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Publication Order of The Menagerie Books

By: Christopher Golden, Thomas E. Sniegoski
The Nimble Man (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tears of the Furies (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Stones Unturned (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Crashing Paradise (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Menagerie is dark fantasy series that was penned down by Christopher Golden and one Thomas E. Sniegoski. This highly entertaining book series is made up of legendary characters, who possess mystical powers, with each of them having their mythical origins. The authors have taken some of the most notable characters from well-known mythology and literature and in turn made them into their own. Some of the most notable characters in the Menagerie book series include Mr. Doyle, Eve, Clay, Danny Fredrick and many others. Mr. Doyle is Sir Arthur Doyle is the second most powerful wizard in the world, behind his teacher, Lorenzo Sanguedolce. Doyle has been kept alive by a faerie portion and his magic as well. Another important character in this book series is Eve, who is the first woman on planet earth. After she was driven out of the garden of Eden, Eve was attacked by an archduke of Hell. The violation by the demon, in turn, converted Eve into a Vampire. For many centuries, Eve’s mind was gone, and she became pure evil.

However, later on, she managed to awaken from that slumber. Ever since then, Eve has tried exceedingly hard to redeem herself in God’s eyes. Eve despises her kind and destroys them whenever she gets the opportunity to. She has an obsession and passion for designer clothes. Apart from Eve, the author’s also introduces the characters to Clay, God’s Clay. In the beginning, God used Clay to create all type of animals and humankind as well. Clay can turn into any animal, imagined or real in the mind of the person that it has come into contact with. Clay has forgotten about his past and now is working in the New Orleans police department to solve mysteries and murder as well. Clay possess the ability to see the ectoplasmic trails of ghosts, which many of the times like to hang around their killer, thus making it exceedingly possible to track a killer using the trail. Danny Ferrick is another significant character in this book. Ferrick is a sixteen-year-old demon, who lives as a young boy. At birth, Danny Ferrick was switched with a human baby. He has raised the child’s parents as their child.

When Danny Ferrick’s demonic nature began to emerge in physical form, his adopted father decided to leave his family behind. Danny is not only strong but also immune to fire. He not only can cast shadows but also manipulate fire and also has superhuman vision as well. Whenever he gets angry, his superhuman vision becomes pronounced, and in some cases, it becomes exceedingly difficult to control. Dr. Leonard Graves is the ghost of a former adventurer. Born in the year 1909, in Swansea, Graves was the son of two servants, Anabel and Stewart Williams. When their son died, Graves inherited money. Despite being of African American descent, Graves was engaged to a white woman, one Gabrielle, when he was killed in Florence Italy in the year 1943. The main reason why his ghost still lingers the surface of the earth was to find out who his real killer was, though from time to time, he still spends time in the spirit realms.

The Menagerie Book Series

The Nimble Man is the first book in the Menagerie book series. As the first book in the series, The Nimble Man had all the elements of any great urban fantasy book series; a cast of colorful characters including a vampire, shape shifter and a demon. The characters are led by an exceedingly familiar and newly interpreted figure, one Arthur Conan Doyle. Other elements include an apocalypse that is exceedingly complete with a downpour of frogs and zombies, an exceedingly wicked faerie, an exceedingly powerful wizard who is sealed in crystal and goblins as well. By reading this book, the reader will be reminded of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, with more of an urban fantasy element. The characters in The Nimble Man are exceedingly great and well-crafted as well. In this book, the Menagerie come together so that they can be able to locate one of the most powerful mage, who has ever lived, one Lorenzo Sagelike. The main reason why the menagerie is after Lorenzo is to prevent him from gaining arcane supremacy.

Fey Morrigan, on the other hand, is more than determined to bring the Nimble Man into this world so that they can be able to rule earth together as well as the faery. The battle between evil and good has just begun. Dragon on Trial is the second book in the Menagerie book series by Christopher Golden. In this novel, the Khan family together with together with Logan and Blue are trying to solve Pelly’s disappearance. Logan and Blue met with Zoe a few days ago, when they were tracking the Griffins cubs. Within the same week, Logan met with some amazing creatures some of which he believed were fabricated. During this period, Logan also discovered that he possessed natural tracking abilities. As the story progresses, Logan realized that he inherited these abilities from his mother and his father as well.

Logan has mixed feelings towards the menagerie after learning that his mother possessed magical powers and also worked in the world of magical creatures. However, despite the fact that he has mixed feelings, he is still attracted to the menagerie as well as their secretive work. Now, Logan learns that there is someone out there, who is trying to sabotage the secretive work of the menagerie. The main suspect is Scratch a dragon. Irrespective of the fact that Scratch managed to escape and eat up some sheep, Logan, Blue and Zoe believed that Scratch was innocent. However, the trio has no evidence to prove that Scratch is innocent. Things continue to get more confusing when the trio discovered about an unmonitored were family. Furthermore, Mathew, Zoe’s brother, and the librarian as well are acting exceedingly strange. With that said, Dragon on Trial ends with some resolution; however, there is still a cliffhanger and an exceedingly big surprise. However, numerous questions remain unanswered. Dragon on Trial is a highly entertaining read, that is full of magic, family conflict, and mystery as well.

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