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Publication Order of Men to the Rescue Books

Coming from Ohio, the New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster has come a long way ever since her first novel that was released in January, 1996, as she has written for a large quantity of publishers, thus ensuring her status as a writer with a great reputation, garnering lots of positive attention throughout the industry. Writing romance novels, she is an author who completely understands the genre that she’s working within, continually making sure to maintain a distinctive voice in a highly competitive industry, thus ensuring her position as one of the most idiosyncratic and unique novelists currently working within the field to date. Creating characters that are fully three-dimensional as well, she really knows how to make them work, drawing her readers in, allowing them to essentially become a part of the action in the process. It is her unique outlook on the format that also allows her to reach a greater truth too, thus giving her audience something to immerse themselves in. Attending numerous events too, she is very much a spokeswoman for her craft, which also helps to secure her role as one of the most prolific authors currently within her field. Donating large sums of her profits to charity too, she is someone with a strong altruistic streak too, this being something that’s clearly reflected within her work, with her sense of compassion and understanding driving many of her stories forwards. It also allows her to get into the mindsets of her characters on a deeper level too, as she empathizes with them and their motivation, thus giving her novels a very real and human quality. Not only that, but her imaginative scope and scale also speaks for itself, giving her effectively an extremely large canvas to work with, ultimately allowing her protagonists to have a lot of room to maneuver themselves through the various narratives. The series themselves that she creates really exemplify this too, as she build over-arcing narratives that carry the reader through a multitude of books, continually keeping them coming back for more, all thanks to her highly compelling and engaging style of storytelling. This is especially true for her ‘PI and Men To The Rescue’ series of novels, as they collate a collection of novels that really speaks to the best of the authors abilities. Working as a series of romance novels centered around thriller templates, these use suspense and romance to carry them forwards, thus becoming one of her most successful franchises to date. With private investigators and relationships, these really make the most of their material, as they are largely connected on a thematic basis. Many of the characters themselves overlap with each others stories, allowing a thread to be continued throughout, although this is a loose thread, as each title focuses itself on a new mystery and relationship. Amassing a loyal following of fans worldwide, this is a series that will stand the test of time for many years to come, as it will continue to attract fans for a long time yet.

Running for a total of five novels set solely in the ‘PI And Men To The Rescue’ franchise, it has also allowed itself to expand into various other series as well. These include ‘Men of Courage’ and ‘Buckhorn Brothers’ as well, allowing them to cross over into each other’s franchises, making way for more rich and creative plot-lines. Whilst it’s not essential for all readers to read each and every novel, this does provide Foster’s long time fans with something to get themselves involved in, with her well established worlds and richly developed narratives.


Brought out through ‘Harlequin Enterprises Ltd.’, this would go on to become the first in the long-running ‘PI And Men To The Rescue’ series of novels. Initially released in August, 1999, this would also mark an early entry into Foster’s writing career, showing where she has come from as an author. It would also provide a self-contained mystery as well, allowing its readers to invest themselves in its fun and inventive plot-line.

Starting out with P.I. Dane Carter it sees him assuming the role of his murdered twin’s identity, as he seeks to find his killer. What he didn’t account for was crossing the path of Angel Morris, a woman that Carter’s twin once betrayed, leaving her to become a major suspect in his case. Soon Carter finds himself falling in love with Morris, something he really didn’t expect, as he finds that there’s a definite chance he could betray her trust in the course of the case. Will he be able to overcome his passion for her? where is the killer going to strike next? Who is really beguiled?


Released through the ‘Harlequin Books’ label once again, this would continue with some characters who were featured briefly in the previous book in cameo roles. Published in 1999, it would come out only a few months after the first, thus wasting no time for its already eagerly awaiting fans. Continuing in a similar vein to before, it would develop the style taking it to a whole new level in the process.

There’s a strong sense of attraction between the characters of private investigator Alec Sharpe and Celia Carter, the woman that he desperately wants to keep safe. The only problem is that she wants to conduct an investigation of her own, something which could very easily place her in harm’s way. That’s when he proposes helping her with the case, all whilst they both try to contain their attraction for one another and ensure that justice prevails. Will they succeed? Can he keep her safe? Who is wanton?

The PI And Men To The Rescue Series

A highly well done collection of romance novels with a well managed set of thriller conceits, these really work on all levels. Combining suspense, drama and romance, these really have everything and are easily a must for any fans of the genres, as well as fans of the authors, as there is something for everyone here, allowing readers to lose themselves in the rich and immersive story-lines. Not just that, but the characters are timeless too, thus ensuring that it will have an ever enduring legacy that will carry on for a long time to come.

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