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Publication Order of Mercury Books

Mercury Falls (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mercury Rises (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mercury Swings (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mercury Begins (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mercury Rests (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mercury Revolts (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mercury Shrugs (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mercury Begins is a prequel.

Robert Kroese’s amazing sense of irony was honed while growing up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This is a home of the Gerald R. Ford Museum and Amway Corporation, and one of the first cities in the U.S to fluoridate its supply of water. In second grade, Robert Kroese wrote his first ever novel, saga of Captain Bill and the spaceship Thee Eagle. The novel turned out to become the high point in his academic career. After graduating from The Calvin College back in 1992 with a degree in philosophy, he was fired from different jobs before moving on to California, where he later stumbled into software development. Since this job required neither a sense of direction nor punctuality, he excelled very much at it. In 2009, Robert Kroese called upon his wide knowledge of love of explosions and useless information to write Mercury Falls, the first book in Mercury Series. Since then, Robert Kroese has 4 more books in the series.

Let’s now take a closer look at 2 early books in Mercury Series by Robert Kroese:

Mercury Falls

This is the first book in in Mercury Series by Robert Kroese. Mercury Falls is a great novel that tells the story of Christine. Christine is a journalist who is continually growing tired about her job writing in the apocalyptic cults who don’t seem to actually know what they are talking about. However, things later change when Christine meets cult the leader Mercury, the rogue angel and Karl who is the newly appointed Antichrist. Christine later realizes that the they should work together so as to stop the impending apocalypse.

Mercury Falls novel is an interesting read and the father fun at the same time. The novel portrays both heaven and hell as being a mass of despairingly complicated bureaucracy where the apocalypse is one agreed upon battle that’s set between heaven and the earth that was agreed to after a lot of years of legal fighting. The book is quite easy to read and you will find yourself breezing through the novel and enjoying different parts of the book that you’ll find to be inspired more so when it actually examines independent thought and the idea of free will.

The plot is quite interesting. Mercury Falls has been centered on the events of the Apocalypse. However, it isn’t just a boring, by-the-book apocalypse novel. In fact, in this apocalypse, Hell and Heaven are perennial adversaries that are bound together by the bureaucratic creep of the over-active legal systems.

Apocalypse shall only happen by a contract. Unless, that happens, Lucifer manages to get a loophole. The resulting hijinks have 2 humans (Anti-Christ and a “Person of The Apocalyptic Interest” whose condominium floor had been hijacked as the portal between the Earth and Satan’s army) being bounced in between demons, angels, demons-masquerading-as-the-angels, different planes of existence, and a “Free Agent” in form of Mercury.

You will thoroughly enjoy this book. Sarcasm is the integral part of what makes most people’s lives worthwhile, and the novel delivers this with a more dependability. The book’s plot is basically rife with a lot of twists and turns. Furthermore, there are several moments of pure surprise within the book. What will actually stand out to the reader is the fact that those plot twists will happen without showing any sense of letdown from the heavy-handed Deus machina attempt. Of course, whenever the subject matter of a novel is The Apocalypse and the characters include the miracle-working angels, these type of moments are possibly slightly less eyebrow raising as compared to the average Clancy novel. Mercury Falls is a great book that will keep you on your sit till the end.

Mercury Rises

This is the second book in the Mercury Series by Robert Kroese. Mercury Rises starts just where Mercury Falls (the first book)has ended. All the demons and angels have dispersed but there’s still a big crater in downtown Anaheim with FBI investigating.

Jacob Slater, the blast expert working with the FBI, is on the site and he promptly gets kicked out when he proposes that the people who were in this blast were transported to a different dimension. He is a scientist, although a reluctant one, and Jacob Slater was just throwing out his own idea but it does not go over well and he is eventually asked to leave. While wandering, Jacob gets sucked into a vortex which creates suspense for you to continue reading the story.

Fresh off a successful quest to thwart two diabolical plots about destroy the world, the jaded reporter Christine and rough cherub Mercury finally find that mysterious powers that outrank even the Heavenly bureaucracy and they seem intent on continue to keep the Apocalypse on track.

Mercury Rises continues Robert Kroese’s great tale of heroic cherub Mercury. Mercury is rarely well-behaved, well-intentioned, and always armed with the droll remark. While the current world is plagued by the natural disasters and countries prepare for war, Horace Finch, a crazed billionaire plots to use a secret devices hidden beneath African deserts to discover all the deepest secrets about the Universe – even if it will mean destroying the whole Universe so as to do it. Meanwhile, Jacob Slater, unassuming FBI investigator tries to get a rational explanation concerning the mysterious destructions of downtown Anaheim. This is a quest that eventually brings him face to face with Horace Finch. Together, Jacob , Mercury and Christine must stop Horace Finch from activating the devices and tearing reality into pieces.

Robert Kroese’s razor-sharp wit and rapid-fire sense of humor keep this novel moving at breakneck speed as it hurtles towards a climax that’s as funny and satisfying at the same time.

A sequel to the entertaining Mercury Falls, this novel gives readers a very insightful backstory about Mercury as well as his relationship to Tiamat who has vowed to make Lucifer’s rebellion to look like the toddler tantrum. By this time, you’ll certainly be seeing Satan kicking and screaming.

And who would’ve guessed the ark had the name? Noah makes a brilliant appearance together with his big boat and he has been-cooped-up with a family. You will also get to know what actually happened to the mystical creatures.

The apocalypse looms quite large again and the much-loved characters return. The installment in the Mercury’s story is rife and the plot lines move faster than the particle collider with a lot of twists and turns. Robert Kroese’s whimsical version of the Biblical events is just pure genius. However, will the world actually survive his next novel? Keep on reading this great series to find out how events unfold.

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