignment. Instead of watching the game, the guys roll into action. When they get to their headquarters, they get a call that comes in that is urgent. The head of security Bert Navarro thinks that his client’s casino is being expertly robbed. His client? Countess Anna de Silva, and they need to find out who’s doing it.

They’re robbing the system by going into Babylon and getting into their security system via hacking. Now it’s looking like BOLO may have more suspects than answers. Can they find the person responsible before it’s too late? Read Fast and Loose to find out!

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