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Men of Valor Books In Order

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Publication Order of Men of Valor Books

A Promise to Protect (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
SEAL Under Siege (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Navy SEAL Noel (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Navy SEAL Security (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hazardous Holiday (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Christmas Captive (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Men of Valor are a series of novels written by Liz Johnson. The author began the series publication in 2012 when the first book, A Promise to Protect was published. The second novel SEAL Under Siege was released a year later after the debut novel in 2013.

A Promise to Protect

Navy SEAL Matt Waterstone knows clearly well how to keep people safe from attacks. When his good friend’s sister is attacked, he promises that no harm will come into the path of Ashley Sawyer- not on his watch. However, Matt is not the only protective person, as Ashley will do anything in her power to ensure that she safeguards the residents of the poor women’s shelter she runs. She is confident that she can handle any threat that comes in return but what she cannot handle is how Matt manages to scale the walls around her beautiful heart, when she becomes entangled in a web of crime evil than she had though, trusting in Matt could be the only way out.

A Promise to Protect makes a fascinating first read; it is one of the few action romances you will ever read. The story is exciting as well as emotional. Ashley is an interesting character you will get to love with time. Trying to protect women in a shelter is a stressful job, however taking into consideration that one of the women was rescued from something sinister than just an abusive partner does make the job of keeping safe these women and their children more difficult and also dangerous. Even with the help of Matt protecting the women proves to be something more challenging for Ashley to handle.

Ashley is a good character; she is not just strong for herself, but also for the many women she is entrusted to protect. She runs a women’s shelter, and you will find her giving much of herself to these women than to herself.

On the other hand, there is Matt, a handsome gent who has captured the attention of Ashley. He is the strength that Ashley ever wanted to keep herself going on and ensuring her shelter safe as well. Even when things seem to get out of hand, Matt seems always to have a great plan. He is one character you can describe as being the calm, cool and collected type.

The writing presented by Liz Johnson is an excellent one. She somehow manages to show the evil Ashley is trying to fight in such a manner will not leave you sweating and shivering. In a way, she manages to keep the horror from this novel from getting too dark and depressing as well, and the story never jumps into deep horrid crimes. It is a good fit for readers that love reading horror novels that do not illustrate much horror that will make your turn on your lights all night long or make you experience horrifying nightmares. Overall, it is an interesting read, featuring great characters, some sweet romances, and a remarkable story.

SEAL Under Siege

Stacy Hayes thinks that everything is back to normal after she is rescued from prison by a navy seal named Tristan Sawyer. However, back in San Diego, a new threat emerges. She possesses information that could prevent an attack from hitting the United States soil, and the terrorist will stop at nothing to make sure that she is dead. Tristan insists that he be Staci’s bodyguard. However, his constant presence only makes her yearn for things beyond her reach and to Tristan protecting Stacy is the only chance that he needs to forget the past. However, with a spy present in the naval base, anyone could be a possible threat. Can Tristan offer Stacy safety and love as well? Maybe yes maybe not, read out the entire novel to find out.

Just like the Men of Valor series debut novel, the second book in the series SEAL Under Siege is an interesting read; it is packed with great suspense and not a single overdose of romance. The author, Liz Johnson manages to pack the entire plot, characterization and an action of a full-length novel into a 226-page paperback.

What you will love most in the first novel is that it is character-driven, fast-paced, action-packed and featured an adamant plot. You will love Tristan and Stacy before and after they become a couple. Their relationship is a believable one, and they both have their similarities; they are haunted by their past that makes them feels as if they are unworthy of being in a healthy relationship, more so one that could result in a marriage.

Tristan, on the other hand, is a well-written character. He is a hero that most readers who love romance novels often look for. He is handsome, strong, and brave but also sensitive. However, his past always haunts him and he cannot seem to let go of the past and also the guilt he feels for it which keeps him from connecting with others and loving again.

The plot is interesting and involves elements that you regularly hear of, but never actually read in a novel.

Navy SEAL Noel

In the third book in Men of Valor series, we meet Jessalynn McCoy who’s been abducted by a drug cartel and ordered to produce a deadly toxin or face execution. With no options left, she is desperate for help and never expected it to come from Will Gumble, the young man who turned her down five years ago now a United States Navy SEAL. She trusts his experience and skill but yet trusting him once more is a struggle.

For Will, his Christmas wish is to mend their damaged relationship and themselves to safety. However, time is quickly running out, the stakes keep on rising, and a single mistake could mean ultimately cause a twist of events. The third novel is an enjoyable read. You will love how the main characters Will and Jessalynn were best friends growing up, but something that happened years ago set them apart. This factor made their reunion exciting, and the romance that sparks once again is seemingly more real.

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