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Men Of Whiskey River Books In Order

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Publication Order of Men of Whiskey River Books

Born on July 25th, the famous American and best selling author JoAnn Ross wrote a number of romance stories, among them the Men of Whiskey River Series. When she was 7 years old, though, she had other dreams: she wanted to play baseball with the N.Y. Yankees and thought that writing novels would be her backup job. But while she was waiting to be invited to join the famous baseball team, she completed her first romance novella, which was about 2 mallard ducks, when she was 7 years old. It was the first time, as she recalls, that she understood that she wanted to be also a writer. In fact, this nover earned a gold star and she kept writing. In fact, it was her grandfather who inspired her in writing, because he was reading for her fairy tales, when she was very young, that she really adored and kept listening. Until today she has written about 100 novels, which have been published in 26 countries. Two of her book titles have been excerpted in ‘Cosmopolitan’ and her books have were published by the Rhapsody, Mystery Guild and Doubleday book clubs. In addition, she was a member of the Romance American Writers and she has won several awards through her career, including Achievement Awards of romance in both contemporary single title and category.

Men of Wiskey River Series

These book series are romantic novels by the American author JoAnn Ross are romance stories, with great plots, mysteries, passion and romance, that readers enjoy and feel part of the plots. The famous American author JoAnn Ross began writing the Wiskey River Series in 1996 and completed all five of them in the same year. The Wiskey River series actually lasted 5 novels (Confessions #1, the Outlaw #2, Untamed #3 (October 1996), Wanted! #4 (November 1996), Ambushed #5 (December 1996), which were published with the above chronological order the one after the other with great success.

Confessions (January 1996)

The first book of the series o Men of Whiskey River (Series by JoAnn Ross) is the ‘Confessions’, which was published in 1996. The story takes place in Whiskey River, a quiet town, in Arizona, surrounded by mountains. The life in the city is simple and runs smoothly, until a murder takes place; the murder of Laura Swann Fletcher, the wife of a charismatic senator, by the name Alan, and the news are spreading quickly all over the nation. The sheriff of the small mountainous town, Trace Callaghan, who has spent 16 years in the police force of Dallas and he is very experienced in different murder cases, is determined to solve the mystery of this murder and find out who did the horrible thing. In fact, he is a man with a good reputation in the town, pays attention to his work, works with passion and most of all he is determined to find the solution and solve the case in the little town. He is best known among other things for his unwavering logic and deliberate action. But this murder case is very unusual and does not have any similarities with any other murder case that happened previously. This one is unlike any he has ever handled before in his life. This is mainly because the sister of the murdered woman, Mariah, instists on being fully involved on the murder case – an involvement that extends beyond finding out who was the murdered of Laura. In fact, this is a twisted case, which is accompanied with dark secrets and illicit desires. She gets pregnant and things turn out to be more complex. The plot is very complicated with a lot of mysteries and secret passion and romance. But this is a town that nothing sees to be as it looks; everyone could be the suspect, but the question is if they are going to solve the mystery in the end.

The Outlaw, 1996 (May 1996)

‘The Outlaw’ was the second book of the Whiskey series. It’s a time travel to Arizona back in time, in 1896, where half-breed Wolfe Longwalker, who is proud of his heritage, battled the white man through his writings. More specifically, he uses his words to battle his own enemies. But they actually prefer another method to fight back at him and take their revenge. They are really cruel and mean. In fact they were about to hang Wolfe for something that he didn’t do and they were determined to make him. They accuse him for a murder that he actually didn’t commit and continue chase him. Noel Giraudeau is a young beautifulwoman, who resembles a modern princess and he does what a kind princess would do for a man she has a crash on. She wants to liberate him, to help him get away of these guys before it is too late for him. She actually tries to find ways of how she could accomplish it and get him free. But he is not an easy man and he can’t trust anyone and doesn’t want her help. At this point of the book begins their adventure while they are on the run from the law. Their passionate about each other, but they have to overcome all the obstacles. The author’s research into the geographical setting and the Dineh/Navajo adds all the appropriate realism to this story and makes it feel extremely real. The end is unexpected and overwhelmed.

JoAnn Ross has won many awards throught her career. She actually won a RWA’s national service award and named also a Pro-Mentor (RWA) of the Year. Althought the Yankees haven’t taken her into the center field, JoAnn is happy for succeeded to make one of her two goals in life a reality. She is very proud about her career and loves writing her romance novels. Currently she is working on her new series of books (Shelter Bay Series), which take place on the Coast of Oregon (where he high school husband (whom she married twice) bought her a saltwater taffy and then he proposed to her), along with a River’s Bend Murphy Brother trilogy (which takes place in Southern Oregon, where she actually grew up, a town of ranches and easy life. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and her three dogs.

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