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Mercedes Ron is an audio-visual communicator and young writer born in Argentina that is best known for the “Culpables” series of novels.

She has since become a Spanish national and has gained a reputation for herself as a specialist in children’s fiction. While she is still very young, she has published several works and made her debut in 2023 with the publication of “Culpa Mia” in 2017.
She penned her first manuscript while she was under 20 but finding a publisher was very difficult. After getting rejection after rejection trying to publish the traditional way, she decided to publish on Wattpad where she achieved massive success.
Her goal then was that thousands of people would read her story but within a few weeks, the novel would amass more than 63 million readings.

With so much popularity, it would soon be adapted into a film by Prime Video under the direction of Domingo Gonzalez and starring Gabriel Guevara and Nicole Wallace as the lead protagonists.
With the great reception she received from Wattpad, it was renewed for two more installments that have now been self-published on Amazon Kindle too.

She would soon land a publishing deal with Penguin Random House which published the “Culpable Trilogy.”

Mercedes Ron has said that much of her success probably came from the fact that she was always very artistic and even studied media in school.

It was this love for media and a desire to see her works in print that made her persevere until she ultimately made a success of her fiction writing endeavors.
For the most part, the “Culpable” series of novels found their inspiration from “I Knew You Were Trouble,” the Taylor Swift video.

This means that the title and the Prime Video version of it is full of troublemaking, tension, and must-see step-sibling drama.

Another major inspiration was Edward Cullen from the 2008 Twilight trilogy.

In Mercedes Ron’s novel “My Fault” we meet a girl named Noah whose mother just got married to a billionaire. The billionaire has a son named Nicholas Lester who seems like he was created to make Noah’s life miserable.
Nick is a tall blue-eyed man with jet-black hair and would be the quintessential of cool if you did not know him. Noah’s new stepbrother represents just about everything she has been running away from for most of her life.
Nicholas is a gorgeous young man who lives a very racy life as he is involved in dangerous gang rivalry, unending one-night stands, car racing, and wild parties full of alcohol and drugs.

Danger is what he lives for and the most interesting thing is that he does all things in secret with his father totally unaware of his life. Little by little Nicholas and Noah begin to get closer to each other and can no longer deny their attraction.
It is an interesting work that hooks you right from the first page and never lets go.

“Your Fault” by Mercedes Ron is a sizzling and fast-paced forbidden enemies-to-lovers romance fiction work with threads of secrets, trauma, and love.

Upon falling in love with Nick, Noah was certain that their relationship would not be easy. Whenever they are together all manner of sparks fly as they are electricity and fire.

Since the last outing, Noah had come to believe that their passion had only grown stronger only for things to be upended as she is joining university. Moving once again while still staying in a volatile relationship with Nicholas will be very challenging.
Some of the things she has to deal with include dangerous parties, a huge age difference, campus life and the many demons each of them has that remind them that there are many things that they are yet to know about each other.
They try very hard but the thing is that there will always be wounds that refuse to close. Is Noah prepared to truly trust another person again and overcome her fears? Will Nick be able to get rid of his inner demons and finally open his heart to love?

Mercedes Ron’s novel “Our Fault,” asks the question of just how far are Noah and Nick willing to go in this last installment of the “Culpables” trilogy.

Noah and Nick are going through the worst moment of their relationship and it seems that they cannot get back the good times they had before.

They are undergoing all manner of challenges as they seek to understand if they are better off being apart or if they are really made for each other.

But can memories tattooed on the heart be so easy to erase and can such strong love just vanish into thin air?

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