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By: Patricia Briggs, David Lawrence
Homecoming (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Moon Called, Volume 1 (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Moon Called, Volume 2 (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hopcross Jilly (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Shifting Shadows (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Mercedes Athena Thompson, shortly called Mercy Thompson, is the protagonist of the Mercy Thompson series, an urban fantasy written by Patricia Briggs. Patricia Briggs started writing the series in 2006 as her editor suggested she launches into the urban fantasy style which was knowing a promising growth at the time. The series counts 8 books up to date, and had been featured into graphic novels: ‘ Mercy Thompson: Homecoming’, released in 2009, and ‘Patricia Briggs ‘Mercy Thompson: Moon Called’ released in 2012.

The series’ events take place in a fantastic version of our world, full of vampires, werewolves, walkers, demons, faes, and other supernatural creatures. It is narrated by Mercy Thompson, a Volkswagen mechanic, living in Washington, the Tri-Cities, where Patricia Briggs actually lives. She is an independent, stubborn, hardworking, and thoughtful character with some superhuman capabilities and inherited powers.

– Biography of Mercedes Athena Thompson:

Mercy Thompson was born on November 20, to a Blackfoot Indian father named Joe, and a 17 year old white teenage mother called Margi. Her father was a Rodeo bull rider and a male Walker: a Native American Shapeshifer not linked to the power of the moon who can turn into a coyote. He died three days after meeting Margi in a car accident.

Mercy inherited the Walker side from her father, and her mother discovered this ability accidently when she found a baby coyote in the crib instead of her daughter. She panicked, and, unsure how to raise a Walker, she decided to take her to relatives of a werewolf grand-grand father in Montana, where Mercy grew up with the pack of the werewolf Marrok, Bran until the age of 16, then she moved to live with her mother in Portland .

As she was living with the pack of Bran, many female werewolves and human spouses hated her, and didn’t appreciate the fact that she was living amongst them. Werewolves hated her because she was a coyote and not a wolf, and thought of her as being inferior to them, while human wives could not stand the idea of a single young woman running with wolves.

Mercy obtained a major degree in European history, but became a mechanic later, and bought her ex-boss’ car garage specialized in German vehicles. She now lives in a Vanagon Syncro mobile home in Finley, Tri-Cities.

– A short description of Mercy Thompson:

Mercy describes herself in the series as an average height and weight female, with long straight and dark brunette hair, too tanned skin, dark eyes, and a tattoo in the form of a coyote paw under her navel. She is not beautiful, and doesn’t look like a Pureblood Native American.

She is able to change from a human form to a coyote at will, and gain a fast speed, a strong sense of smell, and a very sharp sight in the dark. She can detect and avoid many forms of magic, and has the ability to see ghosts, talk to them, and even control them. This is the reason Vampires used to hunt Walkers. They hated them, and dreaded their abilities, so they hunted them to prevent them from becoming Vampire hunters.

– Mercy Thompson: Moon Called

This is the first book in the series written by Patricia Briggs. It tells the beginning of Mercy’s story. She lives in Tri-Cities, her divorced neighbor Adam is a werewolf, her former boss is a gremlin, and she works in a car garage, fixing a bus for a Vampire called Stefan. The first book describes a world that looks too much like ours, but in fact is inhabited by supernatural creatures living alongside with humans.

Mercy is part of this world, and has too many connections tying her firmly to it. Although she could not fit into the pack of werewolves where she was raised, but she has developed a very special relationship with Bran, the leader of all the werewolves of North America, and who she considers as a father. She is also surrounded by strong alpha males such as Adam, and Samuel, Bran’s firstborn, who she almost got married to, and these relationships help her get out of so many troubles which encounter her.

The problems in this first book start with the arrival of a werewolf called Mac, who approaches Mercy asking her to hire him. Mercy feels quite unsettled about making a decision, knowing it would be more prudent to refuse him, but eventually, she hires him.

After hiring him, events twirl into unexpected dangerous attacks, and Mercy finds herself struggling to rescue Adam and his daughter from a band of humans and werewolves who were doing some tests on werewolves. She also decides to ask for the Marrok’s help, in order to save the Alpha male and liberate him from captivity.

This book is about the struggle all those creatures have to go through in order to fit into the modern world, and the personal fight Mercy has to undergo in order to survive a male dominated werewolves pack, where females are viewed as weakness and uselessness, and to save the people she cares about from dangerous enemies. It is an action-packed, suspenseful, and a very addictive novel that sets start for a long series of books telling the unique story of Mercy, the Walker.

– Mercy Thompson: Blood Bound

In this book, Mercy discovers her ability to detect and resist some kinds of magic such as the werewolf pack control, and the vampire compulsion. For this reason, her vampire friend Stefan asks for her help to deliver a message to another vampire, suspected to possess some magic that can control Stefan in a total way if given the chance.

In this book, Patricia Briggs enjoys showing off her extraordinary skills in developing a captivating story, and creating a world where the reader is totally drawn in. Stefan is not like all the other heartless vampires, although he is a night predator, but he possesses some kind of humaneness. After accepting to help Stefan, Mercy finds herself stuck in a very dark and evil world, where she has to fight demon-possessed vampires, who put her and her pack in grave danger, and threaten the lives of innocents.

This book mixes terror, anticipation, heart racing twists, and even romance in a very elegant way. Adam and Samuel both fall in love with Mercy and both try to win her love. Samuel starts to make it clear to Mercy that he wants her after she rejected him, believing that he only wants to claim her and that Samuel, being a dominant alpha male, wants to wrap her in his dominance and assure she would carry his children. However this is not the case with Adam, who truly loves her for who she is, and respects her as a being rather than a strong Walker.

This book is as good as the first one, if not better. It is equally full of suspense and adventures, and clearly describes Mercy’s intelligence and bravery in a very delightful manner.

– Conclusion:

The ‘Mercy Thompson series’ has become one of the world’s most praised urban fantasy novels, mainly loved because of its heroine Mercedes Athena Thompson, the perfect, strong, yet very humble character intelligently created by Patricia Briggs. And although each book of the series is a whole story, with its own beginning and ending, it is recommended to read the full length novels in order, because the plot of each book depends on the previous books in the series. Additionally, Mercy Thompson appears to be the main character of all the books, starting from Moon Called to the most recent book Night Broken, which is a blessing to be able to enjoy this heroine more and more each time.

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  1. Cory young: 3 years ago

    hello I’ve been reading the mercy thompson series but having some trouble completing the series so I am asking if NIGHT BROKEN and FIRE TOUCHED are available on Google play book for audio reading and if so how do I find the two books? I absolutely love the story line.

    Thank you
    Patricia Briggs

    Sincerely your fan
    Cory young

    • Graeme: 3 years ago

      Unfortunately it doesn’t appear that they are. Both are available in audiobook format on Audible though.


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