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Publication Order of Rules For The Reckless Books

Your Wicked Heart (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
That Scandalous Summer (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fool Me Twice (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lady Be Good (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Luck Be a Lady (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Lady's Code of Misconduct (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sins of Lord Lockwood (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Duke of Shadows (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bound by Your Touch (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Written on Your Skin (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wicked Becomes You (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Lady's Lesson in Scandal (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
At Your Pleasure (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sweetest Regret (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

What Happens Under the Mistletoe(2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Meredith Duran

Meredith Duran is an English author of romance and historical fiction books. She is the author of Rules for the Reckless series and over seven standalone novels. Meredith was born and raised enamored of British history. At the age of 13, she, however, made a list of what she wanted to achieve in life which included writing romance books, going to London to see the portrait of Anne Boleyn by Holbein and trying sushi. Now a doctoral student, Meredith is happy to report that all her three goals have been finally realized. When not studying, you’ll find her doing her homework in India or planning on her next novel, or in the library.

That Scandalous Summer

In the first book in Rules for the Reckless series, we meet Liza, a widow whose finances are running out. She is a benefactor to many people, and she must marry soon, for money and not love so that the people around her don’t suffer. She is the kind of person who is always surrounded by people, having parties and being in the centre of it all, but despite all this, she is still lonely. Her first marriage was out of love, and she is already aware that her next won’t be based on love. However she is willing to do whatever it takes to pay the bills and help all those depending on her.

Then there is Michael, alienated from his older brother. He is a man who cheated on his wife and now is in the wrong place. He doesn’t want to remarry and is forcing Michael’s hand claiming that he must marry someone appropriate and have an heir or else he will stop funding and bring down the hospital that Michael pioneered. Therefore Michael leaves London to try and stay away from his brother’s reach because he doesn’t acknowledge his brother’s demands. Michael is a doctor practicing medicine in a small rural town when he meets Liza. He assists one of Liza’s friends during complicated childbirth. Both Liza and Michael hit off, but Michael already knows that Liza is only interested in marrying for money and he currently doesn’t have and Liza believes the rumors about his past and him being a dirty take with the widow set. But it’s obvious from the word go that they have sparks and even after having sex, they know that their affair can’t last. So they decide to go the friend zone rout, which is excellent for them until jealousy, feelings, and love get in the way.

There’s so much going on but not directly related to Liza and Michael’s romance. At first, there is a tense scene with Michael performing C-section with Liza’s help. Then the focus shifts to Liza as she hosts a gathering in efforts to find a husband and Michael, her new buddy helps with the matchmaking process. It starts this way, only to end up as an excuse for Michael to stay close to Liza which only builds up their attraction, even when they both deny it that they would ever work as a couple. You’ll fall in love with these two characters and their steamy sexual encounters.

Meredith Duran added some interesting secondary characters such as Olivia Mather, the quiet glasses-wearing young lady. She has a mysterious past of her own and works as Liza’s assistant. She is funny, and may seem quiet at first glance but blends nicely into the woodwork. The main characters are intriguing as well. We have Liza, she is no virginal debutante, and Michael is no shining knight. The two are flawed and make mistakes and they deserve all the bad things that happen to them in one way or the other. Liza does drink too much. She is miserable and desperate as her finances are depleting and are worried that she may not be able to keep her estate.

On the other hand, Michael is the son of a duke. He is a trained doctor operating a hospital primarily funded by his brother, now the duke. When his bother discovers that he cheated on dead wife on several occasion while they were married, he sends threat Michael’s way. But Michael gets snarky and leaves the country and that where he meets Elizabeth. There are plenty of lies on both side; she hides her past while Michael hides his identity, but the lies blow up in their faces.

Fool Me Twice

Alastair de Grey was one of the most important political masterminds ever to exist. As the Duke of Marwick, he was a man with potential as prime minister, as well as one whose connections and power behind the schemes earned him the title the moniker of kingmaker.

But after the death of his wife, Alastair discovered that what he once considered as the perfect marriage was nothing but a sham. His wife was not only unfaithful to him, but the men she chose to betray him with were his political enemies, to who she would disclose his political secrets and plans. From the letters that surfaced after her death, not only was the wife conspiring against him, but she also had lovers who were laughing behind his back. The manner of Alastair’s death was due to an overdose of opium- and his discovery of how she betrayed him send Alastair into a downward spiral. In the first book in the series, Alastair was arguing with his brother Michael demanding nothing more than an heir. But that argument led to a rift between them and results to Alastair committing several spiteful and vengeful act which painted him in a most horrific light.

What follows next is a sweet and slow-burning story in which Alastair is gradually pulled back in the world of living by Olivia who stands up to him and regularly disobeys his orders, answers him back and most importantly, tells him truth and refuses to allow him to wallow in self-pity. The characterization is brilliantly done, and both Olivia and Alastair are among the most powerfully written characters in the series. Olivia is a stubborn woman, although sensible and independent.

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